Natalee Holloway Body Found? Natalie Case Update

Michael Paterr | November 17, 2010 | 11 Comments More

Natalee Holloway Body Found? Natalie Case Update – The teenager named Natalee Holloway who mysteriously disappeared in 2005 had family members and authorities baffled. It now seems as though part of her jaw may have been found in Aruba, a medium-sized Caribbean island known for its steady flow of tourists.

A Dutch forensic scientist is currently in the process of trying to identify the jaw, though it is not yet clear that it belongs to the girl who went missing five years ago. At the time Natalee Holloway was 18 years old and on a post-graduation vacation to Aruba.

Before the jaw is compared to DNA at all it will first be analyzed to see if it is human. If it has been confirmed that the jaw bone is human, then testing will begin to determine whether or not it belong to Holloway.

If forensic scientists discover that it is in fact the missing teenager’s jaw, it could be the first break police have in the case which has been cold for quite some time now. One of the suspects who is involved in the disappearance of the girl is Joran van der Sloot, a man who is currently facing unrelated murder charges in another country. Authorities say that if and when the jaw is confirmed as being hers, the details will be released to the press.

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    1. Rhonda says:

      I have been angry for years over this,but today watching that lmn movie about Natlie,I still see exactly whats going on with the corupted justice systems and its not just international its local,not all are corupted but you can tell when it is especially when it is experiened.It can happen to u in the next state beside the state u live in,I was more fortunate,I have god to thank for sending my mother after me, there is things people wouldn’t believe happened to me and seeing true stories like Natelies’ brings bk nightmares.I never got justice,I was afraid still yet for my life and my 1 1/2 yr old baby’s life,and my mom.I was only 18 1/2 in November 2005 turning 19 March 2006.I have surpressed these memories for a long time,Im Married now to the man I feel in love with in late summer of 2003 and lost touch, and several years later in 2007 God blessed me bringing us back together to turn my life around.I gave birth to our 2nd child Nov.2007,2 yrs after the horror,but I now know God willing what could not kill me only made me a great deal stronger,I now wished I would haave done something,but I also felt as if some people or the most important people wouldn’t have believed me due to the corupted system and circumstanes that would over shadow the truth,in example they use your actions against you to make it look like you’re lieing or its the persons fault unfortunately in their ”words”,just like Natelie except it was too late for her and they still had excuses and cover ups and is still getting by with it.I could have died,and Natelies case and similiar cases ,solved, unsolved,and survivers makes me wonder WHAT IF.My husband knows,ofcourse other family members know,but they really don’t understand what I went through,Im still afaid to say,so to this day I still don’t have justice ,but am blessed and thankful,These cases like Natelies scare me there is so many girls ages13 and all the way to there 20s’ trust strangers, but its not our fault, you can know some one for months or even years and discover that monster hiding within either when its too late or you were fortunate enough to escape or be saved.Im not going into detail what,where,how and whomfrom it happened to me,it may open doors to either justice,or INJUSTICE,LIES,and DANGER,which is why I never did any thing because of trust,and feeling unprotected.But I still feel like THEY could have took me from my mom,my son,my sister and brother,my family, and the life I have now.These people need to be punished,put away,I will be praying for Natelie Holloway and all the other young women and women and their families,unsolved,solved,unknown,and survivers like myself.God Bless-SouthWest Memories 05.

      • Musicalstory20 says:

        Understanding the justice system can be very complex but why have a system that will not hold to its truth? and Rhonda I am all for what you have said. The things that happen to others out here the system will never truly know unless people fight really hard for justice. And yes God is very much which you; you have a amazing testimony but yet so powerful it’s not thing but the grace of God.

      • Lori says:

        Dear Rhonda, Your story was intriguing and touched me. However, If you don’t fight and keep your horror inside ….then how will the monsters be put away ? You already know what happened to you is not your fault …check the statue of limitations ….If what happened to you can still be legaly persued then you need to persue it before the person/persons who hurt you have the chance to hurt someone else. God has seen you through all of this and will see you through the rest. I do understand your fears and wanting to move on with your life but you have to be strong ….If you do nothing then they have won. Be strong, keep your faith in god “most importantly” and you fight and put these monsters away. If you won’t do it and others don’t do it ….these people get away with it. Best wishes and prayers to you and your family.

        • Lori says:

          grrrr spelling corrections. Statute of limitations …..Legally……pursude….I hate spelling errors …..Not others but my own lol

    2. Marlize says:

      I truly hope that this was the break that was needed to solve this case. It is honestly a horrific idea to think that someone has taken your little girl from you without a blink or a thought. I hope that the person who did this is soon put away where he blongs.

    3. Neal says:

      Has Natalee body been found for sure . if not , Its still buried. Sloot didnt take Natilees body out in the ocean , it would have possibly washed up . He buried her , admitted to his father . Now its just trying to figure out where he buried her. Sloot can not show where the body is , unless its buried and he knows where . To do so , however , would prove his guilt , which he is . was the jaw bone tested and was it Natalee ? I feel sorry for the family. I think the other 2 boys knows more than what they say. I dont think she came back with them , I think she was raped and murdered where they was parked and so called just kissing and was buried in that area.

    4. Nannette says:

      I can’t believe this. I wanna know what happened to her forreal. :/ its soo sad. Im sorry Beth Holloway. as a 17 year old. Idk your such a strong women. Ur daughter would of been proud.

    5. veronica says:

      I think that it must of been very hard for her family and i hope that the person that did this gets put in jail and her family can get peace in their life.

    6. Aaliyah says:


    7. kim says:

      I do hope they find her body so the family may put closure to this attrocity. Whomever did this will pay one way or the other. what you reap is what you sow.

    8. bob bowlin says:

      i had a dream where i saw the three arubman boys standing at the beach looking at something behind a rock. i could also see the lighthouse to my left with my back to the ocean. the smaller boys left the scene, cause they were also there! they were juran’s other brother’s . then i saw paulus drive up to the beach carrying natalee’s body across some white sand into what looked like a cave. he walked around inside it, and layed her down carefully. there was about 6 inches of water in the cave like setting. sometime my dreams are just the opposite of what i see. so the opposite would be a tomb or mausoleum in a cemetary! they also have white sand to be used in their work. i saw a flash of the side of a building. this must of been the color of a mausoleum in the
      cemetary. paulus was involved in all of this. i saw him drive up to the cave! i don’t believe juran knows where the body is, cause i think
      his father took that secret to the grave. she’s in a cemetary mausoleum. paulus probably paid off a cemetary employee, to cut off an old lock and he burried her in there on the floor, cause he layed her on the floor in the cave. Mrs holloway should have every tomp checked in every cemetary in aruba. my dreams are always true. the faces of the people are always correct. i was the one who disscovered who zanny the nanny, in casy anthony’s childs death was! so i sincerely hoop aruba , the fbi, and mrs holloway check this all out. thanks

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