Oakland Road Rage Victim Was A Mom Of 4

October 28, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An Oakland road rage shooting lead to the death of a 30-year-old mother of four. On Sunday, Perla Avina Anaya Lopez was gunned down during a road-rage incident in California. The police is offering a $30,000 reward hoping the public will help them capture the young man, who killed Lopez and made an 18-month-old baby, motherless.

Oakland Road Rage

An Oakland road-rage dispute has left one dead and a family mourning. On Sunday afternoon, Luis Lopez Gallegos and his wife, Perla Avina Anaya Lopez, left their home for a quick drive to the store.

The Oakland family has a tradition of going to the supermarket to buy ingredients to prepare their famous posole before Oakland Raiders football games. While driving through the Brookfield Village neighborhood, Mr Lopez Gallego saw another motorist making angry signs at him because he did not like the way he was driving.

The couple made nothing of it and kept driving to their destination. Out of nowhere, the angry driver showed up, and sprayed the 1998 Toyota Camry with bullets. While Luis Lopez Gallegos was not injured, Perla Avina Anaya Lopez was hit several times in the head and chest area.

The Oakland road rage shooter fled the scene. The husband drove back to his East Oakland home where he called 911. But Lopez died before first responders could get to her. The husband of the Oakland road rage victim, angrily said:

“He was a coward with a gun.A young guy with a gun who doesn’t care about life.”

The 33-year-old man who works as an auto mechanic, will be raising his 4 children, a 14-year-old son, and three daughters, aged 1, 4, and 18 months, alone. The family has started a gofundme page hoping people will help with the funeral expenses.

Perla Avina Anaya Lopez who was an employee of the Emeryville medical clinic for the past 8 years was described as a precious jewel by family and friends. Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said solving this murder is a top priority for the city.

The Oakland Police Department is offering a reward of up to $30,000 for information leading to an arrest of the man in the road-rage murder.


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  1. diane says:

    Gang related.

    If anybody is reading this, never ever get involved in drugs or theft with gangs. You wanna know why??? cause you cant leave! Or they will kill the most precious person in your life. STAY AWAY FROM THEM

    • Ivy says:

      Diane, did you read the article? Why do you have to assume that it is gang-related? How pathetic that you judge people and their personal choice, and this poor mother, based on a last name. Please STAY AWAY from the comments if you have nothing intelligent or kind to say.

    • charlie says:

      Not gang related… just people who are in a hurry and have anger issues.. if you think someone is driving to slow.. go around them! Why can’t people be civilized?

    • Eric Pyle says:

      gotta agree with Diane.. not only does this sound gang related… but it sounds like they were probably black, huh Diane?

      thank god for white people like you Diane!

  2. paul iuta says:

    this is very bad and sadness news i ever heard!! let the murderer found and keep in the locking cell for his merciless, for the rest of his life.

  3. Toni says:

    Anybody else wondering why the husband drove home before calling 911? Hard to believe in this day and that there is anyone without a cell phone! I suppose it’s possible.

    • Ivan says:

      Or why he doesn’t at least get a description of the car and person driving… something is definitely not right about the story. The car gets sprayed with bullets cause of the way HE was driving, yet the shooter goes to the passenger side to shoot?

  4. Jenni says:

    All I can say is don’t forget that she was a mother and a wife. Instead of jumping to any kind of conclusions about her and her husbands personal life, think about the children that are left motherless. Losing a mother at a young age, regardless of how, is the worst thing that can ever happen to a child. From personal experience, please do not forgot the people that will forever be changed from this one horrible event. Death, regardless of how, is easy. It’s the living that are left with emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

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