Miley Cyrus Explains Why She Gets Naked Often In New Interview

February 4, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Miley Cyrus claims that she constantly takes naked selfies because she gets bored and does not know what do while she is on tour. Talking to Mario Lopez, Miss Miley Cyrus also confessed to what the world already knew, she loves to be naked all the time.

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Miley Cyrus has finally decided to open up as to why she posts so many crazy and nude pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Miley Cyrus has explained why she’s always taking nude photos of herself, many of which she censors and posts to Instagram.

In an interview with Extra host Mario Lopez, Miley Cyrus was quizzed about the numerous scandalous photos she often shares with her followers on social network. Cyrus said that she originally started filming and taking photos as part of a dairy for V Magazine, but she became obsessed with it.

The singer shared that whenever she gets bored, she would take naked photos. She said:

“As you would imagine, I walk around naked a lot. So we were on tour and we ended up taking pictures of me in that, kind of diary [for V Magazine]. We started at my house in L.A…. we were all over the world.”

Cyrus went on to add:

“When you are on tour, you only have an hour and a half of a show. I was on tour for a year… you get bored in some hotel rooms and you get naked and you take some pictures.”

In related Cyrus news, it has been confirmed that she had dinner for the first time with her potential mother-in-law, Maria Shriver. Shriver her son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Cyrus were spotted in Hollywood and apparently everyone got along. An onlooker said:

“They all looked like they were having a great time—enjoying engaging conversation and laughing. It looked like Maria and Miley got along really well.”

Let’s hope that Maria Shriver will stay away from Miley Cyrus’ Instagram account or she will get very upset.


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