Miley Cyrus Bikini Photos Spark Debate On Her Tiny Frame

June 6, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Miley Cyrus dons a bikini, and her fans are thrilled. Earlier this week, via Instagram, Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips posted a photo of Miley Cyrus sporting a tiny pink bikini on the set of a new music video.

Miley Cyrus Bikini

Miley Cyrus‘ bikini picture is not at all what you think – believe it or not, she was at work. Last week, Miss Cyrus shared a photo of herself in a tiny bikini with her armpit hairs dyed in pink.

The world assumed that the wild child was busy making another controversial fashion or anti-establishment statement.

Few days later, Wayne Coyne, the frontman of Flaming Lips, posted a full body shot of Cyrus wearing the same bikini and used the caption to reveal that it was actually taken on the set of their new music video. Coyne captioned the photo:

“Shootin music video with @mileycyrus @katyweaver @stong @vijatm … Haha.. No one injured yet!!”

Flaming Lips and Cyrus have been bonding for the past months; the band even joined her on stage during her scandalous Bangerz tour. According to Coyne, they are working with the star on a seven-song album that should be out later this year. Coyne had the following to say about the project:

“I almost think it might be the series of songs that are Miley Cyrus songs, Flaming Lips songs on her record, then there’s the series of the same songs on our record. Ours sound like the Flaming Lips and hers sound like Miley Cyrus, but they’re the same songs.”

At this point in her life, the young singer is obsessed with the indie band. She confessed to Rolling Stone:

“Once you listen to the Flaming Lips, it’s hard to listen to anything else.I’ve been listening to them for the past three months, to the exclusion of all other music – literally, I’ve erased everything else on my phone. My entire world is wrapped up in this collaboration and magical friendship.”

She claimed that her favorite tune from the group is “Try to Explain” because it serves as a reminder that we are insignificant.

What do you think of this collaboration?

Today hazzzzz be consistently chill AF #evengotsomecleanindone #fuckyeah

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  1. Martha Cruz says:

    Talented girl by she is way too skinny. I hope she is not eating cotton balls for dinner like these celebrity models who want to appear like skeletons.

  2. Lara 21 says:

    I for one look forward to listening to the collaboration. It’s great to see genres blending to create a new sound.

  3. Cassey says:

    That armpit, how disgusting, is she European or something.
    The Flaming Lips are going to regret their decision to team up with this insane chick.

    • GodVox says:


  4. Doug says:

    She is young and having fun. Good for her.

  5. Randy says:

    Miley you tongue should stay in your mouth not outside.
    You look 14 by the way.

  6. Uganda Prince says:

    What an amazing body, but those tattoos look like they were done by a child. They look ugly and unprofessional. Either get rid of them or go see a tattooist.

  7. GIRLZ says:

    Leave Miley alone, she is being an artist, she is being herself: wild, free and creative. You wished you were like that, you would be able to do what you want and say all that is on your mind.

  8. Honeyboy Wilson says:

    Skanky, no talent, trailer trash should never be put in a position to be a role model!

  9. Babg Bang says:

    Miley Cyrus decided to wear that tiny bikini in order to take the spotlight from the it girl of the moment Caitlyn Jenner. Miss Cait is getting more than just 15 minute out of her so-called transformation/transition. Jenner is full of him/herself just another media hore like the Karadashian.

  10. Babg Bang says:

    PS. Caitlyn Jenner aka Bruce Jenner has the same bikini but he looks way better in it.
    Bruce’s mama said she will stick to Bruce so can I.

  11. Carla says:

    Miley first thing first, stop with that horrible spray tan, it’s not for you baby girl.

  12. Jeremy says:

    I miss Hannah Montana so bad.

  13. Stick says:

    In Los Angeles must of the girls are as skinny as Miley. Just a fashion and east coast/west coast thing.

    • Christina says:

      She is not too skinny. So if she is the right weight she is too skinny? She clearly works out. She is all muscle. I reject what you say because I am skinny and I hate people who judge people for it.

      People in the US have a skewed view of what skinny is, considering everyone is huge and obese.

  14. Willa C says:

    Yucky, yack, put that tongue away.

  15. Benevo says:

    When will her 15 minutes be up? Soon, I hope.

  16. Bill M says:

    She only needs a teeny bikini because she has no boobs.

  17. Average Joe says:

    Filthy little no-talent pig. Just a vile scumbag like your no-talent fa&&ot dad…

  18. joe may says:

    what happan.

  19. Alf Malf says:

    Talent and shock value sells. Look at bands like Kiss,Alice Cooper,Gwar and Slipknot. You grab people’s attention with shock and you keep them coming back for more cuz you have talent. Miley is playing the system and it’s working. Wonder who the next shock star will be?

  20. MARK M says:

    EWWW, Hairy armpits!

  21. Christina Rohrbacher says:

    Don’t care she looks great. I have more respect for her for worshipping #thefmalinglips

  22. Monica says:

    Miley is a real role model, she has been working hard since she was a child and is millionaire. She is just having fun. Laugh all you want but she has never been arrested.

  23. Antoinette says:

    At this point, Miley’s wild antics have taken over the promising career she had.
    She has a lovely voice and she is a fine actress. But you never hear about these things in the news. On TV you hear she split from this man, she wore something shocking, said something disturbing or was smoking weed in public. Sad indeed.

  24. Pinky, where's Brainy says:

    William are you sure you want to see Caitlyn Jenner in a bikini, it could be traumatizing. I n case you didn’t know Bruce is on the lower body and Cait is on the upper body.

  25. Sue Meyers says:

    Loved the old Miley, this new wrecking ball, tattooed, hairy armpits, no good role model Keep her concert tickets.

  26. Mo says:

    She’s adorable, she is young, creative and living HER life , not yours , so why the fuss? And she’s not too thin. She is a tiny girl with a great figure. Most american’s are so grossly over weight, it’s disgusting. Mush rather see a body like Miley’s then most of the pop culture icons out there today.

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