Michelle Duggar Joyful Time: Michelle On Jessa Duggar Engagement & Jill Duggar Pregnancy

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Michelle Duggar Joyful Time Jessa Duggar

Michelle Duggar is sharing her thoughts on the latest family news and she says it’s a “joyful time” for the clan. Michelle and her husband Jim Bob Duggar are currently facing a very interesting period as parents and it will all be chronicled on the new season of TLC’s hit show 19 Kids and Counting that started on September 2.

Michelle Duggar joyful time blog post helps fans understand how the family is adjusting to all the changes that is presently taking place in their lives.

In June, Michelle’s second oldest daughter Jill Michelle married Derick Dillard in front of a large crowd in Springdale, Arkansas. In August, Jill Michelle Dillard announced she was pregnant with her first child that is due in March 2015. Jill’s mom has been very helpful and provided a lot of guidance during the early stages of her pregnancy.

Jill’s sister, 21-year-old Jessa Lauren Duggar announced her engagement to 19-year-old Ben Seewald in mid-August. The couple is set to get married on November 1.

Although these changes are for the better, they still leave the proud parents with mixed emotions. The 47-year-old mother of 19 wrote on her official blog:

Now that it’s actually happening, there are all of these wonderful mixed emotions. You get the joy of watching a loving relationship unfold. Jill and Derick, and Jessa and Ben, are becoming best friends and really getting to know each other in such a sweet way. When the right one comes along, it’s so exciting, shocking and surprising all at the same time!

The transition has not been easy for every member of the family. It has been particularly hard on Jordyn-Grace Makiya who is 5 years old. The Duggar matriarch said:

As Jessa and Ben were getting in the Seewald car my little Jordyn, who is five, realized what was happening and she just started to cry and cry. She was worried that Jessa was leaving for good. I had to comfort her and reassure her that Jessa wasn’t married yet, just going for a visit.

Jim Bob as a father is having some difficulties watching his daughters go and live their lives. His wife explained:

Jim Bob is so excited, too, for Derick and Jill, and for Ben and Jessa. When he talks about the girls getting married, he gets a little teary-eyed; it’s a big deal for a dad to let go of his girls. He’s handing them over, but he’s handing them over to some really great guys.

The star of 19 Kids and Counting concluded her update on a very positive note, she stated:

Change can be difficult for all of us, but it is such a good reason to have change. It’s a joyful time.

Fans of the show will be able to watch how all of this unfolds in season 9 that started with a bang on Tuesday.

Over 3 million people watched the season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting on September 2.

Michelle Duggar is right, it is indeed a joyful time for this big family from Arkansas.


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  1. Rob says:

    But Jim Bob is STILL a CONTROL FREAK RETARD!!!!!! Michelle what in the hell do you see in this idiot?????? Sorry…. loathe your show!!!! Anyone who has 19 kids is definitely retarded in my book! You all are circus freaks!

    • Tamara says:

      I think people just need to hate on others because they are not happy. If more people raised children like the Duggars our would would be a far better place. Stop the HATE!!!

  2. Galilee says:

    I’m happy for the Duggar. Because they are trusting in God to raise their children, They are not asking anyone for anything. GOD bless you Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

    • Donna says:

      I so agree with you. They have never been on welfare, and they are raising their children to love the Lord. They are raising all of their children to be self sufficient financially and be good stewards of God’s money. They spend one on one time with each of their children. Everyone is so quick to judge them. I wonder why? They are not hurting anyone and they don’t force their lives on anyone. They have done so much for mission field work. They are raising their children to give their time to those less fortunate. This is what a well rounded family looks like!

  3. bill says:

    really who cares about these no talent baby factories

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