Mummified Body In Landfill Was Mistaken For ‘Mannequin’

July 20, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Mummified Body Landfill

Mummified body in landfill was mistaken for bad Halloween mannequin. Cleaners asked to empty an apartment in Florida discovered the mummified body of Jeremy Witfoth who had hanged himself in his garage and they believed it was a disturbing mannequin and tried to dispose of it. Jeremy Witfoth’s landlords assumed that he put up the “mannequin” out in revenge after he was evicted from the home several weeks ago.

On Thursday the landlords called a cleaning company to clear up a vacant home in Spring Hill, Florida. Adam Hines and Israel Lopez arrived at the very filthy apartment and started cleaning.

While putting waste in the trash in the garage they fell on what they assumed was a creepy looking mannequin from Halloween hanging from the ceiling.

Adam Hines took most of the trash found at the house including what he believed was scary looking doll to a landfill called West Hernando Transfer Station.

Few hours later, workers at the landfill fell on the mannequin only to realize that is was a human body.

They called the police who rapidly concluded that it was the mummified body of 33-year-old Jeremy Witfoth.

Jeremy Witfoth who lived in the home, committed suicide by hanging himself in the garage after being dumped by his girlfriend.

The woman who has two small children left Witfoth few weeks ago and around that same time he was kicked out of the home.

Neighbors and the landlords smelled and saw Jeremy Witfoth’s mummified body but they were certain it was a mannequin that the man had set up as a hoax because he was angry with them.

Jeremy Witfoth left a suicide note for his sister Jessi Favreau and mother Kathy Swank Witfoth.

Prior to his death the man who attended River Ridge High School wrote a sad message that read:

“I’m going to see who really cares… I need a hug or two!!! To give me a hug, click like….I believe I know who will hug me, and who will not!!!”

The cleaners were interrogated by the police but they will not be charged with any crime because it was an honest mistake.

While many people are wondering how can a dead body be confused with Halloween decoration, experts say the hot Florida weather and the fact that the body was hanging caused it to rapidly lose its weight and mummify and therefore looking like a bizarre mannequin.


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  1. krystell barney says:

    he was not dumped by his girlfirend i know im the duaghter they loved eachother veery much he was not dumped they made that up we miss him very much adam hines is lying he wouldnt kill himself with his new daughter maddison you idiots use some common sense we love him and miss himhe wasnt angry how could somthing smell bad ad look like a mannequin a maniquin is plastic and pale and not wore down those so called cleaner are quilty and i would know

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