Natalia Kills X Factor: Judge Natalia Kills Cusses At Audience, Children During X Factor New Zealand Taping

December 5, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Natalia Kills, X Factor judge in New Zealand, insulted audience members including children who were at the taping of the show. According to reports, Kills got upset by the fact that the audience tried to pressure the judges into accepting a contestant who was rude to the panel.

Natalia Kills X-Factor

Natalia Kills, X Factor judge, singer, Madonna’s BFF, and now internet sensation, thanks to an epic screaming match she had with several audience members of the reality show.

On Tuesday night, hundreds of audience members gathered to watch the taping of X Factor New Zealand. What happened next is a bit confusing.

According to several people, who were present during the taping, Kills whose real name is Natalia Noemi Cappuccini-Sinclair went on a rant, where she used few expletives to get her point across.

Mrs Kills apparently screamed at the attendees and told them to shut the f*ck up. Numerous mothers, who were at the show with their children, were offended by Natalia Kills’ usage of foul language and yelled back at her, hoping she would calm down.

But it turned out to be a screaming match that lead to Natalia Kills leaving the show as the cameras were rolling. An attendee revealed:

“She swore and screamed at the audience and then half the crowd left, and some mums yelled out about her swearing.”

The person stated that Kills was very angry as she stormed out. The producers and her husband, Willy Moon, who is also a judge, tried to hold her back, but in vain.

The mothers who were blasting Kills also left before the filming was over. So, what caused the Natalia Kills X Factor drama?

A close source to the British star, told the media that she grew frustrated, when audience members tried to pressure her to let a contestant through.

Kills wanted the contestant eliminated because the person had a potty mouth and had insulted the judges. When the fans tried to pressure her into letting the artist through the next round, she blew a fuse.

Natalia Kills has yet to apologize for her outburst, but X Factor New Zealand publicist, Jeane Mowatt, was forced to say sorry while justifying the diva’s behavior.

It is believed that the show is sucking up to Kills because she is about to explode internationally after writing 8 songs for Madonna’s new album. Mowatt said:

“During a long day of filming, The X Factor NZ judge Natalia Kills expressed frustration at the behavior of some sections of the audience. Her words were not well chosen, and both Natalia and TV3 apologize for any offense caused.”

Every few days, The X Factor seems to be embroiled in a scandal. A videographer named Brad, who attended last week’s taping of the reality show, revealed that The X Factor is scripted.

Brad claimed that the producers use different codes to give the judges, instructions, on which contestants they must let through, and which ones they have to give the boot.

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