Monroeville Mall Brawl: 1,000 Teens Fight In Epic Brawl, Mall Has Reopened

December 29, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Monroeville Mall brawl (sometimes erroneously spelled Monroevill Mall) is making headlines. The Monroeville Mall brawl, which involved several groups of mainly African-American females, has prompted officials to make security changes to insure the safety of shoppers. It is believed that the fights occurred because of a “stupid” remark made by one of the teenagers.

Monroeville Mall brawl

The most recent Monroeville Mall brawl has lead to some major security changes. On Friday night, at around 5:30 p.m., the Monroeville Mall (sometimes erroneously spelled Monroevill Mall) in Pennsylvania was a crime scene, where a massive brawl took place involving more than 1000 people.

According to The Inquisitr, authorities said a group of teenagers or young adults mainly composed of African-Americans started fighting on the first floor.

At least 50 people took part in the first melee. Within minutes at least half a dozen smaller fights occurred.

While the brawl started on the first floor, it rapidly spilled upstairs. Numerous shoppers and shop owners called 911.

According to Monroeville Police Chief Doug Cole, the Monroeville Mall brawl was so impressive and out of control that he was forced to call four other agencies including Wilkins, Churchill, and Allegheny County for extra help.

Cole went on to reveal that the fight lead to two male juveniles being injured. A child, who was injured at 5:30 p.m., was taken to the Children’s Hospital for treatment.

A male teen, who sustained cuts and bruises around 8 p.m., was rushed to AHN Forbes Hospital. The chief said that multiple people were arrested and citations were issued for disorderly conduct.

Doug Cole stated that one of the reasons why the after-Christmas Monroeville Mall brawl got out of hands is because of social media.

While no one really understands why, at between 4:30 and 5 p.m., dozens of people took to Facebook and Twitter to post messages about going to Monroeville Mall.

The law enforcer said that no threats were made in the messages and no one called for violence. He added:

“We are seeing messages that they were going to the mall, to meet at the mall type of message”

Despite the fact that most of the people involved in the Boxing Day brawl were young and black, Cole made clear that it was not a protest in support of Eric Garner and Mike Brown.

The police officer believes that the Monroeville Mall brawl was caused by a heated argument between two young people and things escalated.

Ron Harvey, a Monroeville councilman and fire chief, confirmed that it was not an organized protest by saying:

“These things sometimes have the most simple, stupid starts to them.Weird situations between young people can tip this stuff off.”

The nasty Monroeville Mall brawl has pushed Mayor Greg Erosenko to put more police in the area.

The owner of the mall has also hired a private security firm to patrol the inside and outside of the 1.3 million-square-foot shopping center, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Erosenko explained:

“The mall is doing so well, it’s reinventing itself. This gives Monroeville a black eye. There was no reason for any of that activity last night.”

The Monroeville Mall, which was used for the 1978 horror movie Dawn of the Dead, underwent some major renovation in 2013.

A 12-screen Cinemark movie theater was added and J.C. Penney was moved into the upper floor, while Dick’s Sporting Goods transferred from the mall’s annex to the level below J.C. Penney. The mall has reopened after the Friday brawl.

The Monroeville Mall brawl was not the only one on December 26th, more than 100 teens stormed the Independence Center in Independence, Missouri to spread chaos.

In California, a shooting over food, took place at the Arden Mall in Sacramento. Below is a video of the Monroeville Mall brawl.

In 2012, a young woman suspected of theft, punched and kicked a young employee, who was trying to stop her. You can watch a report on the 2012 Monroeville Mall fight after the jump.


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  1. jim woodward says:

    in a perfect world, one cop with an ar-15 could eliminate garbage like this in short order

    • URSOSTOOPID says:


    • GOOD_CALL_JIM says:

      Too bad this isn’t a perfect world.

    • Swamptrotter says:

      It is people like you who don’t see your responsibility in creating a world in which young people have no self-respect and behave like animals. You just don’t get it, do you? To call your fellow citizens “garbage” and wishing death on them is part of the problem; you’re part of the problem, not a solution. Why don’t you do something to make it a better for place for our children to grow up in during the coming new year instead of spewing hate and fear?

      • Reeson says:

        No. You don’t see large groups of white kids terrorizing and causing disturbances large enough to close down malls. Sadly this has a lot to do with cultural acceptance by a pretty large segment of the black community. In order for children to grow up well, they should live in two parent home that teaches respect for others a moral behavior. Those kids did not go there to shop but to cause trouble. This type of criminal activity by black youth is occurring nation wide. Don’t blame “whitey”. This activity has become a cultural norm for which the black community is responsible.

        • a~ says:

          Being a member of the black community, I can honestly say that the people I associate with would NEVER condone this type of behavior, black, white or otherwise. It’s not a black thing or a white thing… And it’s sad that it’s being pointed out as such… Reeson, you say “Sadly this has a lot to do with cultural acceptance by a pretty large segment of the black community. In order for children to grow up well, they should live in two parent home that teaches respect for others a moral behavior. Those kids did not go there to shop but to cause trouble.” I was raised in one parent home (parents divorced), I was a divorced mom. We are all productive members of society – we would never shame our family is such a way. Before you start quantifying your statements, check yourself, and check your gd facts… People have been hurt over less…

      • Atheismrules says:

        correction Swamp…fellow citizens no…they are a group of people that are trying to spread hate and fear with no remorse or concern over anyone else but themselves…that is a criminal and if caught in the act pulling this shit near my family will leave many of these niggers dead


          “correction Swamp…fellow citizens no…they are a group of people that are trying to spread hate and fear with no remorse or concern over anyone else but themselves…that is a criminal and if caught in the act pulling this sh8t near my family will leave many of these niqqers dead”… You a brave bitch behind the keyboard I notice….Again, like I said say this sh8t to our faces and watch what happens to your face HONKEY DEVIL FAqqOT!

      • GatorChomp says:

        It’s in the DNA and has gone on since the beginning of mankind. It persists no matter how others learn to progressive live in a civilized manner. Some things can be learned from other through imitation but not genuine civility; that in the DNA. The intellectual ability to control ones behavior is more difficult for some there others. And there is a clearly recognizable pattern that no one talks about but should be examined objectively via scientific methods as a basis for some start to realistic dialog and eventually new directions for public policy setting.

    • Jack says:

      I am with Swamptrotter on this one Jim. You’re behaving like a serial killer and much worse than these kids.

  2. truth says:

    Just another chimp out by n*ggers. Chimps gonna chimp. Whites need to wise up, liberalism has made whites stupid.

  3. rand says:

    Why is the picture of the cuffed individual on the cover story white…when the story states mostly black?

  4. nooneuknow says:

    This kind of behavior is exactly why virtually no one is building enclosed malls any more. They just invite gang banger cruising and violence. And the fact that “Dey is Black” has a lot to do with it! As currently constituted, the Black Community is a culturally bankrupt society! They want to blame “Whitey” and the “system” for their cultural ills, but the fact is THEY are the ones responsible for their abject failures! They continue to produce bastard children in record numbers, glorify the “gansta” life style and “gang bangers”, murder each other in record numbers, sell and use drugs, and generally want to collect a check from the government (read taxpayers) rather than be gainfully employed. No right thinking human being has any respect for them because of these facts. Until the Black Community decides to collectively look in the mirror, straighten up their act, and bring themselves up to culturally acceptable norms, no civilized group of people will respect them.

    • Light says:


      I agree with some of your statement, the black community is not an united community, based on jealousy and envy. However, as american’s and not monkey’s or apes people are people and should not be categorized as all the same. There are many well mannered and successful black american’s that are civilized and not all are gang bangers. Judgement should be left for the creator (GOD) and not mankind. Mankind has destroyed enough and this includes all races. Wake up and realize whether any of you believe or not we are all here to stay until we are called upon in heaven or hell.

    • DMG says:

      you are so right…….. But you have to start with BUM CROOK SHARPTON ,RACIST HOLDER IN THE INJUSTICE DEPT,AND THEIR CHIEF RACIST FRIEND who sits in the White House who have set the Civil Rights movement back one hundred years !!!!

    • Futile says:

      To use one of their colloquialisms…


    • Sweeping brush judges says:

      Dear angry, hateful person: Please judge me by my actions alone and not by the actions of others. You’ve just painted an entire group of people as perpetrators. There are so many things that are done by other races where those actions belong to the perpetrator. You have judged me by what someone else has done; painted me with a brush wide enough to paint the Statue of Liberty in one stroke. Are all white men pedophiles? Are all Irish men drunks and wife beaters? Or how about all white cops are gangs? Do you see the il-logic of my analogy? Probably not…

    • joan says:

      I’m a white..DARE you be so brave in what we are dealing-with? We could get in big trouble for saying MORE: They are a Protected invasive species. It’s not the mere color of their skin(I wish mine were darker, tan my skin for that beauty). BLACK? a misnomer they want vs hated WHITE. Species w ugly lips ,never learned to speak correctly, they Can’t! They are still Wild & breeding, collecting their checks, taught-to! from age 12, 13, by Us. There are similar Whites who do the same & we Pay them also, just not as many & they aren’t wild, angry or rioting. Any politician who wants to be elected would be over-quick, dead in the water if “stopping the wild African Negra” Few have evolved, some to impressive brain,cultured, lovable, respectable who teach & demand of their fewer offspring education, & will not tolerate bad behavior in them. I voted for Obama as one of those for serious brain.

      • Justaperson says:

        There is a malfunction in your thought process because no race is perfect. You are stereotyping.

        Undoubtedly, this is unusual for Monroeville and from the video, it didn’t look like there was even a thousand black girls at the mall. Whatever was going on was isolated to the group of girls and not the entire African American race.

        You are a bater and a hater and you need to go look in the mirror and call yourself just what you are . . .a stupid nigger. Yeah, I called you a nigger and I’m black. You see I grew up learning that the word meant a low-lifed person. And that you are sir! I was taught that anybody could be a nigger and you are definitely the epitomy of one. Oh, I learned it in Natchez, Miss. in a predominantly white school in the early 70’s! It’s people like you (bigots)–in all your ignorance–that the rest of us could do without. So get over yourself and get off that mighty throne that does not exist. The Superiority/inferiority theory is a figment of one’s imagination and you are mentally ill if you believe it! Here’s the absolute truth: Your destination is the same as mine (death, after that I don’t know) and it does not matter what you think you have acquired in this world . . . you can’t take it with you, not one thing, not even that white color skin that you covet so much. Now, go rethink why you believe you are better than anyone and ask yourself what ignorant person taught you that!!!!

  5. Draven says:

    I never go to malls anymore.
    Violent place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dan Higgs says:

    “….which involved several groups of mainly African-American females…”

    The caption picture is that of a white male in handcuffs…

    I guess the headline could not state the truth….. black teens start a riot and act like “Protesters” inside the mall.

  7. Kevin T. says:

    In South Florida we have thwarted much of the gang activity in malls by requiring proof of age (adult) or supervision by a parent/guardian to enter/shop/& procure. Resulting in the adult parent/guardian being held responsible (usually in cuffs) and/or the accused (usually a young adult) will be treated similarly to hardened criminals. With all the surveillance cameras no one really cares what the gangs do anymore at malls b/c it’s a great “trap site.” There are more surveillance cameras at malls than most airports/government centers. Just look around…parking lot cameras; entry cameras; inside the mall cameras; and most stores have cameras, and add to that the individual devices of the general public who are only too happy to turn over data and “other” cameras I chose not to mention. Combine that with the fact that most malls have uniformed & undercover security guards, armed local police, and other security not publicly known. It’s like shooting fish in a bowl! I personally feel safer at most malls than my own home. They all get caught eventually for their trivial crime(s) and get a free ride to prison…were they look forward to free food & raping(s).
    Mall crimes = free entertainment
    Mall criminals = ignorant & “stuck on stupid” volunteers

    ~ I predict in the future that mall owners will probably have to pay actors/actresses to commit similar ridiculous crimes just to attract more attention & interest for shopping goers.

  8. Isaiah says:

    Worst comment thread EVER.

  9. Swamptrotter says:

    How sad that we are raising our children to behave like this. What future will these young ones have if they have no concept of right and wrong and no self-respect. People with self-respect do not do this sort of thing to themselves or others.

  10. BigD8ckInWhiteGirlMouth says:

    Also, in a perfect world you wouldn’t have cowardly keyboard bigots, hiding behind their computers. You wouldn’t dare say these remarks to their faces. Jim Woodward you are a real bitch if it takes an AR-15 to take down a young 15 year old black girl…WOW, you just demonstrated how SUPERIOR you are to the Black race…interesting.

  11. ichristopher says:

    Dawn of the Dead

  12. John says:

    it is sad that life has come to people deciding to take video of stuff like this rather than try to break up the mayhem…

    • GatorChomp says:

      Big John would have stepped right in and stopped the 2 level brawl by himself. Why? Because he is apparently smarter than everyone else. When are you ever going to learn that jumping into a fray is not the way to do it. The best way is just what happened. Record as many of the brawlers as you can from a safe place and promptly furnish it to the authorities. I’m certain that doesn’t make any sense to you. Just do what you’ve been taught. And teach your sons and daughters the same. Don’t let nobody disrespect you- kick their ass. My offspring have been taught an entirely different approach. The saying you have is largely true- white folks don’t fight. That’s what they were taught. I realize though that some people don’t have a clue that there is another way to manage conflict than to personally get physical or worse.
      This observation only applies to a minority of the people but an enormously visible and dangerous minority. What makes it worse is that those who do not behave this way still instantly close ranks and try to justify the behavior and deflect blame where it lies today- at home and the protective community.
      A real discussion of blame and responsibility will never take place except to a small degree through anonymous venues. This needs to be tackled by objective, courageous social scientist. A dialogue then maybe can take place and start turning around the direction this country is heading. Right now one would have to say the future is dismal. It’s a little frightening in that the young people brawling in the mall are not raised in poverty. There are first and second generation immigrants truly living in poverty that are existing without breaking the law, endangering people and managing to advance through normal avenues of sacrifice and effort. Clearly there is a need for definitive studies to understand the differences in view of contemporary circumstances.

  13. stringemuplol says:

    this is why people say niqqers are apes with one foot out of the jungle lol

    • Justaperson says:

      You wear ignorance well and yet, somehow I get the impression that you are thrilled and comfortable with your lack of intelligence.

    • Aimee says:

      Yep They really belong in the jungle with both feet. They are beasts.

  14. Georgette W. says:

    You can’t civilize NIGGGAHHHHS. They belong in cages in a zoo.

  15. Abby says:

    These apes need to be segregated again everywhere. Then they can kill each other and not hurt any other races. They can blame it only on themselves.

  16. Big Bear says:

    Glad I live in Idaho. I doubt there are 1000…errr…”teens” in the whole state. When I did my Christmas shopping, I dropped two dollar bills, and a White teenager was courteous enough to point that out. Also, no riots here…surprise, surprise.

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