Mr. T Jury Duty: Actor Cut From Jury Duty

August 17, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Mr T Jury Duty Pics

Mr. T jury duty story should have had another ending. Entertainer Mr. T was called for jury duty in his native state of Illinois last week. Despite getting along with his fellow jurors and the Assistant State’s Attorney, Mr. T was not selected. T said that he was glad to report to jury duty and had plans to scare few criminals.

Last week, the one and only Mr. T showed up for jury duty at the Third Municipal District Rolling Meadows Courthouse in Euclid Ave, Illinois.

T whose real name is Laurence Tureaud was casually dressed in a grey FBI sweatshirt and blue sweat pants. He left his half of million dollars worth of gold chains at home, but kept his famous mohawk that was inspired by the Mandinka people.

The former wrestler was the star in the court room as he posed with several people, signed autographs and shared jokes with them.

The 62-year-old ex bouncer even spoke to one of his fans’ relative on the phone in order to prove that it really was him.

He jokingly told the crowd: “I pity the criminals today.”

Tureaud who is a former member of the United States Armed Forces hung out with one his biggest fans; Ahmed Baset who works as an assistant for the State’s Attorney.

Mr Baset was thrilled to take few pictures with the star of “The A-Team.” He happily confessed that he had a lunchbox with the likeness of T on it that made him the coolest kid in school.

Ahmed claimed that he is still using the box to bring his lunch to work. When the star of “I Pity the Fool,” learned that he was not selected for jury duty; he appeared genuinely disappointed.

Talking to local media, the Silver Spoons actor said that he had plans to be “mean on the criminal.”

Many believe that Mr. T was cut from jury duty because he would easily convince the other jurors to vote his way.


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