Michigan Woman Chases Thief, Gives Birth To Baby Boy On Same Day

September 17, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Michigan Woman Chases Thief Gives Birth

Michigan woman chases thief and gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Joseph Alan Alexander-Thompson all in the same day. This lady deserves the mother of the year award.

According to an officer from the Flint Police Department, last Thursday a 9-month pregnant woman chased and fought with a thief.

At around 1:30 p.m. the Michigan woman was fixing groceries in her car in the parking lot of a Kroger store in Flint’s east side.

The pregnant lady was confronted by an unarmed thief by the name of Mark Newton who grabbed her purse and ran. Despite being 9 months pregnant, the woman made the decision to chase the thief in order to get her purse back.

When she caught up with the purse snatcher and demanded that he returned the stolen property, he pushed her to the ground.

Two good Samaritans who witnessed the scene tried to catch the thief, but he got away.

As the man was fleeing with the purse, he came face to face with the woman’s family and the clan had a fight.

The family members were able to pin the thief to the ground until the cops arrived.

Members of the Flint Police Department arrested 30-year-old Mark Newton who was arraigned on one count of unarmed robbery and held on $8,000 bond.

Newton is expected back in court on September 24. The heroic Michigan lady delivered her baby later that day.

Update 1:

The story of Michigan woman chases thief and gives birth has gone viral, which prompted local media to search for the new mom.

The brave lady’s name is Kristen Thompson and she gave birth to a bouncy baby boy named Joseph Alan Alexander-Thompson who weighed 7 lbs. and 7 oz.

The duo is doing well and the mother stated that she has the cutest baby in the world.

She said:

“He’s the cutest thing in the world. He’s such a ham. In the hospital, all the nurses loved him ’cause he was the cutest baby on the floor.”

Talking to local media, Thompson revealed that she had planned C-section for baby Joseph on Friday, but after the run-in with the thief, she went immediately into labor and had an emergency C-section.

The reporter asked the mother of three why did she fight for the purse and she replied by:

“My purse is my life. It has everything and anything that you can need, possible. Comes down to bills, the kids’ insurance cards.”

Thompson explained that she scolded the thief by asking him why did he come after her and was it because she looked defenseless?

But she also squashed the previous reports that claimed she was helped by two people.

The woman claimed that despite her screaming and yelling, shoppers just kept walking to their business and no one tried to get her off the ground or get her purse back.

Thankfully she spotted a group of friends playing basketball nearby and she called them for assistance.


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