Mom Hot Car Death Reaction: Leanna Harris Defends Justin Ross

June 29, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Cops Leanna Harris Mom Of Cooper Searched For Hot-Car Death

Mom in hot car death story is speaking out a little bit. The cops investigating the death of little Cooper Harris have interrogated his mom Leanna Harris on the hot-car death searches they found on the family’s computer, according to a newly released police affidavit.

The Cobb County Police Department in Georgia has unveiled the warrants related to the Harris case that showed that Cooper’s mother Leanna Harris as her husband Justin Ross Harris, did several internet searches on hot-car deaths.

Leanna Harris who lost her 22-month-old son on June 18 after his father left him in his car for 7 hours told authorities she looked, for how hot-car related deaths can occur because she was fearful it could happen to her toddler.

Justin Ross Harris who is in jail for the death of Cooper told authorities the exact same story.

One day after the very emotional funeral for Cooper Harris was held in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the officers investigating his death at the Cobb County Police Department in Georgia have published the warrants related to the matter.

The documents shed lights on many aspects of the sad case that has moved America. Here are few elements that stood out:

Several items, including an iPhone, Hyundai car and computers were taken from the home by the police.

The computers showed that someone recently searched for information about hot-car deaths.

It was revealed that Cooper’s father Justin Ross Harris who is in jail after being charged with murder and child cruelty stated “that he was fearful that this could happen.”

His wife Leanna Harris who has not been charged with anything also confessed to searching on the internet on how long it might take for a child or dog to die in a hot car.

According to the warrants:

“Leanna Harris, the child’s mother, was also questioned regarding the incident and made similar statements regarding researching in car deaths and how it occurs.”

The affidavit gave a very detailed timeline of the events that took place on June 18th, the day Cooper died.

Justin Ross Harris and his son ate breakfast at a restaurant near his home in Marietta, Georgia .

After the brief meal Harris who is a web designer went to work at Home Depot.

Thinking that he dropped his only child at a nearby daycare like he normally does, Justin Ross Harris worked at the cooperate office till 4:16 p.m.

But he did briefly go to his SUV around noon, put something in the driver’s seat but never noticed that the toddler was still in the restraint system on the back seat.

After work, he got into his car started driving back home.

Few miles later that is when he finally spotted the lifeless child in the vehicle.

He stopped at a shopping center and called for help.

When paramedics confirmed that the little boy had passed away, the dad went insane asking “what have I done” and needed medical attention at this point.

It was concluded that Cooper was locked in the car for 7 hours with the weather reaching 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mom Of Cooper Searched For Hot-Car Death

Mr Harris who was not allowed to attend the funeral phoned and said:

‘I’m sorry… Thank you for everything you’ve done, I’m sorry, I love you, thank you.’

His wife delivered the eulogy where she said Cooper was the perfect baby and she feels reassured that he is in a place where he will never know heartbreaks and the sorrows this broken planet sometimes offer.

Leanna Harris also defended her husband, stating that he is wonderful dad, she explained:

“Am I angry with Ross? Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful daddy and leader for our household. Cooper meant the world to him.”

Justin Ross Harris is often described as a “good person” by people who have met him.


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