Murder Suspect Kills Self: Sean Petrozzino Committed Suicide During Traffic Stop In Memphis

November 11, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Murder suspect kills self, story goes viral, a community is in shock. Sean Petrozzino was named person of interest after the murder of his parents, Nancy Petrozzino and Michael Petrozzino. Florida police were searching for Sean Petrozzino, a quadruple amputee, who fled the scene of the crime in one of his parents’ cars.

sean petrozzino person of interest

Murder suspect kills self, family and friends are still looking for answers. We have the latest development for you below.

Is Sean Petrozzino, a person of interest in the deaths of his parents, despite the fact that he is a quadruple amputee? According to Florida police, the answer is yes.

And experts have confirmed that a person with no hands can fire a weapon. It appears that America will be having a murder trial similar to Oscar Pistorius from South Africa.

On Tuesday, officials from Andover Elementary School in Florida, called the police after Sean Petrozzino’s mother, 64-year-old Nancy Petrozzino, failed to show up to work.

Nancy Petrozzino had been a second-grade teacher since 2007 at Andover Elementary School on Curry Ford Road. When police arrived at the Petrozzinos’ home, they found a bloodbath.

Nancy Petrozzino and her husband, Michael Petrozzino, 63, who had been married for 41 years were murdered. The couple’s son, Sean Petrozzino, 30, had vanished along with a red Toyota Camry with Florida license plate 112VZY that belonged to Mr Michael Petrozzino.

Michael Petrozzino was a Walt Disney World cast member. Sean Petrozzino, who battled bacterial meningitis as a teen, and had more than a dozen surgeries, is believed to be heading to Jupiter or Coral Springs in South Florida.

Petrozzino, who lost his hands, feet and parts of his limbs, is wearing prosthetic legs and is considered very dangerous because he is carrying a gun. In a press release, sheriff’s spokeswoman, Jane Watrel, explained that for the time being Sean Petrozzino is a person of interest and they want to talk to him. Watrel said:

“We want him to get in here and talk to us so we can find out what happened, since he was apparently living with his parents.”

According to his former mother-in-law, Cathleen Horne, the clarinetist recently separated from his wife in Georgia and moved in with his parents. Horne also explained that the couple went through some financial troubles and their home was foreclosed.

Horne said that she is shocked by Sean Petrozzino’s actions because he has always seemed to be a calm and peaceful person. Horne added:

“I’ve known Sean since he was 16 years old.This just seems bizarre. It seems like a bad dream.”

Grief counselors were sent to Nancy Petrozzino’s school and extra security has been hired to protect the pupils and staff members. A 16-year-old Sean Petrozzino was interviewed by local media after the bacteria destroyed his body saying:

“I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me.As much as I feel bad about what happened, I feel good that my family and all my friends stood by me.”

Below is a report on Sean Petrozzino being named a person of interest in the deaths of his parents.


On November 10th, the murder suspect killed himself during traffic in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Memphis police, Sean Petrozzino fatally shot himself after officers initiated a traffic stop near Sam Cooper Boulevard and Tillman Street. No one else was injured.

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