North West First Steps: Baby North West Walks At Fashion Show With Kim And Kanye

September 26, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

North West first steps fashion show in Paris

North West was pictured taking her first steps with mom Kim Kardashian and dad Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week. So, why was little North West at Balenciaga fashion show? The answer is surprising.

Back in August, North West took her first steps after getting swimming lessons while in Mexico with her parents, this week the famous child was pictured walking.

On Wednesday, North West was spotted dressed all in black, wearing a cool shirt to promote her father’s Jeezus Tour, leather pants and boots holding Kim Kardashian’s hands also decked in black tight pants and long-sleeve top.

The pair was heading to the Balenciaga fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 in France.

Following North West and Kim Kardashian was Kanye West also wearing black from head to toe.

The one-year-old child sat front row on her mother’s lap and enjoyed the models sashaying on the runway in the latest Balenciaga creations.

Talking to Yahoo, Kim Kardashian revealed that it was never planned for North West to attend the Balenciaga Show. But her parents were forced to take her to the show after she started crying as she saw them leave the hotel room. Mrs Kardashian West said:

“she started to cry when we were walking out the door, and we couldn’t leave her. So, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. But it was an amazing fashion show for her to be at for her first show.”

The proud mom went on to reveal that her daughter really enjoyed the show, she was well behaved and had a great time.

An insider stated that North is really into fashion, loves to pick her own clothes and enjoys singing.

The 15-month-old is said to be in love with the camera, often poses for pictures and is even good at imitating her mom’s infamous spout.

It is not all fun and game for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star who is trying to have her second child with West.

Kardashian was tackled by Vitalii Sediukr while she was heading to the Balmain fashion show in Paris and was saved by security guards.

Sediukr recently harassed Brad Pitt and slipped under America Ferrera dress while at red carpet events.

Check out a cute video of North West taking her first steps on her way to the fashion show below.


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  1. baba belle says:

    Who the HELL cares about this BullShit. I feel sorry for this poor child. How about having parents that are so freaking self absorbed? I hope Kim & Con-way (he is a CON) both go the route of his MOMMA!

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