Nick Cannon Confirms Living Apart Claims, Mariah Carey Divorce Imminent

August 22, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Nick Cannon Confirms Living Apart Picture

Nick Cannon confirms living apart from Mariah Carey rumors, and that is all he is allowed to say. Nick Cannon confirms to his good friend Chris Spencer that he and Carey are living apart and there is trouble in paradise, but is not permitted to talk about the divorce because her lawyers will punish him.

Nick Cannon confirms the rumors circulating on the internet – he and Mariah Carey are living apart but can not say more.

On Thursday, Cannon spoke briefly to his pal Chris Spencer the man behind BET’s hit show “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and stated that since May he has been separated from his wife.

The television personality who has a habit of being talkative, was surprisingly coy (but there is a reason for that).

The 33-year-old gave the following fragments of sentences to explain the status of his relationship with the elusive chanteuse.

They are living apart, there is trouble in paradise and right now his only concern is Dem Babies, Roc and Roe.

The host of “America’s Got Talent” could not further elaborate because Carey’s attorneys have banned him from talking about the split.

According to TMZ, the “Hero” singer’s team of legal experts, have made the rapper sign a contract that states that he will have to pay her a substantial amount of money every time he opens his mouth on the impeding divorce.

The document stipulates that the diva has the right to announce the end of her 6-year marriage when and how she decides.

While the father-of-two can not talk, close sources to him are allegedly spilling the beans on the drama to come.

The “Gigolo” artist has plans to stay calm for the sake of his kids and let the Precious actress file for divorce.

He has also decided to let the children live with their mom since he works for a million companies.

But Cannon will ask for substantive visitation rights.

The insider, concluded with the surprising remark, despite the fact that the comedian has made almost $70 Million in the last 6 years, he plans fight to get a large chunk of his estranged wife’s half billion dollar fortune, even though they have signed prenups before getting married.

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