Newborn Sydney Drain: Mother Of Baby Found In Sydney Drain ID’d

November 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Newborn baby found in drain in Sydney, Australia and story goes viral. A group of friends, cycling in Sydney this weekend, were shocked to hear a baby’s cry coming from an 8-foot-deep drain. The infant, who had been abandoned by his mother, was rushed to a nearby hospital and is said to be in stable condition.

newborn sydney drain

Newborn baby discovered in drain in Sydney, Australia has many people wondering, how can a mother be so evil? On Sunday morning, while riding their bikes near M7 Motorway in the Sydney suburb of Quakers Hill, a group of cyclists heard a baby crying.

Baffled by the screams, the clan started to investigate the area to solve the mystery. Unable to locate, the baby, they assumed that it was a cat or lizard making the noise.

That is, when David Otte and his daughter, who were enjoying a morning ride, joined the cyclists and told them to keep looking because he was certain that it was a baby screaming, not an animal.

Otte, who has two children, told local media:

“I’ve got two kids of my own so I know what a baby screaming sounds like.It was so intense; you couldn’t not tell it was a baby. We couldn’t see it but we could hear it. It was distressed.”

The good Samaritans spent several minutes searching before finally understanding that the newborn was stuck inside an 8-foot drain. The group called the police who arrived rapidly on the scene. It took 7 people to lift the heavy drain cover. Otte went on to add:

“But it probably weighed a tonne.There was no way three guys and a young girl could lift that. It was huge. It was probably 11 or 12 centimetres thick.We were going to get that lid off no matter what it took.Physically, no one could have fit themselves down into that drain. A child maybe but not an adult, no way in the world.”

The baby was found covered in plastic and did not have any external injuries, but was malnourished. The little boy was taken to Westmead Children’s Hospital, where he is said to be in a serious, but stable condition.

According to inspector David Lagats, the baby is believed to have Indian or Middle Eastern parents, and was likely to have been born within the past two or three days.

Lagats stated that several people claimed to have seen an Indian man wearing an orange shirt on the cycle track shortly after the baby was discovered. Police investigating the case of “newborn found in drain in Sydney” have located the mother.

The mother of a newborn boy left in a Sydney stormwater drain, has been identified as a 30-year-old Quakers Hill woman who is apparently suffering from mental issues.


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