Natalie Dormer Clip: Actress Natalie Dormer Makes Out With Strangers, Goes Topless In Hozier’s New Music Video

March 9, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Natalie Dormer is a very lucky woman, her future husband is fine with the idea of her kissing three different men and going topless as he watches and films the whole thing. Natalie Dormer appeared in the sexy music video for Hozier’s new single called “Someone New” directed by her fiancé, Anthony Byrne, where she made out with several actors.

Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer appears in a sexy music video and gets to make out with other men as her fiancé watches on. British star Natalie Dormer was asked by her idol and Grammy-nominated musician/songwriter Hozier to star in the music video for the single entitled “Someone New.”

The clip became a family affair after the “Take Me To Church” singer contacted Miss Dormer’s soon-to-be husband, Anthony Byrne, to direct it.

The result – a very steamy visual where Natalie Dormer can be seen walking home after a night of partying and imagining herself kissing strangers she meets along the way. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay actress locked lips with a man she met in the subway, smooched a second male in a nightclub and kissed a third near the Waterloo Bridge and went topless in that last scene.

Natalie Dormer confessed that she was happy to play the character because there was more to her than just being a simple and drunk party girl. Dormer revealed:

“This isn’t simply a woman fantasizing about being with different types of men. She’s deeply lonely and also has a moment watching two girls, simply pining for their close friendship. Or maybe she’s imagining a female lover as well. It’s ambiguous on purpose.”

When asked if it was weird filming sexy scenes with her fiancé behind the camera, she replied by saying that they were very professional about it. The British star stated:

“We had so little time to get so much done that, to both our surprises, we just went into professional mode and the subject matter didn’t affect us at all.”

The future bride and groom, who got engaged in 2011, are currently working on their first film together – a yet-to-be titled psychological thriller they co-wrote and want to start shooting early next year and they are hoping that Hozier will take part in the project. The Game of Thrones star said:

“Maybe. Hozier will record the theme for it—if we’re lucky.”

When not acting, Natalie Dormer is doing charitable works. Dormer will be running the TCS New York City Marathon in November in order to raise money for the Team for Kids charity, which funds youth running programs across the country. Eager to tackle the 26.2-mile run, the actress stated:

“I’m so excited to be running the TCS New York City Marathon this year as an NYRR Team for Kids Ambassador. I am inspired to take on this challenge and to run for such a worthy cause.”

A self-proclaimed tomboy, Natalie Dormer took part in the Virgin Money London Marathon last April and finished at an impressive 3 hours, 50 minutes and 57 seconds.


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  1. keith goodman says:

    well, her future husband best be prepared to share his future wife

    • keith goodman says:

      yessirree bub, John, Tom, Jim, George and all the rest of the hard tails will be coming along for a taste of that.

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