F-16 Midair Collision Over Kansas: No Injuries, Pilots OK

October 21, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

F-16 midair collision in Kansas leaves two pilots shaken, but no one was injured, according to the latest updates from the National Guard spokesman, Col. Max Moss.

F-16 midair collision

On Monday afternoon, two F-16 jets were involved in a midair collision during a training exercise while flying over a field in Kansas. The ill-fated training mission involved four aircraft from the 138th Fighter Wing of the Oklahoma Air National Guard.

The first two pilots are said to be well. The incident occurred between Highway 99 and south of Harvest Road, near Moline, according to a brief statement issued by the Oklahoma Air National Guard’s spokesman, Col. Max Moss.

One of the pilots of the F-16 was able to rapidly and safely eject from his plane before it crashed to the ground. The unnamed pilot who did not suffer any serious injuries was taken to McConnell Air Force Base hospital in Wichita for evaluation.

His hospitalization is expected to be brief. As for the second pilot, he was able to fly the F-16 back to its base at the Oklahoma Air National Guard, which is located at the Tulsa International Airport.

Firefighter and first aide responders were on the tarmac when the plane landed, but it appears that the pilot is in very good shape. He was shaken by the collision, but not injured. Dakota Chamberlain, who witnessed the midair collision, took to Twitter to share pictures and gave few details. The Piedmont resident tweeted around 3 PM:

“Anyone else just see that jet go down?”

Chamberlain who has a rather unique sense of humor added:

“How neat I just watched that jet hit the dirt from a paddle boat.”

Most of the 500 residents of the small town, gathered at the crash site, where they snapped pictures of the jet’s right horizontal stabilizer and vertical fin on the ground still burning, hours after the collision.

The U.S. Air Force will appoint a group of officers to investigate the crash and it could take up to a year to know what happened.


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  1. nooneuknow says:

    Oops! How many million dollars?!

    • wormy3131 says:

      Yeah but look at the millions that have been wasted on this P O S President that was elected for two terms just so his sorry ASS can play golf on the tax payers tab. These two pilots are training to protect what little bit of freedom we still have.

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