Michelle Obama Wows And Delivers Moving Speech At 2015 ‘Black Girls Rock’ Event, Huge Controversy Follows

April 7, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Michelle Obama wows in an elegant dress by designer Zac Posen at the annual “Black Girls Rock” awards show on BET and gets praised for her sense of style. Obama also delivered an inspirational and fiery speech, but the First Lady was blasted on social media for attending an event called “Black Girls Rock.” Happy to see Mrs. Obama in one of his pieces, Posen took to Instagram to thank her.

Michelle Obama Zac Posen

Michelle Obama wows fashion critics at the BET “Black Girls Rock” event. The organization helps and empowers young black girls. Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared at the taping of the annual “Black Girls Rock” show in a white Zac Posen off-shoulder dress.

Mrs. Obama looked very classy in the white creation, which she accessorized with silver drop earrings and metallic heels by Jimmy Choo. Michelle Obama kept her makeup light, neutral color, pink lipstick and opted for a straight and chic hairstyle.

Zac Posen’s designs are loved by big names like Natalie Portman, Rihanna, Amanda Seyfried, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Mischa Barton and Beyoncé Knowles, but when he spotted Michelle Obama, he took to Instagram to thank her. Posen wrote:

“Such a thrill and honor to wake up to the #FirstLady #MichelleObama #FLOTUS wearing #ZacPosen.”

Michelle Obama has worn several suits and gowns by Zac Posen in the past, but this take things to another level, she is also obsessed with his bag collection. Additionally, Michelle Obama wowed the audience with her inspirational speech. Mrs. Obama, who is pushing her “Let Girls Learn” campaign, said:

“No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful.I am so proud of you. My husband, your president, is so proud of you. We have so much hope and dreams for you.”

Obama went on to add:

“That’s why I am able to stand here tonight.I want every one of our black girls do to the same, and our black boys.”

Catch Michelle Obama’s full speech at the “Black Girls Rock” event on April 5 at 7 p.m. ET on BET. Elle Magazine had the headlines “Michelle Obama wows in Zac Posen” and “Michelle Obama epitomized elegance and poise” on social media.

While Michelle Obama’s dress was a hit in most places, her decision to take part in an event called “Black Girls Rock,” sparked a heated conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Obama was slammed and called few choice words, which prompted Africa American bloggers to respond. Bougieblackgirl.com shared a post where she explained that in the last 400 years, black girls were told they don’t rock among other things, which is why it was important to have Obama at the event. She wrote:

“Imagine how it feels being told every single day that because of the amount of melanin your skin, the world instantly assumes you are hood, ghetto, uneducated, immoral, lazy, a leech on government and violent. Imagine knowing that these ideas are lies and regardless of who are and what you do, you can’t change that lie because you don’t control the image.
Imagine being told that your God-given tresses are ugly, unprofessional, unmanageable and bad hair.Imagine having to spend thousands each year on chemicals to straighten your hair, without knowing the health risks of burning and scarring our scalps just to be accepted.”

What are your thoughts on Obama’s dress? Was her appearance at the “Black Girls Rock” event necessary?


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  1. David in MA says:

    “Michelle Obama wows fashion critics at the BET “Black Girls Rock” event.”

    BET?, Looks like a racist event to me!

    • gabrielle hood says:

      takes one to know one now doesn’t it…

    • landon says:

      BET–owned by whites.

    • HAHA says:

      hmmmm????? (((thinking))….. NOT!!!!
      Second thought….Why are you watching such a racist show???? Enjoyed it didn’t you!! Go ahead and admit it…BLACK GIRLS ROCK!!! hahahah lmbo

    • debora f. says:

      its better to be thought ignorant then open mouth and remove all doubt..this event is about education..try it you might actually
      LEARN something..

    • Pat says:


    • Kellie01 says:

      Mrs. Obama is the best role model for young people since she also has two young daughters. The show was really awesome and only small minded people find fault in the show. Have you ever noticed that any time we as Blacks have a program, someone will always find fault to try to hurt your self esteem but as Black women “WE ALWAYS ROCK” but we aren’t always given the chance to show our true selves. To the directors and producers “GOOD JOB” and try to create more positive programs in the future. GOD BLESS you all even the soothsayers but remember GOD is still in control.

      • wbibt says:

        You can have all the programs you want. We would like to be left alone also, we really would. Stop complaining about everything. Stop throwing the race card. The reply’s your seeing in this post are because people are tired of the double standard.

    • Jeannine Spaulding says:

      Hey, guess what Michelle-White girls rock too!!!!

      • George says:

        and they do Jeannine- all girls do.

      • hope write says:

        Yes, white girls rock, white boys rock and black boys rock; however, the title of the show is “BLACK GIRLS ROCK”. Don’t be a hater, don’t make this something that it is not. They are honoring black ladies that are doing something with their lives, taking a stand by doing something positive. Do you have a problem with that? Should anyone have a problem with that? Are you not happy that Mrs. Obama love herself and her girls (all of whom who are black girls) that she stood up for something so SPECIAL and spoke to us with such regard? We LOVE YOU Mrs. Obama and Personally Thank you for being there for us just show us that you care about us as much as we care about you.

    • wbibt says:

      All girls need role models.

  2. jordan randi says:

    Mrs. Obama:

    Thank you for your inspirational words. My nieces will not listen to me when I tell them they CAN DO whatever they wish to do in life. I wish I could have you come and speak to them at my church,
    The Fountain of Praise.



    • Blanca Graham says:

      Yes! Someone with a Christian attitude, who knows what to look for when you hear and see a person who lifts hearts up. Thank you for your perfect words….

    • Wolf says:

      Michelle’s views are racist, just like her husband, who thinks he is a dictator, but in reality just a incompetent clown.

      • hope write says:

        Wolf, take several seats, why do you have to go there? You are troubled aren’t you? You need to seek help for your issues. We all know who the dictators and racist folks are, don’t be trying to make us lose focus.

        Better still, don’t you lose focus, cause this forum has nothing to do with being racist or dictatorship.

  3. slb says:

    She still looks like a monkey.

    • dabby says:

      She is gorgeous . You look like a money you redneck teabagging troll

    • gabrielle hood says:

      And your opinion matters to who?

      • Lyle says:

        haha, I agree with you.

        Trolls have no opinions, just ignorant self serving nonsense, supplied by Fox news, who started the whole “monkey” thing.

      • Wolf says:

        gabrielle if you are comfortable with the destruction of our nation in the hands of the corrupt liars in the Obama administration, I feel sorry for you.

    • Liamsi says:

      She’s the prettiest monkey I’ve ever seen. Slb is a person who’s afraid of change. You’ve been condition to think you’re privileged and entitled, but your low self=esteem is apparent. Your lack of education is apparent.

      • slb says:

        College graduate actually.

        • Blanca Graham says:

          I bet you were the last in your class. Please make yourself a favor…think before you write. She might be Black, but has risen high above all of us with all the good she has done for our children. Did you know she had an office she owned as a LAWYER? Your true colors are showing….careful!

          • bikerchick22 says:

            did you know she lost her law license because of insurance fraud!!!

          • Ronnie says:

            Neither Obamas lost their licenses


          • tom says:


          • Wolf says:

            Typical lawyer, known liars, no surprise there. The only thing that Obama and his wife have done is lie, spread their racism, and prove how corrupt they are.

          • Ray Reddick says:

            Michelle’s law office is where the president taught constitutional law. Both figments of someone’s imagination!

        • Allison Shaw says:

          A college degree does NOT equate to having one iota of common sense or class, nor does it make one superior to anyone else – particularly if one does not use it to better oneself along with leaving the world a better place for one having been here. Of course, we are absolute strangers so I don’t know your character but if your posts are any indication, you’re not doing anyone any good at the moment.

        • HAHA says:

          WHAT!!!! A college GAVE you a diploma. Oh…I see. You stayed so long, the only way they could help you along was to GIVE you a diploma. GO GIVE IT BACK!!! hahahaha lmbo

        • Greg Wigren says:

          Sure hope you didn’t use you parents money-you are obviously worthless. slimebucket

      • Iris L says:

        Nice dress but would look better on someone else. Her.. attractive? NOT. In her husband’s own words.. “you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.” Need I say more?

        • Lyle says:

          You’re kidding right? She is a brilliant fine looking woman which scares the crap of out you.

          Anyway, as your bowels move, have fun.

    • cib says:

      SLB,Your dog smelling flat ass wife look like a monkey, So sick of you racist SOBs using the media as a platform. Stupid ass.

    • Blanca Graham says:

      Sib, usually I never answer syupidity…but this time I want to ask you a question. Are you brave enough to show me a picture of you. Full body please. I bet you are ugly, super fat…maybe 300 lbs and didn’t finish High School. I dare you.

    • Resh says:

      Wow I wonder what our creator and his son would say. One of our main commandments is to love our neighbor. God just may feel why did he allow his Son, Jesus to die for us if we share conversations like these. No appreciation or respect for the one who gave their life for us all. What would God and Jesus say?

      • bcocop1 says:

        Resh I agree with you. I think about that all of the time. There is so much racial hate on every story on the net. Whites hating blacks, blacks hating whites, and other races choosing sides for the hell of it. I just wonder how many people would turn away life saving help from someone different than them? Judgment day will be something else for all of us that at least believe in God.

        • tom says:


          • hope write says:

            tom, the only reason i am responding to this cause you need some attention. so here it is. no, change my mind, you are not worth anymore of my time. bye!!

          • hope write says:

            tom,tom,tom do you know you can’t spell? maybe you should learn that first before you decide to get on a bandwagon with adults?

            bye little boy

    • John says:

      “Monkeys” look better than razor-lipped dogs, with noses extended from their foreheads– who lick their genitals with their own tongues, slb!

    • JomoDaMusicMan says:

      U racist bastards will never stop

    • HAHA says:

      WHAT!!!! You don’t think she’s your cousin???? I’m shocked!! Family tend to look alike. hahaha lmbo

    • nek says:

      That is an astoundingly unkind remark.

    • R says:

      You are so disgusting. You and those like you make white race look bad. The day has finally come when those like you are not even worth commenting on. Remember this, once hate dies it is gone. Any one who has reacted to this individuals comments rest easy that this person is just pitiful and disgusting. Don’t waste your energy creeps like this are nothing.

    • Wolf says:

      I think she is a racist, and looks more like a gorilla.

    • hope write says:

      If you think that slb, maybe it is because you think she is related to you. When was the last time you REALLY LOOK IN A MIRROR? Your comment sounds like you are struggling with your own identity. Be careful with the things you say.

  4. Randy Jackson says:

    Looks like goon in that white dress.Sorry,but this woman does not wow in anything.

    • mary says:

      I agree

      • Blanca Graham says:

        Mary…white, super fat, no teeth, you wear torn clothes…oh sorry…I might not know what I’m talking about…could you show me a picture of you, full body. Maybe you look better than Mr. Obama..OR NOT!!!!!!!! I DARE YOU! On Facebook…..

    • ESl says:

      Michelle Obama is beautiful and your racists comments only show how truly ugly you are.

      • Iris L says:

        Why do you feel any opinion other than yours is racist? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some of us do not share the same view as yours. Plain and simple. Race does not have to be an issue in this. You’re the one drawing that card.

        • JomoDaMusicMan says:

          criticism of The First Lady is mostly based on race , the problem is most of u white fools can’t see the forest for the trees

          • Wolf says:

            Hispanic, White, Asian all girls rock, not just black women which many do, the point is Michelle pushes just a racist view of just black women. Michelle has proven time and again just like her husband they are racist.

        • bcocop1 says:

          Race shouldn’t be an issue, but some people on here took it there. The “N” word has been used, she was called a monkey which we all know has been used throughout time to depict black people and some folks don’t believe that Ms. Obama would show if invited to a mostly or all white girls function. It’s funny because when I was a cop I knew of some racist people who when they called an I came out they didn’t care then they just wanted help.

      • Wolf says:

        Michelle looks more like a man, than her husband, both bad for this country, two racist people in politics, no better than Al Sharpton.

    • Blanca Graham says:

      Randy, Are you married? No? I wonder why. Yes? Show me your wife full body pic. You might not know INTELIGENCE when you see it. Mrs. Obama is a Graduate with honors as a Lawyer…She is pretty on her own right and she gives the dress elegance. Don’t think she will even give you a second thought of what you think of her. You are beyond sad.

      • tir says:

        one thing she lost her lawyer license for fraud. Second I don’t find her beautiful. so does that make me racist cause I don’t find her attractive? as for this I find it in poor taste. and as for what she has done for our kids are you referring to there launch’s? good for you for meeting the first lady. but what does that have to do with any thing. with in six degrees of separation we have all met her fact that she is on a black girls rock kick doesn’t mean much. what about all the women out there? don’t they deserve the first lady to talk that way about them. I think its funny that the first person to call some racist is some one of the opposite race. I mean I don’t see black people wearing white face losing there jobs but let white person do it and they are sued and fired over. there is no equality in between all races. I mean I should be mad that all of America stole my land and pushed my people to reservation cut our hair and made us speak English and take English names. but I’m not for one thing I was there but it still happened. one last piece of knowledge is isn’t it wonderful that black people blame the white man for slavery when it was there own people that took the as slaves and sold them to the white man.

        • bcocop1 says:

          Yes some tribes did sell of their captives, but nobody twisted their arms to buy them.

          Have any other organizations stepped up and asked Ms. Obama to participate? I am pretty sure she would not walk away from little girls because they are not black.

        • katwoman says:

          Information about the statuses of both Barack and Michelle Obama’s licenses is readily retrievable, both show no record of any disciplinary actions or pending proceedings, and the elapsed time for searches we performed on their information was comparable to that for searches on information about other names in the Illinois ARDC database.
          Read more at http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/lawlicenses.asp#JtIxhrWygAg57iow.99

          Neither Obama has been sanctioned for anything and they both have inactive licenses, not for any reason other than they choose to.

        • hope write says:

          tir, it is so so sad that someone with such bad grammar has such an opinion that only she can understand. pick up a dictionary or a literature book, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and sadly i believe it is too late for you. your opinion of Mrs. Obama and black people could have been interesting if it made any sense. take several seats, this is just sad,sad,sad. i really hope you are not black, we don’t need the likes of you ruining our reputation of exceptionally intelligent. sorry boo, but bye,bye; and, that sale of black people, may have happen,but read the whole story, it also explains why things happen the way they did. don’t you be bitter about something that never happen to you. read a book!!

      • Wolf says:

        Is Michelle so brilliant when she said she hated America, till her husband was elected? Obama and the first lady need to go, less than two more years of more lies, and corruption.

        • hope write says:

          Wolf you must hate America as well, cause regardless of what you feel about Our President and Our First Lady, you should not broadcast it here. You should always R-E-S-P-E-C-T the Office regardless of who is residing there. Anyone that speaks in such a disrespectful manner, can’t possible love America. Search your soul little boy.

  5. A Human with Self Respect!!! says:

    Who are you people with such HATE in your hearts!!!! Get on your knees and pray. I am sure you only speak this way via anonymous replies. Say what you really feel to the next person you encounter with hate, SAY IT!!! no matter what their race is, who they are. SAY IT!!

  6. mary says:

    you cant put lipstick on a monkey and call it beautiful , it still looks like a monkey

    • Linda says:

      You can also put a graduation cap on a jackass but it is still as dumb and ignorant as dirt.. as I am sure that you are personally aware…

    • Blanca Graham says:

      Do you wear lipstick? I doubt it. Mary…Look in the mirror, what do you see? Pretty Ugly Soul!

    • Swen says:

      Looks like a bunch of n8gger lovers in here

      • Margaret says:

        Swen, How easy it is for cowards to post and say the word n8gger. Just by the way you wrote it in your post here i can assure you that your racist ass it too scared to come to the black neighborhood and say it. Come on “You bad enough to write it

      • HAHA says:

        Yup… AND????? lmbo hahaha

      • Kellie01 says:

        Why did you bother to watch the show ? You still have to answer to God and he WILL judge you, we don’t have to and we don’t have to get angry with ignorant and prejudice people since God will take care of you. God made us all and I bet you or people in your family look worst than a monkey who are quite cute if you want to go there.

    • John says:

      Says Mary, the toothless, un-bathed inbred, who’s married to her younger brother, and had a wedding along side their outhouse. The served food was 10-day old road-kill. Typical for “her kind”!

    • HAHA says:

      What shade of lipstick did you try to put on this morning?? Didn’t work for you either huh? hahaha lmbo

  7. pmark says:

    Still looks like Chewbacca and……her whole socialist/commie/USA hating still shows right through-

  8. mouse45 says:

    Does she ever attend a “White girls rock” dinner.

    • gabrielle hood says:

      If the white girls had one and invited her she probably would attend.

      • Jed says:

        they are not allowed to have one that would be racist

      • Blanca Graham says:

        Gabrielle, I think so too.

      • JomoDaMusicMan says:

        Everrrrry event in America is based on white people rock, they call all the shots and decide who wins check the Oscars & all award shows. And YES, The first lady attends many of these white folks rock events and even applaud the winners

      • Wolf says:

        They have a black month, black colleges, but if different races tried this they would be labeled as racist.

    • Blanca Graham says:

      Put something like White Girls Rock together…see how brave you are, invite the First Lady…I bet she would attend.

    • hope write says:

      i agree with gabrielle. invite her to a white girl function and i am sure she will be there. remember, she doesn’t have the problem, you do. don’t say things without merit mouse45. just read, think of something intelligent to say and then began to write, okay? that is the order of relevance.

  9. Lucy says:

    mary and pmark…an empty wagon makes the most noise and ignorance lacks wisdom, knowledge and understanding…Be careful how you throw stones as they have a way of coming back to you or those you love; that is, if you are capable of loving or being loved.

  10. gabrielle hood says:

    I’d rather look like a monkey than look like any of you racist haters. As a matter of fact, I’d rather leave this earth than be as ugly as I envision you must be. Ugghhh!

  11. Vince L. says:

    It is hard to believe the disrespect so many show for the first lady, actually for the entire first family. I may not have voted for her husband, but I believe he’s done a reasonable job in spite of the uncalled for opposition he has received at every turn no matter what the issue. I now believe he and the first lady are opposed strictly for who they are. As a member of the “old white establishment” and now “former” member of the GOP, I’m embarrassed by what our country is showing the rest of the world. There is only one answer and no longer any doubt, we are overrun with hateful racists. Mrs. Obama has done a lot of good and has earned some respect.

    • Blanca Graham says:

      Well said. Good thing it’s only very few think like these people we
      have the embarrassment to comment with. It should be a nice moment and it became just plain nasty.

    • Wolf says:

      The disrespect came from all the lies, and corruption from the Obama administration, Michelle stating she hated America before her husband was elected was the icing on the cake.

    • Wolf says:

      Vince I don’t believe you were ever a member of GOP, but then most democrats are questionable anyway. Vince I believe you are gullible, and took all the lies, and corruption without question.

  12. gary says:

    Sure his hubby is proud. Why must he always appear to have eaten sour grapes.

  13. Liamsi says:

    Vince you are to be commended for speaking truth to ignorance. Given the history of our country, I am not surprised by the vitriolic views expressed by the racist. Foreign countries have known the inimical behavior of these racists for a long time. It’s not only evil, but it is also embarrassing.

  14. Debbe says:

    Really? Does she really think she looks good? Look in the mirror. Practice what you preach regarding student lunches. You are no twiggy. Maybe you should go to GNC and get the CLA 1000 fat burners. They are awesome. They worked for me and I’m sure if you lay off the fats they’ll work for you too. Practice what you preach!!!!

  15. MartyB says:

    She is lovely and despite all the attacks on her and her family, she had remained a lady which is more than I can say for many of the posters.

  16. Jenefer Ford says:

    America has been going down for a long time now. The rich are getting richer (buying up all fresh water, selling land, buildings, bridges, and financial institutions to foreign individuals, companies and/or corporations, and polluting what is left). President Obama is the first President that we have had in a long time that is trying to help the sick and poor of all races, build up the middle class, as well as work with the rich to give back and promote American commerce.

    For those of you who hate the first family, just remember that all other ethnicities have voted and helped to elect many white presidents. Most of who never thought about making our lives better in any way. Some who made our lives much worst. Some who may have had ugly wives or children (in someone’s eyes). I personally believe that there are no ugly people, because everything that God has made on this earth is beautiful. So all of you haters must not believe in God. We need to be better. God Bless You ALL.

    • Blanca Graham says:

      Jenefer, hope more good and positive comments keep popping up. Let good prevail.

      • slb says:

        Follow your own advice! Getting you liberal retards all worked up is just too easy. Kind of like poking a dead animal with a stick. At least she can peel a banana with her feet. You can take the coon out of the ghetto, but yoy can’t take the ghetto out of the coon. That ought to get your monkey blood boiling.

        • HAHA says:

          Cousin!!! stop the foolishness!! You know we grew up together in the ghetto and redneck country. WHY YA ACTING LIKE DUS??? hahahaha lmbo “me and you will never part”” ((clapping))

        • Greg Wigren says:

          slb: your sister/mommie called and said your grandma needs you. That’s your mom’s older sister I gather.

          • slb says:

            You make absolutely NO sense. All I did was state an opinion on this women’s looks. It’s so nice to know that I can manipulate so many people by just making one comment. I never realized how much power I have. Thank you all.

    • Will2 says:

      Former slavers never back down. Nor their children. They just hate to do their own work. Expect it.

    • DEE DEE says:

      And Jenefer what the hell fairy tale are you reading????? Obama ain’t done NOTHING but TARE this country down and you know it and so does everybody else! And as far as his wife, NOBODY GIVES A RATS ASS what she wears or attends! And when she starts having your fat little pre-schooler weighing in everyday, lets see how that works out for you!

  17. Jenefer Ford says:

    Debbie, Michelle Obama has never said that anyone has to look like Twiggy to look good. Her efforts to get children to eat right is admirable. Many children think that ketchup and mustard are vegetables, because they are a big part of their diet each day. Parents need all of the help and encouragement possible. Also they need help in getting the local schools to serve healthier lunches. 58% of the people in this country are overweight. That’s a major problem. So why wouldn’t the first family feel compelled to correct the cause (improper diets and the lack of exercise). They are promoting health and stamina to energize our skills to learn and excel in all endeavors. It’s something that we all should embrace and thank them for. Everyone can not afford GNC and 1000s of fat burning capsules. Eat right and exercise. It takes longer, but it is guaranteed.

    • DEE DEE says:

      Jenefer, the only parents that need help in what to feed their kids are the ones on welfare! They are free to buy what ever they want on the American working mans dollar! I have to watch what I buy and I can tell you it ain’t steak and lobster nor mountain dew and chips. Fruits and veggies! You know REAL FOOD that actually ROTS!Change the welfare system and the obesity rate will plumit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pam says:

    I am trying to find a reason to think our first lady is Acceptable. Where is decorum, grace and modesty here. This family has done the most amazing job of promoting raciest and ugly thoughts. I am appalled at the thought that our nation is presenting this raciest and completely unacceptable attitude as a founding point for the United States. They have set the entire raciest problem back to ground zero.

    • Lyn says:

      So hoping and praying you will live to see the women in your family or loved ones so disrespected, hated and scrutinized!!!

    • HAHA says:

      Hmmmm….telling little black girls they rock is racist and promoting ugly thoughts??? UNBELIEVABLE!!

      So….as long as they are being told they are worthless it’s ok…right? Go ahead and admit it. Your comment was truly DUMB!! hahaha lmbo.

      If it makes you feel better and help with YOUR self-esteem..YOU ROCK TOO!! hahahaha lmbo.. no, I really mean it. hahahaha LOL

  19. Swen says:

    NAACP stands for Ni**ers Are Always Causing Problems!!! They always play the black card dont they??

    • Jaftica says:

      Well said! Like I always have said for many of years there will be NO peace in this country until the Negros are eradicated.

  20. John Proffitt says:

    While I will agree that Michelle Obama is an attractive woman, and she certainly does a great job of encouraging young women to not only aspire, but to accomplish everything they want to, I have to say the dress is not flattering to her. The bodice looks like a corset with stays sewn in, and it looks like it has had bra cups sewn onto the outside of the dress, with the entire top encircled by a wide band of fabric to hide cleavage. I would think the First Lady would be able to find a dress that is a lot classier.

    • Lyle says:

      Sorry, but big tits mean nothing. Jessica Simpson is a billionaire because she is smarter than everyone else.

      Michelle is a woman and a enlighten American, which scares the crap out of Fox news.

  21. John says:

    Bow Wow but not wow.

  22. Iampoudtobeblack says:

    She may not be a classic beauty but she looks nice in the dress. I wonder if she would be interested in doing a show called “White Ladies Rock” or would that racist?

  23. Pinkey Pooh says:

    Take a pretty dress and put it on an ugly woman and you still have an ugly woman.

  24. Shelley says:

    This is to all of the positive commenters. Don’t bother to engage with people whom are obviously filled with self loathing which is why they always want to try to tear someone else down. Prejudice is the fear of things that are different and it is a learned behavior. All you can do is pray for the light to come into their life and take the evil and darkness out of their hearts and souls. Keep your heads up and keep a positive attitude throughout your lives. God will get us through.

  25. rick rock says:

    Sorry; do not really approve of men wearing a dress.

  26. hmorrisjr says:

    No Michelle…YOU ROCK!!!

    • Wolf says:

      Michelle and her husband invited a racist Al Sharpton to the White House over 80 times, only because the Obama’s are also racist. This should have been women of all nationality’s rock, but that wouldn’t happen in the racist Obama household.

  27. Cyndy says:


  28. storminnorman says:

    For all of you who felt the need to leave such negative responses, I pray one of these days you will all see the light. I don’t understand why all the hate? I guess we as African-Americans will never measure up to your standards as a race of people. Do you ever wonder why we play the “race card” as you people call it? Life is to short to continually keep hating people just because of the color of their skin; think about it and try to love somebody, PLEASE!!!!!!

  29. sherrie says:

    I’ve always wondered why it’s okay to have BET (Black Entertainment) and now Black Girl Rock? If there were such a thing called WET (White Entertainment) or White Girls Rock, you know there would be an outcry. Double standards. Always. Sad and wrong.

  30. Debbie G says:

    She should not have to pick and choose what events she attends in a world so diverse as the United States. She represents all races. Black Girls Rock is a platform for African American girls to achieve success in a world that, oftentimes, do not recognize their talents and skills. There are plenty of organizations that direct their energy to a certain population, and I am sure she would address that audience as well. The criticism was expected to come. Let us not forget that even though she is the First Lady, she is still an African American woman who understands the challenges and experiences that all black girls will face.

  31. Charlie says:

    give me a break. if one of our first ladies had an “all white lady rock night”….hell would have to be pay. disgusting. I thought she was the good one, but obvious she is as racist as her husband. What she says can go across all girls!!!

  32. Baker says:

    I read all these comments and the ignorance and stupidity that is written is SAD. I would hope most of you are adults……but even children would not write such nasty things on social media.The President of the USA and his family are real ‘family’ people who happen to be in a position to help you and all AMERICANS, if you dislike what they are doing set up your camp in some other country and see how you like that. Don’t bother to answer I don’t respond to ignorance………….

  33. storminnorman says:

    Thanks Baker; I couldn’t agree with you more!!!! There are a lot of ignorant people out there!!!!!

  34. Lin says:

    She’s beautiful, smart, and she is rocking that dress!

  35. Gamil Pantaloon says:

    So when any conservative woman wears designer clothes they’re “privileged”.

    Well this blog is sure got the right name….spread it….

  36. R says:

    For all of the negative, racist and bigoted comments you are a dying breed. What you can’t stand is that there are people of color that are the President and First lady of this great country. Further, you racist crack pots are so blinded by hate you can’t see how truly pitiful you really are. To take the time to write racist comments like this means that even though you sat in a seat in a college environment you are still uneducated. You will be held responsible for the hate you spew.

    • George says:

      no responses to this comment- this is how you shut them down. Get over it racists- our President is black and the majority including a whole lot of whites voted for him.

  37. Darlene Evans says:

    This is about as racist as racist can get but since its black racism its okay. How bout we have a “White Girls Rock” award show????

  38. bob says:

    the double standard lives in America … imagine Hillary screaming “white girls rock”……and a TV show called “Whitish” … what I say is TRUE

  39. bob says:

    Will ,… will be leaving her son for a white co-star …just watch

  40. Paul says:

    What ever she is wearing makes her look like a two bit whore!!
    Get some class.

  41. Holly Wood says:

    Michelle you are full of sh*t. You seek to divide this nation between races. Shame on you, Michelle. My best friend is blacker than you, and she thinks you are a disgrace to America.

  42. clubgoer says:


  43. Swen says:

    She looks like a baboon wif dem boot lips.

  44. Kim says:

    Ok,…I’m going go take a dump now!

  45. Richie Rivera says:

    I cannot believe the appalling comments being made, disgraceful. When will this ignorant and self destructive behavior end. Why can’t we all just get along and flourish together as one…..Please.

  46. God says:

    One day you will all answer for the words you speak or have spoken against each other for no reason. I ask how were your raised, no matter the color what reason was given to you to hate or say such things to each other. You will come to me and just like now you will have no answer for my question. Words that you speak have gotten people killed, hurt , humiliated and some have taken their own lives. The tongue is the most deadly weapon man has at his possesion because of the emotional damage it can do. The tongue also is the most powerful weapon man has because of the good it can do. I ask that your tongue today be used to forgive each other for your words against each other. I will see you and know that you did not mean those things you spoke, but the damage has been done and there must be consequences for your actions and i will strike with a firm hand but a loving heart. Choose what you say carefully and think of the damage it can do to you world. Does your words brings peace and joy to everyone or anger and hate. You know what is right and what is wrong. GOD

  47. clubgoer says:

    I’m sorry for my comment and i apologize for any role i played in hurting someone’s feeling. Even though i do not believe GOD wrote that post, i know that he used someone on the internet to pass along his thoughts. No i’m not really mean spirited, i was merely being a follower. EVERYBODY ROCKS! Again i apologize pleas accept my apology.

  48. Wolf says:

    I agree with you Jerry all women are beautiful, but Michelle pushes her racist views, and beliefs just like her husband.

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