Model Dies Train Surfing: Man Electrocuted On Train Roof Dead, Brian McClellen Was 21

November 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Model dies train surfing in Connecticut, story saddens his followers. A Train surfer was electrocuted and later died in a Connecticut hospital. Brian McClellen, the skateboarding stuntman, who was electrocuted on Sunday while surfing on a Metro-North train from Stamford, Connecticut to New York City, has passed away.

Train Surfer Electrocuted

Model dies train surfing in Connecticut, the search for answers is on. A Train surfer, who got electrocuted, has passed away, according to family members. On Sunday at around 5 a.m., a Metro-North train headed from Stamford, Connecticut to New York City suffered a power outage.

The train stopped at the Riverside Metro-North station in Connecticut. Workers investigating the power outage found Brian McClellen on fire on top of the train.

Crew members used a fire extinguisher to put the flames out and the train surfer was rushed to the Westchester Medical Center. McClellen, 21, of Ohio, was a popular train surfer, skateboarding stuntman and actor who shared his daredevil acts with thousands of people on YouTube.

It is believed that McClellen, was trying a new skating trick when he was electrocuted. Metropolitan Transportation Authority explained:

“Brian McClellen was shocked and burned after a pantograph, or a mechanical arm on top of the train that collects power from the overhead wires, came down on him as the train entered the station.”

According to Greenwich police, McClellen jumped on the moving train near the Greenwich/Stamford line and rode it for a while. The authorities strongly believe that the man was electrocuted when the train was at the station in Riverside, Greenwich.

20 passengers were escorted to another train heading New York. The train was sent back to the Stamford station for inspection. The electrocuted train surfer was being treated at the burn unit of the Westchester Medical Center.

Late Sunday night, a family member posted on Facebook that McClellen was alive and fighting. The person wrote:

“He is conscious and holding on. [His mother] is there now.”

But on Monday morning, McClellen’s agent, Ryan Colby with the talent agency Colby KMM said that he died.

Ryan Colby revealed:

“It’s part of what you do when you’re a boy between 17 and 25 years old and you think you’re invincible.He had a beautiful smile.If I was annoyed about something, I couldn’t stay mad at him for more than 5 minutes because he’d do something to change the mood.”

The death of the model is being investigated.


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