Missing Money.com Scam

Garrett Montgomery | March 23, 2009 | 5 Comments More

Missing Money.com ScamMissing money.com scam is making headlines on the internet.Missing money.com is a site that has your unclaimed money, unclaimed property, and unclaimed funds but many reports say that it is a scam because it asks for a fee.
That’s the latest update on Missing Money.com Scam.

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    1. edie may says:

      Hi from sunny conservative florida,

      Just wrote to Pres. Obama at the White House, felt good to get that off my chest.

      Listen everyday Glenn, need more info on events in fla. hope someone there can give me some contact info.

      I say we impeach the entire exective, legislative and judicial branches of the government, clean house and start over with true red blooded AMERICANS. Rid ourselves of the spinless socialist that are now in power.

      • llotz says:

        Amazing how the uneducated think “cleaning house” would be such a great idea, and that anyone in our govt. is a socialist, do you even know what it means? You are likely no more American than the President.

        You had no problem with Cheney profiting from the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans? Do you even know anything besides what you hear on the news stations that spoon feed you bias information?

        Do you get all exited when Glenn Beck puts on his glasses, stands in front of his blackboard and talks to you like like someone that couldn’t get into a tier 1 University? People like you are responsible for the horrible events that recenly took place in Arizona, edie may. Ignorance coupled with selfishness is deadly.

        • taylor says:

          Wow, guess you don’t know anything other than what the big media tells you. Everything is spun in the direction of the left.You can thank them for this whole recession to get Obama elected. Too bad they didn’t know how to fix it once they started it. Of course that wasn’t their aim anyway. They want to take the country down because we supposedly deserve it.
          People like you are responsible for the generation that was allowed to be slaughtered by those who won’t take responsibility for their actions.

    2. deloris brandly says:

      This definately not a scam.I searched my state site using the links free and found 604.00 for me.I searched site for some relatives and foun missing money for them also.

    3. Donna says:

      HI we have worked with missingmoney.com and they didnt ask us for a fee.

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