Missouri Baby Born With Teeth: Baby Alyssa Was Born With Two Front Teeth In Springfield

January 7, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Missouri baby born with teeth and her story have gone viral. During the holidays, a couple from Branson, Missouri welcomed a baby girl named Alyssa Bella Bailey, who was born with two front teeth.

missouri baby born with teeth

Missouri baby born with teeth has the internet talking. On December 28th, Jaklina Bailey gave birth to a baby girl named Alyssa Bella Bailey at a hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

When doctors in the delivery room gave Alyssa to her father, he was baffled by the fact that the baby was born with two bottom teeth.

The medical staff was also surprised by the discovery. According to Examiner, Mrs. Bailey explained:

“Right when she first arrived everybody was just shocked. Just like, ‘she has two front teeth? No kidding? Really?’ It was just a big talk about it, you know, in the delivery room.”

The doctor, who delivered Alyssa, said this is the second time she has seen a baby born with teeth in her 25-year career. Alyssa was born with natal teeth, and according to the US National Library of Medicine, this occurs once in every 2,000 to 3,000 births.

The condition is often linked to growth hormone deficiencies or cleft palate, but doctors have confirmed that Alyssa is healthy. The new mother revealed the next step for her child by saying:

“They said it’s just going to grow with the rest of her teeth. It’s going to be fine. We did look online, and the doctor did warn us. We’re going to keep an eye on it — that if they do get loose, we have to keep an eye on it because it’s something she could choke on.”

Mrs Bailey also answered the question on a lot of people’s mind, does the baby bite when she is being breastfed? The answer is no, because she is drinking formula. She shared:

“I know a whole lot of people have asked me, ‘does it hurt?’” says Bailey. “Well, I’m feeding with a bottle.”

A Missouri baby born with two front teeth has a family smiling and feeling joyous.


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