Michael Slager dashcam footage released: Walter Scott death could lead to manslaughter charge, Scott was laid to rest on Saturday

April 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Michael Slager’s dashcam footage has been released by authorities, it shows the events that led to the death of Walter Scott. The dashcam footage revealed that the former South Carolina police officer asked Scott twice to remain in his vehicle before he eventually fled. The 4-minute footage also showed Slager talking to the passenger, who was in the suspect’s car before taking the decision to chase, confront and eventually shoot Scott multiples times.

Michael Slager dashcam footage

Authorities released dashcam footage from Michael Slager’s patrol car, the day he shot and killed Walter Scott.

Most of the experts, who have seen the 4-minute footage, are predicting that Michael Slager will be facing the lesser charge of manslaughter instead of murder.

The video began with Michael Slager and Walter Scott having a cordial exchange where the officer asked him to produce the documents of the vehicle and explained that he was stopped because of a brake light that was out.

While it is not clear, it appears that the motorist told the officer that he had recently purchased the car, and he had not yet gotten it insured. Scott’s employer has confirmed that he was killed less than 24 hours after buying the second-hand car.

Mr. Scott gave Mr. Slager a document and he returned to his patrol car to verify its authenticity with the police department.

As the law enforcer was calling in to report the traffic stop, Scott tried to exit his car in order to give more documents. Slager ordered him to return inside of the vehicle, and he obeyed.

However, few minutes later, Scott made a decision that led to his death – he dashed out of the car and ran to an empty lot across the street.

Michael Slager briefly talked to the male passenger, (a coworker of Scott), before chasing the suspect. A lawyer for the Scott family claimed that he was afraid of getting arrested because he owed back payments on child support totaling $18,104.43.

Michael Slager never reappeared in the dashcam footage, what unfolded later between the two men was filmed by Feidin Santana.

Santana’s video shows a brief exchange between the two men, a taser falling on the ground, and Scott getting shot eight times as he runs away. Feidin Santana recently appeared on CNN, where explained that Walter Scott never grabbed the officer’s taser.

Law experts including Fox’s Geraldo Rivera say that Michael Slager’s dashcam footage will be used by his defense team to say that this is not a murder case. The TV host stated:

“This is a horrible, horrible shooting, but there was no premeditation. This is manslaughter. I believe that this is manslaughter.”

What are your thoughts on Michael Slager’s dashcam footage?


On Saturday, over 600 people gathered at the W.O.R.D. Ministries Christian Center for Scott’s funeral where Rev. George Hamilton said the shooting of the Coast Guard veteran was a racist act. Hamilton told the congregation:

“All of us have seen the video. There is no doubt in my mind and I feel that Walter’s death was motivated by racial prejudice.”

He said that Slager is racist, but that does not mean all police officers are alike.


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  1. PE Ramsey says:

    As the Officer approaches the vehicle of the victim he touches the area above the diver side rear lights

    This is a practices that is taught to offices, so that if need his finger prints will be on the vehicle

    Why, didn’t he follow proceeds when he shot Mr Scott?

    • WILLIAM WALTON says:


      • Truth1 says:

        Wil Walt! Did you walk in on your mom suckn a black man’s dix?

        • william waltons step dad says:

          pretty sure wills day is coming soon

        • Landre says:

          Pretty sure that a black man screwed Will Walt in his ass so good that he’s mad that he didn’t want him anymore! So now Will Walt is mad at all black men because he can’t get anymore!!

      • La Shonda says:

        your are a racist ignorant asshole regardless if he was on or even had drugs on him or in the car this shit was wrong n the asshole police officer that shot him 8 fucking times in the back must be a Nazi muthafucka like you. Get a grip it is people like you that have caused this world to be so chaotic and fucked up.

      • baja says:

        If you have a diploma your self, am sorry for the issuer institution, your thought don’t weigh second grade ! you should re-born again as a human right now you just leaving and talking corps. 100 years behind every one ! catch up fast.

      • MoorAli says:

        Sad, sad, sad, its a strange thing you would say such a heartless thing, however one day soon, karma shall have its day with your very words, when your story shall unfold, you will understand the truth of all you say. sad, sad, sad, life will challenge your very words in justice and not by my hands. I will pray for your strength and hope you learn from your careless words. God bless.

    • Dave says:

      Mr. Ramsey, having served in law enforcement for 16 years, I will say that though the shooting appears to be unwarranted, that I am not in the habit of prejudging what anyone does, nor should you or anyone else.

      • KKBou says:

        True Mr. Ramsey, no one should judge until all the facts come out.. then that is up to a court. I do not prejudge either. I am just sick of the Black/White issues… we are all people.. we all Americans.

  2. Mark says:

    Another black man that can afford a Mercedes (as a second car, no less) but doesn’t bother to take care of his real responsibilities-he runs from the $18,000+ in child support he owes. Of course he runs when stopped for something as minor as a tail light. Running and irresponsibility are his pattern.
    What the officer was thinking though in firing his gun 8 times at the back of a running man is hard to imagine. This hardly rises to the standard of the officers or another person’s life being in immediate danger.
    A disaster for both lives.

    • WILLIAM WALTON says:


    • Dave says:


    • La Shonda says:

      You sound really racist, black people can afford a lot of things now him not taking care of his responsibilities is wrong true enough regardless that is not why he was pulled over to begin with, his headlight being out nor his failure to maintain his responsibilities,even him running away from the scene were not reason enough for the officer to use excessive force.

    • Landre says:

      It doesn’t matter what he run away from, that doesn’t give him the right to shoot the man 8 times in the back like that! He could have wounded him and brought him down so that he could be subdued and handcuffed. Some people are so quick to judge!!

    • KKBou says:

      Do we even know if the car was stolen? Who let’s someone take a car he has not paid for nor insured or plated??? Anyone who see’s nothing wrong with his answers to the police officer is nutts.. I would not turn over a Mercedes to anyone who has not paid for it.. so we really don’t know what really happened that day except a man ran (why??) and a cop shot (why??). We all can speculate, riot, get pissed, call each other names but not one person one here knows exactly what happed that day do they? So why name call and speculate.

  3. Wheeler says:

    In most states if you shoot anyone in the back it’s murder. The reason why it’s murder is because the person is presumed no threat to you while running away from you. Now as for Geraldo Rivera and Fox news I really don’t care what those race hating evil devils say, especially a sell out like Geraldo Rivera.

    • WILLIAM WALTON says:


    • Jonny Els says:

      He’s a sh8t rican so that shouldn’t be a surprised. Just the scum kissing the white master’s ass.

  4. Uricchai says:

    Should be murder. I was an Armored car Messenger here in Chicago and we were informed during our training classes that as with the state and local police shooting a fleeing suspect is a BIG no-no and expect to be charged with murder. Shooting someone in the back is just wrong and manslaughter is a charge that shouldn’t even be talked about.

  5. jay says:

    what a shame and officer that cant run all the way but went deer hunting ,with a human being and now they say he would probably get off with man slaughter, hey people open your eyes cops are having there fun killing unarmed people, don’t be so lazy ,run, catch him and arrest him but don’t shoot ,idiot .turn it around black cop shoots white unarmed man. hmmm wonder what would happened hey. sick sad and discussing.

    • edna says:

      Murder is murder this cop will have to live with this decision for the rest of his days,the same thing could happen to him or someone he cares for. in the end he will be held accountable for taking this life.

  6. Ann Garcia says:

    Manslaughter??? I don’t think so!! Police officers need to stop being so lazy and instead of thinking “let me take out my gun and shoot him in the back” instead use there training and chase the suspect like they are taught. These police need to put down their fast food and coffee and hit the gym

    • Mr Bob says:

      You’re an idiot! Who gives a sh%t… it doesn’t seem like he was a productive member of society anyways. Guarantee if cops did this more, people would stop running.

      • jordan says:

        maybe they will get uneducated people like you.

      • KKBou says:

        If people stopped running there would be no need for the shootings..If you did a crime, why take a car with no documentation and a broken tail light? You have be extremely unintelligent to not know this could be a problem for you.

  7. Ruben says:

    Instead of shooting that person, the officer should offert to help pay the child support.

    • WILLIAM WALTON says:


      • La Shonda says:

        Go to hell William you do not know anything about what that man ma have done for his kids while he was here or why he was so behind in child support. 1st off even if he was paying his child support if he had to and did pay $300 a month those babies and their mother would be lucky to receive $100 after the state gets through with their deductions. He could have been taking his kids mother money every week and not worrying about the court system, they may have been able to come up with an agreement that worked for all parties, you do not know. Educate yourself on the real things that go on in this world. Either you still feel inferior to Black men or you mad you are not Black, we are some beautiful people MIND, BODY, AND SOUL and we ain’t leaving, hell your ancestors brought us here now we are reproducing with your wives and children do not hate. And I take it back do not go to hell you be Blessed because quiet as it is kept and as much as you all hate to admit it Jesus was BLACK, the 1st man on earth was BLACK. Educate yourself do not be ignorant your whole life and please do not share your ignorance with the world keep the shit to yourself.

        • craig says:

          ah la shonda, no jesus was not black. he lived in the middle east. I don’t believe there is one black man in his right mind that lives in the middle east do you. no. no. no. I am white and I will admit jesus was not white. off the subject for a minute but why would a black Kentucky basketball player call a white basketball player an n word that he would flip his wig if that same white dude called him the same n word. kaminsky should have whipped his ass just like Harrison should have whipped his ass have the roles been reversed. treat others how you want to be treated

          • KKBou says:

            Craig… love the point about treating others as you would like to be treated. I also am white.. my question is why run unless you have something to hide? I was reading some of the responses above yours and they are just ridiculous. Does anyone even know if the car was stolen?? When the officer asked questions about his registration and license and the man’s answers were so stupid and made no sense what so ever then he ran it made me believe the car was stolen.. why was only part of the incident filmed? Why not all of it? When things don’t make sense something is definitely wrong..I read La Shonda’s comment about our ancestors bringing all the black people here… what does that have to do with us? We were not there.. I get so sick of hearing that. Is that an excuse for bad behavior? How about everytime we show a black man being shot by a white cop, we play right next to it a white man being shot by a black cop? Wouldn’t that be fair? It does happen. Not all cops are bad people.. not all blacks are bad people and not all whites are bad people…No one owns the black people, not whites, not jews.. no one…how about each race own some pride? Have pride in your lives, your homes, your families, your towns, and your country…stop living in the past… you lose today looking back and trying to place blame for yesterday.. Maybe then our jails wouldn’t be so full of minorities.. because they are full.. angry people on drugs, angry people because they think they are decimated against. All I can say to anyone on Welfare or living off the system… get and education, find a job and make something of yourself, that is entirely up to you. What is sad is that so many women are on welfare while their baby Daddies are selling drugs.. what will your children become? More statistics?? How about setting an example for them.. a good example. Show them the way out!

        • moe says:

          jesus was a jew, jews are not black, they own blacks

          • KKBou says:

            Jews don’t own anyone…they own businesses. They have made their way. Maybe others should try working and making themselves a success.. anyone, any color, any religion and any race can do that if they are will to work hard. There are a lot of black success stories..it has nothing to do with color it is called work ethic.

      • Landre says:

        You’re a piece of sh@t man and needs to be put down along with all the rest of the racist pieces of sh@t! But the day is coming for you and all that think and act like you!

  8. Paul Folk says:

    How can a Cop say he felt his life was in danger,now if I was trying to run fast enough to get away from him maybe,but he was beeting feet to get away from the cop an he was scared NOT clear cut MURDER should be put away an throw away the key an never see the light of day an when his time is done GOD will deal with him man this is sad.

  9. Dave Rose says:

    Should be MURDER!!! Officer needs to go to prison!!! I am a white guy and I am tired of this kind of treatment of people. Remember t shirts that stated “I can’t breath”? Same thing in that case. What kind of a threat is a guy when he’s on the ground being choked to death? Enough said

  10. ddupont says:

    The man was stupid to run from the car but that does not give the cop the right to shoot him in the back for fleeing! Why didnt he use his taser? And what’s the big deal if the guy did get away? THIs was all about a broken tail light!!! I mean really? The cop was wrong!!!!

  11. La Shonda says:

    Manslaughter my ass every time a police officer uses unnecessary excessive force on a BLACK man they found a reason to let these racist police officers off. A police officer is suppose to serve and protect when the hell are they going to really start doing there damn jobs properly in a minute people are not going to want to have any dealings with the police even if they really need them because police officers are becoming worst than people they consider criminals. To many people have lost their lives behind police using improper procedures the elder woman in Hearne shot and killed by police the little 13 year old white girl who had mental health problem, come on where and when does it stop. When will we get tired of ignoring the racism that I still alive and well. There are good and bad people in every race, however as a police officer there is no room for ignorance or racism we need to get a handle on this, it is already overdue regardless of a person’s crime there are laws in place for us all to follow even the police that we once trusted to uphold the law.

    • moe says:

      the cops shoot three times more white people every year than black. Plus blacks shoot ten times more white people than whites shoot blacks so whining about racism is just more whining

  12. M.D. says:

    I love all the ignorant fools claiming racism here. Skin color doesn’t account for much, if anything, in law enforcement. Skin color is the rhetorical cry of liberals who insist on protecting the criminals in our society. Are there crooked cops? Sure there are but the percentage of them isn’t any greater than the amount of crooks within our “society”.

    Here’s what is going to happen to the United States if this crooked/immoral liberal agenda is not stopped. The United States will cease to exist within fifty years. Mark my words. Every civilization has fallen when it ceases to enforce the statutory law which created it. Gluttony… Greed… Lust… Sloth… Wrath… Envy… Pride. These are the things spelling out America’s doom.

    Tick… tock… tick… tock

  13. Andy says:

    I have to agree. I see white getting shot and the hell beaten out of them. The other day I seen a horse thief getting kicked. (white). So when is everyone gonna wake up and quit running from the police. It truly piss’s them off. Didn’t our parents ever tell us what to do if stopped by the police. It was common sense, but everyone wants to buck authority now, and why not, the laws are all written for the bad guys. If I was a cop in this day and age, I would hand you my badge and say screw you, protect yourself or let the justice dept try it. They seem to be wanting to sue every law enforcement division around the country. Hell you will never know what the passenger said to the officer the other day, and it probably doesn’t matter anyway. This country is trying to make a statement and now it has its grand chance. You folks need to think about it what these officers go through daily before judging them here, as killers and racist.

    • Helen P says:

      andy you’re a fool if the job is too much for the police that they have started shooting blackmen in the back and chocking them out as well as beating white horse thieves QUIT!!! you are backing the wrong side you need JESUS if we don’t have the police to serve and protect we as a society don’t have a judicial body of protection of street protection and we as a people will fall….

  14. James S. says:

    I think that the guy should have stayed in the car and take responsibility with your life. I don’t agree with shooting the man in the back, but I don’t agree with trying to flee. Both did wrong and both will have to pay the price. Manslaughter might be overboard only because we cannot assume anything. If police did not have the right to shoot ever then police would not be able to do their job. I am no expert but police have only seconds to react and anything that triggers that reaction could lead to concequences to both the victim and police officer. I believe it is tragic for both, I cannot lean in favor of either of them but both have too pay the price.

    • richi says:

      thats true the man would be alive today if he didn’t run what did he try to hide? by staying in the car and read the charge against the broken light he would have been on his way.never mind that he owed child support that is not revelent to this case.

    • Helen P says:

      come on James its never ok to shoot in the back NEVER if you see someone running away there is no threat! do u see a threat because he was black? how about the 8 shots that’s ok too? give me a break do you really believe that mess that’s coming out of your mouth if this was a white man?

  15. Sam says:

    I don’t understand why he couldn’t have just used a taser. I mean come on people common sense. The guy pulled over was equally as dumb. Running from the police when they pulled you over? Even if he got away, what did he think? It would be all fine and fricken dandy the next day? They’re both morons, end of story.

  16. Thomas says:

    You have to out hustle the Hustler. Run Walter Run. I would have just impounded the vehicle. Everyone is happy. The city gets it’s revenue and Walter gets to stretch his legs.

  17. Sundiata I.Molefi says:

    At the age of 64,being around guns almost all of my life,None of you out there can say all of the shootings of any Unarmed person,(Because I Feared For My Life)??makes sence to me.A Vet,10 years In The Mil. ,Trained Others In The Army to shoot as well,,…I feel its all Bull-Shit,Why,,, Police train just as the Military.so,,,,, I’m shooting 138 gr. FMJ 9.mm..I could shoot a person in the leg to stop him,,,Lets Be Real The Shooter Controls The Gun There fore Should Also Be Heald Fully Accountable.Every Officer Who Has Been Charged With This Kind Of Shooting Should Be Charged With Murder For Real..

  18. Susan says:

    Why is everyone engaging in the ignorant comments of “William Walton”? Can you not see that he is a troll and has no intention of adding anything intelligent to these comments? Now, as far as my opinion of the story and the fiasco that followed…the suspect ran, and when he did that he took a chance…I am personally sick of seeing the police officers portrayed as the bad guys while the ones that are doing wrong are suddenly hailed as unfortunate victims…where is the logic in this?

  19. american says:

    Attention all white police officers. Don’t shoot and kill black male thugs. We are doing a fine job of that ourselves thank you. We are killing far more of our thugs than you ever will. Why risk your career when we can gun down our own thugs and not hear from the likes of Sharpton, Jesse, Holder or any other NAACP official. When you shoot one you are called a racist.When wee shoot one, www are living the dream of being like the rappers we do want to emulate. So the next time you see a black male thug committing a crime, holster your weapon and get back in your car. He’ll be shot by another black male thug which is what we prefer.Black Power!!!

    • KKBou says:

      This is what is happening, Black on Black crime is a reality.. I live in Detroit.. need I say more? We had a black man and his friend drive up to a house where a two year old child and her 13 year old cousin were playing outside… that thug shot the two year old in the head, shot the 13 year old cousin and then shot the Dad (didn’t kill him) who owed this man drug money, which I am sure the thug was making tons of since the State allows small time drug dealers to become “Medical Marijuana “growers (for medicinal facilities, yah like that happens). The state needs to follow up on the people that were given licenses, the state would have more tax money, these people would be making less money,drugs would be controlled and maybe there wouldn’t be such a huge problem with people making such vast amounts of money and still hungering for more,more and more! But in this case there was no Al Sharpton, NAACP, or Jessee Jackson screaming about the injustice done to those little innocent kids..but if a white thug had done this… OMG Al, Jesse and the NAACP would have been all over it like flies on shit. If a cop (Black or White) tells you to stop or stay in your car and you run that’s on you. There is no Black power, White power or any other power in charge… you are in charge of you.

  20. lizzard says:

    Dear people on this thread,
    There is no reason to continue to spread hatred based on mere ignorance. If you would like someone to take your comment seriously, please, learn how to spell and utilize the internet to learn rather ignorantly relay purposeless information. Statistically, 38.8% of Caucasian American population are on welfare and 39.8% of the African American population are on welfare. Considering that African Americans make up close to 14% of the population, they do not have a significant effect on the economy. If you take a look at the United States demographics according to state Caucasian Americans do utilize a larger amount of the United States welfare. I believe posts like these are meant to make specific issues relevant and encourage positive discussions. If you do decide to argue a point please do research (which apparently is accessible seeing as you do have internet access). Do not be lazy and believe what others tell you, be informed.
    Thank you!

  21. Jane says:

    You are the worst kind of idiot!! Do everyone in the world a favor and DROP DEAD!! YOU PIECE OF GARBAGE!!

  22. uch says:

    And the officer decided to kill him because….

    How is the officer act manslaughter [the crime of killing a human being without malice aforethought, or otherwise in circumstances not amounting to murder], is it some kind of accident, he pressed without any malice the trigger 8 times?

    Office = judge and jury.
    License to kill.
    Paid from your taxes.

    The poor dead guy was just stupid.
    Apparently, this is punishable by death in our society.

  23. friendly neighborhood white guy says:

    UCH, its called darwinism. the stupid dead guy ran and reached for the taser leading to his aforementioned death. blacks should not run. take the ticket get on with your LIFE. you run so you can say you were scared of the cop and to get out of the ticket. well look what happened to yet another one who decided to run lol. his family is actually lucky the cop aimed as low as he did, or no open casket for him.

  24. Thomas says:

    All this grief over a burned out Tail light. Dumb and Dumber in my opinion.

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