Michael Strahan And Robin Roberts Feud, Kelly Ripa Is Enjoying This Mess

March 10, 2017 | By Olivia S. More

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Kelly Ripa is said to be laughing at Michael Strahan who was caught fighting with Robin Roberts.

A few weeks ago, a handful of pictures were leaked on the Internet that showed a verbal altercation between Strahan and his Good Morning America sidekick Roberts.

Some of the remarkable photographs had the longtime host of GMA looking furious as she wagged her finger at the former athlete.

While in other snapshots, the ex co-anchor of LIVE! is sitting as far away as possible from his colleague who is giving him a nasty look.

A GMA representative said in a statement that the photos were taken in late January and the pair simply had a heated exchange over the Super Bowl.

The spokesperson went on to say that the duo has resolved the matter and is happy to work together.

However, an insider, who works for the network, said that is not the first time the pair had an explosive disagreement.

According to the source, the two anchors are no longer friends, and there is no chemistry between them on and off the camera.

The person confessed that Strahan had the same behavior when he was working with Ripa.

Strahan often fought with Ripa and acted like the show belonged to him.

The spy shared: “Michael hogged the spotlight and acted as if the show was Live with Michael and Kelly instead of the other way around.”

The insider went on to confess: “Michael has created havoc in the talk show world!”

After the fight, Strahan knew he was in trouble and had angered executives at ABC and called Ripa, 46, and pleaded with her to take him back on Live!

The person confessed: “A regretful Strahan is begging Ripa to take him back on Live — and she is getting the last laugh!”

Ripa finds the situation laughable because she is not interested in having him back on the show and is thrilled that another female anchor took sweet revenge on Strahan.

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