New Jersey Cheerleader Shot Dead, Cheyanne Bond Was 17

July 4, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

HS Cheerleader Shot Dead

New Jersey cheerleader shot dead by two men just days after graduating from high school and story goes viral. Cheyanne Bond who was just 17 years of age was shot execution-style while she was walking in the streets of Newark with her boyfriend who was also injured. The Bond family is now using the money they put away for Cheyanne’s college tuition for her funeral. The beloved high school cheerleader who lost her mother about 10 years ago was excited to attend college and become a nurse. Police have offered a $12,500 reward hoping that people who witnessed the scene will come forward. Students and officials from Malcolm X Shabazz High School are mourning the quiet and fun kid and are asking that New Jersey officials do something about the violence that has been raging the city where three murders took place in less than 24 hours.

On Sunday a 17-year-old high school student who attended Malcolm X Shabazz High School named Cheyanne Bond was shot and killed execution-style while strolling on South 17th Street with a male friend at around 9:45 PM.

Security cameras on a nearby street showed Bond being asked to kneel on the ground by two men before being shot to death.

The male friend who is said to be Bond’s former boyfriend also 17 years of age was shot and rushed to the University Hospital where he is recovering.

The pair graduated from Malcolm X Shabazz High School just one week ago.

Bond was eager to start college and had plans to become a nurse.

Her uncle, Michael Bond, spoke to the media saying that Cheyanne was living with her aunt and guardian Samera Newsome since the death of her mother ten years ago.

Michael Bond said his niece was a good kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and added that her tuition money will be used for her funeral.

Cheyanne Bond’s father Walter Ramey added that he hopes that the authorities will catch the criminals who killed his child.

Three people were shot and killed between Saturday and early Sunday in Newark.

Newark’s s police department is offering a reward of $12,500 for infos on the death of Cheyanne Bond.


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  1. Lee Kellom says:

    It’s time that African Americans (Older males) take back these streets so our young kids can have a place to grow up with respect among their peers. We need to remove the bad apples before they destroy all of our good apples. It is time to put a stop to this madness.

  2. rjg says:

    you have to know that if youre hanging aroung baboons at night they usually have to watch planet of the apes show. monkeys are uncivilized beasts who destroy civilizations so no surprise here. watch in the first 48 hours and you will have the only true reality in America. its good that it was done prior to another litter of 10 or more born from 5 or more ease carry on

    • Excuse you? says:

      It should have been you instead of her, Rjg. You are a racist piece of maggot-filled dung. This beautiful girl had her whole life ahead of her and her future was full of possibilities. You are a waste of flesh and your future will most likely include knocking up your sister. You should do the world a favor and take a bath with a toaster. Make sure it’s plugged in, you inbred hemorrhoid stain. If you’re white, I’m ashamed to even be the same race as you.

    • Samantha says:

      TO RJG you are so stupid, you need to read the bible and let the hate go Im sure you have family it doesn’t matter what race this was just stupid. And by the way I’m white also

  3. Richard P Zuckerman says:

    Right on!

    • Used to live there says:

      Right on ? What a Racist Motto that is ! This is nothing new in Newark ! As long as I can remember the Democratic Liberal Thieves including the White Scumbags that bused the “PO Folks” up, from down South just to get their Welfare Vote Drained and stole all the resources from Newark. Newark was a Melting Pot of Mostly Immigrants who worked hard to raise families. Then the wave of southern Plantation Slaves came up and Destroyed Everything !
      Anyone remember the 67 RIOTS !

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