Morgan Smith Goodwin Wendy’s Commercial ‘Red’ To Air In July

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Morgan Smith Goodwin Wendy's

Who’s the hot Wendy’s ad girl? Morgan Smith Goodwin is a 28-year-old actress who has been the face of Wendy’s Restaurants since 2012 when she joined the company for the “Now That’s Better” campaign.

Morgan Smith Goodwin Wendy’s commercials have caught the imagination of an entire nation with some people going as far as believing that she is just a grown-up version of the young girl Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas used as a mascot for his fast food restaurants.

Sorry to disappoint, it’s not her. Thomas used his daughter Wendy for the logo. Wendy Thomas who is now 52 still appears in Wendy’s ads from time to time as the guardian of the tradition and spirit that helped her father turned his business into a huge American success story. Morgan is nonetheless the face that brought Wendy’s commercials to the new millennium.

When she appears on the screen she is so full of life and her words always seem to suggest more than they actually say. Male fans in particular are always trying to find any hint of a potential sexual innuendo. Some find her annoying beyond repair but according to most she is just a charming Southern belle. So what do we know about this young lady?

Goodwin is originally from Cullman, Alabama but she moved to New York City to pursue her artistic dreams after receiving a degree in musical theater at the Birmingham–Southern College.

Morgan Smith who will turn 29 in August is married to restaurant manager Dave Goodwin who works at the New American cuisine joint Gramercy Tavern in NYC.

Morgan Smith Goodwin who has a growing internet fanbase will star in a new Wendy’s commercial later this month titled “Red: To Be With You” which will be spoofing a music video.

Morgan Smith Goodwin who Wendy’s like to call “Red,” will be portraying a performer by that name singing about the return of Wendy’s pretzel sandwiches. It’s a bit ironic that a natural blonde found success after she dyed her hair red.

Morgan Smith Goodwin Wendy’s collaboration will probably last for a little while, because the company is very proud of the feedback that she is bringing them.


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