Elle Breastfeeding Cover Controversy: Supermodel, Nicole Trunfio Stirs Debate With Breastfeeding Photo

May 26, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An Elle breastfeeding cover controversy has gone viral. For the June 2015 issue of Elle Australia, the editors decided to use an unplanned photo of supermodel Nicole Trunfio breastfeeding her 5-month-old son, Zion Rain Clark and many disapprove of the move.

Nicole Trunfio breastfeeds cover

Elle’s breastfeeding cover controversy is making headlines. Nicole Trunfio, supermodel and wife of American musician Gary Clarke Jr., graces the cover of the June 2015 issue of Elle Australia.

The unplanned cover features a beaming mother breastfeeding her baby boy, Zion Rain Clark. Trunfio is also featured on an alternative cover where she is wearing a black dress by Prada while holding her naked son.

Trunfio still manages to look stunning with perfect makeup and hair while wearing a suede Burberry coat and several pieces of Cartier jewels.

Thrilled and moved by the covers, the 29-year-old Australian beauty took to Instagram, where she explained how they came up with the pictures as she was feeding her child.

“When I saw the [subscriber] cover of me breastfeeding, which was unplanned and just natural, I teared up and thought, “Wow this is such a special moment where my worlds have collided,” Trunfio said.

ELLE editor-in-chief Justine Cullen confirmed that the breastfeeding cover was spontaneous.

“This wasn’t a contrived situation: Zion needed a feed, Nicole gave it to him, and when we saw how beautiful they looked we simply moved her onto the set,” Cullen wrote on ELLE‘s official website.

Cullen has also revealed that the baby boy peed and pooped on some of the designer gowns used for the shoot. While many found the cover beautiful, few slammed it by saying that she is portraying an unachievable image of a new mom.

“Nicole Trunfio is so Photoshopped on this cover, who looks camera ready as they feed their baby?? LMAO,” tweeted an angry mother.

“OK she woke up like that, I sure heck didn’t, I have milk on my nightgown, my hair looks like a cow chewed it and I’m tired and sleepy,” lamented another person.

Aware of the controversy, Nicole Trunfio returned to Instagram where she answered her critics. She shared:

“It was a completely natural moment that resulted in a powerful picture.There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than motherhood.The last thing I want to do is be controversial, so please take this for what it is, let us #normalizebreastfeeding there is nothing worse than a mother that is judged for feeding her hungry child in public. #weareonlyhuman.”

The statement continued:

“I’m so proud of this cover and for what it’s stands for. I obviously don’t look like this while I am breastfeeding but this stands for all women out there, whether you breastfeed or not, we gave birth, we are women, we are mothers. Thank you to ELLE for being so bold and making such an encouraging, positive and healthy statement.”

Other supermodels and actresses like Olivia Wilde, Doutzen Kroes, Alyssa Milano, Jaime King, Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr have all posted Instagram photos while breastfeeding their newborns.

What are your thoughts on Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio’s “breastfeeding” cover?


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  1. Dake says:

    Put some clothes on that child… and the opposite with her… wow

  2. Bridgette Tannehill says:

    I find nothing wrong with it. For years that is the only way to feed your child and is still the best way. That is, if your body is able to produce milk that is good enough to sustain your child. Some women just aren’t able to do that these days. There is nothing more beautiful, more natural than a woman feeding her child. In public it is polite to place a blanket over you to cover the child as they nurse but, there is NOTHING wrong with it or with this magazine cover.

  3. Kitty Hetheriton says:

    Stunning, all mankind must do this when we are born, and as well all life on the earth must do. Thank you for showing the beauty of the beginning of us. Well done.

  4. MP says:

    As a woman, I don’t find this attractive or necessary. I do not need to see any woman’s breasts hanging out with some kid sucking on it. I don’t need it in a restaurant or a mall, on a plane or a park bench. And most certainly would not pay to take it home on the cover of a magazine. If I wanted to see some woman with a kid I can buy a parenting magazine and not a fashion one. There truly is NOTHING fashionable about this.

    • JW says:

      Then don’t look agh the mom or the child while she is feeding her baby!

    • ST says:

      As a girl* I believe you meant. I hope you understand that your very existence relied on a long history of breast feeding. Outside of the BASIC respect for one of the KEY practices in the survival of the human species (or at least the thriving of it), who made you queen of the world? Just because you don’t find something “fashionable,” someone either has to never leave their house OR be forced to bottle feed against their will? Tell your husband Hitler I’m not a fan.

      • Kmd511 says:

        So it a bowel movement. Doesn’t mean I want to see that either.

        • Lol says:

          A bowel movement is waste. Breastmilk is sterile and it is food. Unless you eat feces they’re nowhere near the same.

    • Stacie Lyons says:

      Her breast are NOT hanging out; and of course you would see it as “sucking” on her tit. So am I to assume you see this as sexual? The fact that you don’t see the beauty in a woman feeding and bonding with her child is what is disgusting. You and others that think like you are what continues to make society hateful and less attractive.

    • mhfreak says:

      But do you like them with a fox? Do you like them in box? Would you like them with fawn? How about if they were on your lawn?

      Get over yourself….

    • RaskD0j0 says:

      Oh aren’t you a poor dear MP? Pretty much everything you wrote was wrong. I’m going to assume you know if you’re really a woman though.

    • Elisha says:

      I absolutely hate your comment. If you can bottle feed a child anywhere then likewise a mother should be able to nurse her child anywhere. Its natural! This model was feeding her baby on the JOB! She’s a super-mom if you ask me! Not a lot of moms can take their babies to work, let alone feed their baby’s while working, most moms have to pump the milk!! This is beautiful to me and although she’s a model and not all women look like this, she’s doing her job, she’s modeling, and getting to feed her baby at the same time. Congratulations humankind for showing us motherhood at its finest!!

      • Linda says:

        Maybe you are one of the “heavier” women who gained an ungodly amount of weight during your pregnancy(ies)??? We were allowed around 20 pounds and that can and was accomplished by eating and living a great nine months. Only took a month or so to lose the extra weight, and with a little exercise, such as pushing the baby in a buggy outside at least once a day, was back to my 109 pre-pregnancy weight. Yes, I nursed all three babies, usually, in public with a small blanket over my shoulder. BUT. Why can a male walk around topless, some with larger breasts than some women, and females have to cover themselves? When are the young girls finally going to put a stop to this sexism??? Sure hope it happens before I die as it would make me very happy??

    • SofaKingWeToddDid says:

      And the lord said “if something offends your eye, pluck it out.”
      And that means if YOU do not like something STOP LOOKING AT IT STUPID!!!
      Just because you don’t like something you shall NOT tell me or others we don’t like it! Screw you for your overbearing behavior!
      You are a self hating Neo-Nazi who should not be allowed to vomit your tainted speech in ANY mass media format, you are truly sofa king we Todd did!

      I, like most heterosexual men, love B(oYo)b, if not for b(oYo)bs babies around the world would starve to death. “I do not need to see any woman’s breast hanging out with some kid sucking on it…” Well I do like it! It is one of the most beautiful things there are, after the gift of life. The continuation of life with purely ALL NATURAL means. And why should a woman be made to feel ashamed to feed their baby? For that matter why should they have to hide? Are we not born naked?
      Do us all a favor and just keep it to yourself next time.

      Oh and by the way it is completely fashionable to nurse an infant, I just hope you decided to keep your DNA out of the gene pool…and thanks in advance for that!

  5. Patricia Dehler says:

    It’s really about pushing the limis and not about beauty. You could have put this photo on a art, or family, or ‘mommies’ but not a fashion magazine. Millions of women breast feed, but they don’t ‘need’ to have their breast feeding photos posted for everyone to see. If I want to look at babies, then I will buy a baby magazine. Not impressed with this move at all nor do I like it being shoved down my throat.

    • RC says:

      Really? Someone shoved the magazine down your throat? I’d sue, or at least have them sent to jail. Damn people.

      • Moonglow says:

        How about all of you that are so disgusted , put all that energy into Monsanto and GMO food , war , the needs of our vets , child abuse , human trafficking….. ( they all wear clothes to ) and as far as it not representing ” Real women” Yes it does, she happens to be a model and needed to feed her baby , so go do your hair, put some make-up on and if that makes you feel better then yes you could look the best YOU could look. SHE IS A MODEL ON A JOB !!!!!! With all the things that need our upliftment, here we are criticizing a woman feeding her baby. There are just things in this world that don’t appeal to us all and we just go about our business unless it causes harm to others, or our 4 legged. So much Hate out there. Thank you to all the beautiful spirits writing beautiful uplifting things !!!!! How Refreshing !!!!!! More is shown on a Target flier for bathing suits or Sears wearing bras. SHE IS COVERED. But there is that cute little hinnie now……. Oh My …. Hope no CVS are burned down. xoxo Have a beautiful Day everyone and let us give Thanks for the health of both Mother and child !!!!!!! That is what is TRULY important.

  6. amanda metzler says:

    MP and Patricia you should be ashamed of yourselves.
    sounds a LOT like jealousy…. maybe you cant help it cuz your mama didn’t show you this kind of love.
    I think its beautiful and she looks amazing.
    RC, love your comment! she sounds like a anti-everything person.

  7. JF says:

    There are few things more beautiful and natural than breast feeding. I don’t see why some people here in the USA are so against seeing it. If a woman is capable of producing the milk, it is the healthiest way to feed a baby. Get over it! The woman complaining about it being in public place needs to grow up. If your child sees this, it is easy to explain that is how babies eat.

    • Allanon says:

      Masturbation is beautiful and natural too … would you like to see it at a restaurant, mall or on a plane ? There is a time and place for everything. If you are not smart enough to mix a bottle of formula then at least cover up when feeding the baby. Just because something is natural or healthy does not mean everyone wants to see it.

      • Moonglow says:

        Masturbation to a child being feed and not even seeing much… REALLY….. How completely immature and backward that in 2015 we can’t FINALLY except babies are often breast feed. Shes not sliding up and down on a pole with men putting money in her jacket. Masturbation… WOW….

      • Lol says:

        Seriously with all the porn and women’s breasts in our faces day in and out in advertising and on billboards everywhere you look, where are YOU screaming about covering up, eh?

      • SofaKingWeToddDid says:

        Allanon said “Masturbation is beautiful and natural too … would you like to see it at a restaurant, mall or on a plane ? There is a time and place for everything. If you are not smart enough to mix a bottle of formula then at least cover up when feeding the baby. Just because something is natural or healthy does not mean everyone wants to see it.”

        Masturbation = Beautiful? What current anti-psychotics are you supposed to be on mate?
        “…would you like to see it at a restaurant, mall or on a plane?” I can not make the determination as of yet, what does she look like? I’m not a chubby chaser so unless she is under 68 Kilos I’m not all that interested to watch…I will but refused to watch her the whole time…ok, yes I will…hey by the way what country are you allowed to masturbate in a mall, plane or restaurant? Oh guess that would be none of them, and where can you breastfeed? I’m thinking there might be just a few more places…you are a moron…and so am I for wasting time to call you out on it!

  8. big_B says:

    What a nothing burger, unplanned my @$$! Contived, and planne down to the smallest detail. It did it’s job though, everyone is talking about it. Frankly if it’s that important sweetheart, pump at home and use a bottle.

    • lil-mama says:

      it says that it was unplanned ” Zion needed a feed, Nicole gave it to him, and when we saw how beautiful they looked we simply moved her onto the set,” Cullen wrote on ELLE‘s official website……at that point…of course shes all dolled up and going to pose a bit. would you prefer she go remove her make-up and comeback so you feel better?

    • Moonglow says:

      Big_B YOU “SWEETHEART” go pump !!!!!!!! And yes she does get paid , like you might if you work.. and of course they would try and make the pose and picture look beautiful… If it’s not that important then it should be easy for you to move on…

    • SofaKingWeToddDid says:

      I got it!!! All you twits are just mad that you can’t be the baby suckling her breast!
      Or maybe you’re an ass man?

      That’s cool or is it you are just mad that you can’t see nipple?

      For that matter why the hell do you care? Will any of this pay your bills or get you home in time to see your mother or father at their deathbed before they die? No! There are more important things you lemmings!!!

  9. K Hoffman says:

    OMG Don’t use the boobies for what they are designed for .. The humanity!!


    This is a nice shot. Mom and Supermodel.. good for her anyone else Be quiet and grow up.

    • K Hoffman says:

      What I thought as well. Must be our shared name. If you are offended by women breastfeeding in public then DON’T LOOK!

  10. just b/c says:

    I agree, not fashionable at all, lol. Other than I’ll say; Nice… now who cares?

  11. Stacie Lyons says:

    Her breast are NOT hanging out; and of course bigots would see it as “sucking” on her tit. So am I to assume this is seen this as sexual? The fact that some don’t see the BEAUTY in a woman feeding and bonding with her child, is what is disgusting. This kind of closed minded thinking is what continues to make society hateful and less attractive world.

  12. Tracey Whitney says:

    This is a BEAUTIFUL cover, and there is NOTHING more natural than a mother feeding her child. As for the moms out there who complained that “no one looks like this when you’re breastfeeding,” it went something like this: she IS a model, that IS her job, she took her baby to work, the baby was hungry, she fed him. Nuff said…

    • DS says:

      Taking a poo is natural too, decency for others is all that’s asked.

      • Moonglow says:

        Decency is in the eye of the beholder. If a child saw it maybe … Oh My ..a parent could then tell their child what breast are for and that children get hungry regardless of ” Your Plans ” . Would that be like telling them about porn to you ????

      • Lol says:

        She’s not indecent. What’s indecent is all the women’s breasts used in advertising and porn.

    • Laura says:

      Did she take him to work naked? The breastfeeding doesn’t bother me but the baby should have had on a diaper. How you breastfeed is all about respect, by covering up just seems more private to me and then everyone would not be goukin at you.Some people are so ignorant. But I have seen some go to jail for pron showing less than this of a baby. The only thing wrong with this photo is that they took his clothes off….

  13. Adrian Sebborn says:

    So much fuss about the IDEA of a bare breast. You can’t see it folks! Why are these people so upset about her breasts but fail to mention that completely exposed bare bum. Grow up, this is natural and discreet. Stop making a mountain out of a – well, very attractive molehill.

  14. Dana says:

    I don’t get why, if this is unplanned, the baby was naked!?!? I guess she lets him go around naked all the time? There is NOTHING unplanned about this picture. I see nothing at all wrong about the breast feeding, but to try and make people believe it was unplanned is deceptive!!

  15. PS McIntosh says:

    I nursed all 3 of mine and youngest til her teeth came in at 14mos, I did not wake with milk on my sleep clothes ,nor did I look like a harridan! I walked everywhere while nursing w/ no blanket as my blouse and positioning looked natural for a sleeping child.
    Now all the haters, what part of her getting ready for a photo shoot and she took time to nurse him so that she was already w/ make-up and hair don’t you get? I personally think from neck down well taken, but her face ,something just seems off compared w/ the pics, like she wasn’t prepared or interested……

  16. Daniele says:

    I am still confused why some people on this post try to draw a parallel to pee’ing, pooping or masturbation. I’d love to shift through the world and take all of these haters in a room and give them therapy.

    You don’t have to like public breastfeeding but you don’t have to be an idiot either. Breastfeeding and pooping are not the same thing so we need to take you back to your potty training classes and start doing some work with you there.

    If you don’t like it, don’t look but don’t hate because you may not look at beautiful as this mama model.

  17. Sean Baxer says:

    Real women breastfeed in the privacy of their homes. The purpose of breastfeeding is to nourish the infant, and also to establish the mother-child bond. It’s precious, and it’s personal. Real women don’t cheapen the act by advertising it. Real women don’t use breastfeeding to promote feminism’s weird political agendas.

    • Lol says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAH Cheapen the act???? OMG That’s hysterical. You’re just terrified of breasts that aren’t used in advertising and porn.

  18. Fred says:

    I see they’re as nutty down under as they are here in the U.S. The most natural act a mother does. Those who think it’s a problem need go someplace out of our sight and get over it!

  19. Laura says:

    She was decent in the feeding but can’t understand why the child was naked..There should had been a diaper on him for you can look at this as child pron.

  20. Brenda Stapleton says:

    More controversy over Supermodel Breastfeeding Baby Boy On Cover Of Elle-Will we ever get the point

  21. Eric says:

    I’m okay with breastfeeding, but their is a time and a place for that, you don’t need to do it in public. Make a formula at home.

    And I can’t believe they’re trying to say that this photo was unplanned.
    Yeah okay, so her baby was naked unplanned,and she just happened to be looking at the camera smiling, while holding her left leg up.

    • Lol says:

      Wow, you’re completely ignorant about breastfeeding. Make formula?? Are you kidding?? Formula is garbage. Breastmilk is a perfect food for an infant. It’s also sterile and just the right temperature. Plus there’s nipple confusion. Babies who are breastfed refuse to drink from giant plastic nipples, so you can’t feed them with a bottle. And a bottle is just a replacement for a breast so why use that when you have a breast right there which gives much higher quality food? Formula. OMG I just can’t even.

      • Eric says:

        Well fill a bottle up before you leave the house with your own breast milk then. That’s the point I was making.

  22. Nancy Nadeau says:

    I think it’s disgusting! Everyone seems to want to show their boobs these days! I breastfed, but never in public. All you see today from a majority of celebs is boobs and butts! What happened to respecting your body and modesty? Bunch of pigs!

    • Lol says:

      Except that you see more of the breast in advertising than with breastfeeding. And in porn, which no one will scream to get rid of. Why don’t you start screeching about billboards and ads that use female breasts, sometimes completely exposed, just to sell products? Respecting your body…take a look outside and tell me what you see.

  23. Larry Flash says:

    She’s a skank. She looks like she’s on meth! She may as well be blowing her husband on the cover.

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