Missing Teen Body Found: Cody Gibbs Body Found In Georgia Lake

August 9, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Missing Teen Body Found Picture

Missing teen body found after drowning accident. The body of Cody Daniel Gibbs has been found floating in Lake Lanier in Georgia, 2 days after he went missing. The nineteen-year-old man jumped into the lake, in an attempt to flee police, who where called to the site for an illegal drug-fueled party. The day, the missing teen’s body was found his girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl named Adelyn Noor.

Missing teen body has been found in a lake, after night and morning of partying and drinking in Georgia.

On Tuesday morning, a handful of police officers were called to Two Mile Creek Park near Lake Lanier, where a group of about 20 young people were having a party.

According to reports the group was using drugs including marijuana, and heroin. When authorities arrive on the scene, the clan scattered and fled in order to avoid getting arrested.

Three intoxicated young people jumped into Lake Lanier. The two females swam to safety while, the male never came out of the water.

Cody Daniel Gibbs was missing for almost two days and many started speculating that he ran off or was hiding somewhere because he knew the police were looking for him.

His brother and other relatives always disputed those claims because, he was about to become a father.

Early Thursday morning, divers and searchers arrived with a sonar and saw the body floating on the lake.

Forsyth Sheriff department spokesman Doug Rainwater, said that the remains were found not too far from the area, they were searching since the young man vanished.

Mr Rainwater added that they strongly believe that the teen drowned but an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Cody Daniel Gibbs’ loved ones have been going through a world wind of emotions in the last few days.

The day his body was recovered, his girlfriend gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Adelyn Noor.

Cody’s older brother, Justin Tyler Gibbs told local media that he was an alcoholic and drug addict who was determined to change his life around for the sake of his child.

According to Justin, his late brother had recently gotten a job and was taking online classes to better prepare the future of his little girl.

The family says that Adelyn is bringing them joy and hope as they deal with her dad’s death.

The Gibbs have created a GoFundMe account and asking the public to help them with his funeral.


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  1. SherrieP says:

    Well isn’t that special? How ironic that he died and his baby was born just 2 days later. NOT.

  2. Joe says:

    New father . . . at a drug party . . . flees from police. Can you give me money for my irresponsible relative? Nerve. God bless the poor infant.

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