Cane Corso Dogs Maul Jogger To Death In Michigan

July 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Michigan Dogs Jogger

Dogs killed Michigan jogger, owners could face prison time. Two dogs mauled Craig Sytsma to death as he was running in Lapeer County, Michigan last week. The cane corso dogs that attacked twice in the past, chased the jogger into a ditch and mauled him. A man who saw the dogs devouring Craig Sytsma shot at them in order to stop the massacre. Michigan police have collected the dogs but have not yet decided to euthanize them.

On Wednesday afternoon a man by the name of Craig Sytsma was bitten, to death by two large dogs in Michigan.

Craig Sytsma, decided after work he would go for a run on a rural road in Metamora Township in Lapeer County.

The 46-year-old man waved hello to a neighbor who wishes to remain nameless, he saw mowing lawn and pursued with his exercise.

The man who was mowing, moved to another corner of his front yard to cut more the grass and that is when he saw Craig Sytsma laying in a ditch being eaten alive by two large black cane corso dogs.

The individual ran back to his home and returned with a gun, which he shot in the air hoping to scare the animals off.

That move failed, and the creatures kept tearing off Sytsma’s arm, which prompted the good Samaritans to shot directly at them.

Another neighbor who is a nurse ran to the jogger’s help and performed CPR.

Sytsma, a father-of-three was rushed to the hospital unconscious and died of his injuries an hour later.

Due to the fact that the runner had no documents and cell phone on him, it took Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office Det. Sgt. Jason Parks several hours to identify him.

The man’s co-worker from Eltro Services reported his missing on Thursday when they realized that he did not show up for work and noticed his car was still in the parking lot.

Police have taken the killer dogs, their puppies and are contemplating euthanizing them.

Little Leylah Sytsma’ loving grandfather was not the first person mauled by the dogs, which belonged to Sebastiano Quagliata, 45, and Valbona Lucaj, 44.

In 2012 Sebastiano Quagliat and Valbona Lucaj were hit with a $20,000 lawsuit after their animals bit a woman three times in the leg.

The following year, the cane corso dogs bit a man twice in the calf, the person is permanently scarred and disabled.

Neighbors of Lucaj and Quagliat said they moved in the area in 2012 with their wild animals (dogs and falcons) always running loose and apparently killing kittens.

Ashley Winter, 31, who lives next to the breeders said she is not surprised because the couple failed to take measures to protect pedestrians.

Winter claims that she had to explain her daughter Mikayla, 4, not to run if she sees the dogs that were often spotted in her yard, on the sidewalk and swimming in a lake nearby.

With the news that Quagliat and Lucaj could face involuntary manslaughter for the fatal attack, the duo has hired a lawyer who stated that his clients want the dogs killed.

The attorney also claimed that the pair is very sorry for what occurred and as always they had the dogs in cages and have no idea how they freed themselves.


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