75,000 new solar workers by 2020: Obama visits 49th state and sets big goal

April 5, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

75,000 new solar workers by 2020 is the ambitious goal set by President Barack Obama as he visited his 49th state. Residents of South Dakota are hoping to see Air Force One soon. This week, President Barack Obama made a one-day trip to Utah to talk about the new initiatives that will train 75,000 solar workers by 2020. Utah became the 49th state to be officially visited by President Obama, who made stops in 10 red states since the Republicans took control of Congress in January.

Obama visits 49th state

Barack Obama visited his 49th state after Air Force One landed at Hill Air Force Base near Ogden, Utah. On Friday, Obama got one step closer to joining the short list of presidents who have visited all 50 states while in office.

According to historians, only three presidents have toured all 50 states – Richard Nixon is a pioneer in this effort, followed by George H.W. Bush despite being in office for only one term and Bill Clinton, who is a real people pleaser and wanted to shake hands and kiss babies all over America.

George W. Bush visited 49 states during his presidency, but for some unknown reason never made it to Vermont. Utah was the 49th state visited by Obama, which means South Dakota is now the only one left.

Obama spent about 48 hours in Utah, and he visited Salt Lake City where he spoke with the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They agreed on immigration reform and not much else.

POTUS later returned to Hill Air Force Base where he gave a lengthy speech about the new plan called Actions To Drive Growth In Solar Energy And Train Workers For Clean-Energy Jobs or Solar Ready Vets Program.

Obama’s administration is launching the program in order to “address climate change, reduce carbon pollution and create good-paying American jobs.”

Mr. Obama revealed that veterans, who are transitioning out of the military, will be able to train for solar industry jobs at Hill Air Force Base and several other military bases across the country. President Obama stated:

“A lot of our men and women in uniform at some point are going to transition into civilian life and we want to make sure that after they’ve fought for our freedom that they’ve got jobs to come home to.”

In a statement issued by the White House, it was revealed that the departments of Energy and Defense are launching the program in 10 military bases nationwide, including at Hill Air Force Base, Camp Pendleton in California, Fort Carson in Colorado, and Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia to teach vets how to install solar panels, become sales representatives and system inspectors.

The Obama administration is hoping to train 75,000 people for careers in the solar industry by 2020. With the headline “Barack Obama visits 49th state” trending, the White House was quizzed on when will the president visit South Dakota.

The answer – Obama has 21 months left in office, he has plenty of time to get to South Dakota. Obama also has plans to visit Kenya later this year. However, Congresswoman Kristi Noem from South Dakota is not waiting.

After finding out that Obama visited his 49th state, she invited the president to tour her state while bashing him. Noem said:

“A visit to our state would show the president what happens when an efficient, effective, and accountable government respects hardworking taxpayers. You get an unemployment rate under four percent, a balanced budget, a better lifestyle, and a healthy economy.”

President of the Rapid City Council Jerry Wright‘s invitation was friendlier than Noem’s. Wright said he would welcome President Obama with open arms. Barack Obama can visit Mount Rushmore National Monument, Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, Wind Cave National Park and Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove while in South Dakota.

Obama visits 49th state after traveling to a series of Republican “red” states. Since the GOP took over Congress, Obama has toured 10 Republican states including Arizona, Tennessee, Indiana, Alabama and Kentucky.

What are your thoughts on Barack Obama’s visit to his 49th state?


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