Michelle Obama Secret Trip: Obama Is Blasted For Secret Aspen Trip

February 17, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Michelle Obama’s secret trip is no longer a secret due to an accident and Instagram. Over the weekend, First Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters, Malia Obama and Sasha Obama, flew to Aspen, Colorado for some fun on the ski slopes. The Obamas had plans to keep the vacation private, but someone posted pictures of Executive One Foxtrot at an airport in Aspen and local media outlets are reporting that the family’s motorcade was permitted to go around a car accident.

Michelle Obama Secret Trip

A Michelle Obama secret trip has been exposed by Instagram users. First Lady Michelle Obama decided to go on a little Valentine’s Day vacation with her daughters, Sasha and Malia.

For some strange reason, Mrs Obama and her children kept their Presidents Day weekend tradition by going skiing in Colorado, while the president was in California for a golf trip. Just like the previous years, the trio is rumored to be staying at the at the home of Jim and Paula Crown, who own the Aspen Skiing Co.

Michelle Obama was hoping to keep her brief holiday a secret, but social media was rapidly flooded with pictures of the Executive One Foxtrot on the tarmac of an airport in Aspen. Few blurry photos of Malia Obama, Sasha Obama emerging from the plane surrounded by secret service emerged on Instagram. A man by the name of Keith Crews, who shared few photos of Executive One Foxtrot on his Instagram wrote:

“As we were departing Aspen Michelle Obama and the girls were coming in to ski the weekend for President’s Day.”

Ken Fulk, who also spotted the first family at the airport, Instagrammed a photo and captioned it:

“Hoping to catch a lift home with #FLOTUS – but she’s not answering my text.”

Another reason Michelle Obama’s secret trip was made public was due to a car crash. According to local media, Michelle Obama’s motorcade was allowed to go around a head-on car wreck on Sunday morning, despite the fact that the road was closed to all other motorists.

The accident occurred after a tourist from South Africa, drove on the wrong side of the road and an American driver struck him after being blinded by the early sunlight. Police Chief Brian Olson told the Aspen Daily News:

“They had to go around the accident this morning, the procession carrying the first lady and her daughters in Aspen for their fourth consecutive winter break was allowed to sneak through while they waited on tow trucks.”

Numerous pictures of the Obamas skiing at Buttermilk have also been published online. This is not the only secret trip Michelle Obama planned for this year. In March, Mrs Obama and her daughters will visit Japan. The Chicagoans will visit Tokyo and Kyoto.

One year ago, the trio visited China and during the Christmas break the family flew to Hawaii. Many are blasting the politician for wasting tax money on fancy trips as the middle class struggles. Few are wondering if their marriage is a scam and “Do black people ski?” One commentator asked:

“Since when do black people ski?”

One person wrote:

“It’s so nice that Michelle and Barack can use my tax dollars for their little ski vacation while I try to scrape together enough money to pay rent and utilities while looking for an underemployment opportunity.”

Another individual added:

“Aspen is cheap by comparison to the spring break trip she has planned “just for the girls” in March…to JAPAN! Buckle up America these last two years are going to be expensive!”

This Michelle Obama secret trip has the web talking and people are divided about it like everything else in American politics.


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  1. KRoberson says:

    21 people are beheaded and they go on a vacation! These people infuriate me. Can not wait til he is out of office!

    • Randolph says:

      Randolph She is worth 11 million dollars. Why can’t she spend some of her own money. Maybe she is, I hope so.

      • Carl Deane says:

        That’s how she gets to keep 11million and have the taxpayers pay for their outlandish trips.

  2. ggm says:

    Mr. Randolph, she may be worth 11 million dollars, but she DOES NOT own that plan that her and her two kids just got of. And I bet she didn’t pay the pilot, pay for the fuel and the list goes on and on!

  3. Janine says:

    First and foremost, I’m sick of the “Black Comments”. It’s truly ignorant. Obviously there’s a lot you don’t know about black people and yes we do ski. My family and I have been skiing for over 30years. WAKE UP! There are Black Historical Colleges, professionals and many cultured and well traveled African Americans in this country. How many other Presidents/Wives have gone on vacations on that same plane. We didn’t hear of it and if we did it wasn’t made and issue. It’s truly sad that in 2015, race, color and culture is still a focus for ignorant people. We’re all God’s children…..

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