Morgan Freeman lands plane after four malfunctions

September 8, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Morgan Freeman Plane

Morgan Freeman plane story is pretty incredible. Legendary Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman lands his own plane four times due to technical problems and jokes about it. Freeman arrived late at the premiere of his new film Ruth & Alex in Canada and told the audience that his plane had technical difficulties and was forced to return to Mississippi. Freeman who is always cool added that his only worries while on the defected plane was the fact that he would not be on schedule.

Last week, Morgan Freeman was forced to land his malfunctioning plane four times while flying to the Toronto Film Festival from his Mississippi home.

The Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? star was heading to the premiere of his new film Ruth & Alex.

Morgan Freeman arrived more than 90 minutes late and decided to explain why he kept co-stars Diane Keaton and Carrie Preston waiting for so long.

The Shawshank Redemption actor who has his pilot license for more than 12 years, told the audience that his plane had technical problems after 10 minutes midair and he had to land a first time.

The Long Way Home star went on to share that the slats on the leading edge of the wing had issues so they repaired them and took off again.

But the slats would not retract in the air, so he landed the airplane a total of 4 times before taking the decision to take another plane. The 77-year-old said:

“On the ground they were fine, but in the air they were a problem. We were about 10 minutes in the air trying to get them to retract but they didn’t so we went back and landed.”

Freeman who owns two planes added:

“We cycled them again, and took off, they still didn’t work, so we landed. Cycled them again, and took off, they still didn’t work so we went back. Had to put the plane away and take out the other plane.

He went on to explain that he was never in any danger despite the fact of flying a faulty aircraft.

Freeman told the crowd that his only concern was the fact that he was keeping his fans and co-stars waiting for over an hour and a half.

Morgan Freeman has a long story with planes – when he was a young man, he worked for the US Air Force repairing radar equipments.

Freeman’s new flick Ruth & Alex directed by Richard Loncraine and written by Charlie Peters, and based on the novel Heroic Measures by Jill Ciment will arrive in theaters next year.

Ruth & Alex focuses on 48 hours in the couple’s life, where they must find the driver who left their dog paralyzed while handling the bidding war between buyers trying to get their hand’s on the New York apartment.


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