Ronald Avers, 68, Put Needles In Meat Packages ‘For The Hell Of It’ In Illinois

August 1, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Needles In Meat

Needles in meat story goes viral. A veteran has been arrested for putting needles in packaged meat, at a Shop ‘n Save store in Illinois. Ronald G. Avers, 68, who is facing up to 10 years in prison, said he had fun slipping needles mainly in meat used for hamburgers.The disabled man stated that he never wanted to hurt anyone.

A man was arrested, for sticking needles in fresh cut meat packages at an Illinois grocery store, for the past 18 months.

This week, the FBI arrested Ronald G. Avers, who was caught on video inserting needles into packaged meat at a Shop ‘n Save grocery store in Belleville.

On July 8th, a customer who had purchased a pack of steak found a needle stuck in his meat, returned to Shop ‘n Save to explain the incident.

Shop ‘n Save employees, who had at least 7 needle related incident in ground beef, roasts and steaks since May of 2013 decided it was time to investigate the matter on their own.

The company never called the authorities to report that someone was tampering with their products because they feared they would lose business.

They quickly had a suspect, a white elderly man on motorized scooter carrying an oxygen tank, who was often in the meat section.

The disabled individual, who never purchased any meat was seen on the footage, touching and sticking things in the products.

On July 9th, the company finally alerted the FBI and shared their findings.

FBI Special Agent Daniel Cook, arrested Ronald G. Avers of Belleville, on Thursday as he was leaving the store.

Cook searched the former army personnel’s car and discovered a pack of sewing needles inside.

Avers first lied, by saying that he needed the needles to sew his pants during camping trips, but later confessed to the crimes.

The man said for the last 18 months, he was putting needles in meat for “hell of it”.

He claimed that he believe his little prank was funny and was not planning to injure anyone.

The vet explained that he loved to stick needles in hamburger meat because it is softer, but occasionally he would slip one in a pack of steak or chop.

Ronald Avers who is currently being held without bail faces up to 10 years behind bars.


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