Michael Savage New Book ‘Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth’ Slams Obama Policies

October 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Michael Savage New Book

Michael Savage new book entitled Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth is the blueprint for how the Republican party can impeach President Barack Obama. Mr Savage wants the President out of the White House because he is non-practicing Christian and his open-borders policy for migrants will surely destroy America.

In his new book called Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth, Michael Savage is giving the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, John Boehner and Minority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell an easy guide on how to impeach President Barack Obama.

So, why does Savage whose real name is Michael Alan Weiner want Obama impeached? The host of The Savage Nation has two main reasons, “illegal aliens and epidemics.”

Oddly enough, the political commentator began his career in 1994 talking about “illegal aliens and epidemics.” Savage claimed that Obama has an open-border policy that has made it possible for a “flood of Central American illegal aliens and the Ebola virus to enter the U.S.”

Michael Savage believes that “Central American illegal-alien minors” who have crossed the border were the ones who transported the Ebola virus to America and will spread the deadly disease as they are placed in public school.

Savage whose political philosophy is summarized in the following three words, borders, language, and culture states that the day Obama took office, he started a civil war in order to destroy America’s traditional values.

The 72-year-old activist said that his 300-plus page book is a clear road map on how the Republican party can give Obama the boot before he destroys it all:

“It’s not just a joke. We’re at the end of the road here. I don’t want to live in a Venezuela under a dictatorship and look back 40 years and say, ‘Why didn’t someone stop him?’” “You take this book and slap it down in Congress. ‘Here’s the grounds for impeachment. In this blueprint.’ That’s why I want everyone to read the thing.”

Michael Savage is also hoping that his new book will push American citizens to go vote during the upcoming midterm elections in order to put an end to Obama’s dictatorship.

He claimed that as the author of six New York Times bestsellers, he did not write his new book for the money, he did it so Conservatives and Tea Party members can vote and get every “Democrat Socialist Islamist” out of the Senate in November.

Savage says it is impossible to convince House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to do anything, it is easier to lobby speaker Boehner during agitated town hall meetings in order for him to save this great country.

Another reason why Savage (who was raised by Jewish parents) wants “Democrat Socialist Islamists” and Obama gone is because America needs to be governed by practicing Christians. He stated:

“I said there’s a spiritual disease that we’re suffering from, and America put this man in there, and the world is falling apart as a result.”

In Michael Savage new book, he is adamant that Obama is deliberately ruining the country, what say you?


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  1. Yumping Yehudiphat says:

    Poor Mr. Weiner. Terminally brain-rotted by his hatred and his congenital stupidity. Savage can go f*ck himself to death.

    • Citizen X says:

      Obvious this writer points the reader to forming a pre-negative disposition about Savage as well as distorting the factual base of Mr Savage’s Argument. That’s unfortunate because Mr Savage is a brilliant researcher and analyist and funny as heck guy. He is also very honest and about 100% less bigotted then this punk-ass writer suggests. And then we have Mr Yumping above. A model “Knee jerk-off, ignorant reactionist”. Less intelligent to the propagandist writer, but certainly bretheren of limited intellect. I say to you “read the book and then hate as you must”. I can see who you are becasue your comment defines you so clearly.

    • Deborah roisen says:

      Your sick and have a foul mouth….

  2. finally says:

    about time

  3. joe wilson says:

    Michael Savage is correct about obama. B.O. has done a lot to damage this once great nation.
    Don’t take my word for it; do your research for a change.

    B.O. has lied to Americans repeatedly. He has let down our military, with so many cuts, it’s unheard of.
    Just ask a Vet.
    Again, some folks just don’t do any research on their own, anymore.
    Most liberal sheeple will continue to believe anything this “poor excuse for a Commander in Chief” and the lame stream media has to spin to them. Very sad.

    • Jarrod says:

      That’s not how it works. If you have a point to make, and you want to have any credibility at all, it’s your job to present the evidence.

      If you want to just rant and say “do the research, the evidence is out there that proves I’m right, I’m just too lazy to do the research myself,” that is your God-given, Constitutionally enumerated right, a right men like me fought to preserve for you.

      Just don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re somehow part of the solution.

    • Jim says:

      Joe, what branch did you say you served in? You’ve peaked my interest. What cuts were this administration guilty of making to the military or its vets?

      • Citizen X says:

        Hundreds of top officers have been removed, fired or forced out of their service by this admin. They have been replaced with “yes folks” and ideologues I do know this to be true, but you may not like to hear that. And if it were true, You like so many, may rather argue for arguments sake. you are not intersted in opposing views it seems even if they might be true.
        Your question to Joe exposes much about you, and what you are not.

    • Citizen X says:

      hey joe some jack off dude is calling himself your name with a KKK talk about haters huh? that guy is a mean basturd.

    • Deborah roisen says:


  4. Saitaina says:

    Dear god this man’s nuts.

    And he has two more years left, get over it and move on, prepare for 2016 if you’re that panicky.

    • Jarrod says:

      It’s obvious to me that this man has never served a day in uniform, nor has he ever had any real experience with government bureaucracy. Let’s assume Barrack Obama, rather than being simply a man with seriously misguided politics, is actually deliberately trying to destroy America. If so, he’s doing so from one of the most moronic positions possible.

      The Presidency is under constant scrutiny. They can exercise a lot of independent power through executive orders, far beyond what was contemplated in the Constitution, but if you look at the use of executive orders under George W. Bush, Obama, Clinton, or Reagan in particular, you’ll see that their use is fairly constrained in that they either act with the eventual consent of Congress, or they go up against the will of Congress only by drumming up substantial public support.

      In contrast, there are numerous non-elected positions in the military and the bureaucracy that give individuals substantial power. The most high profile are political appointments that require confirmation by Congress, but the positions that are nominally just below those guys often wield equal or greater actual power.

      With Obama’s obvious skill in backroom politics, he could have easily gotten himself and his friends set up in, for example, positions that directly advise the Director of the CIA, support staff for Congressmen on the important committees, or someone with the power to access and change vital data in the GAO, where he could much more effectively undermine the country without anyone in the media really caring.

      • Citizen X says:

        You are nearly intelligent! But definately naive as all hell !

        • classy8699 says:

          Citizen X
          if the president was as powerful and as power hungry as you claim that he is wouldn’t he have taken over the country in his first four years so that he would not have to worry about a re-election. The only reason that he was re-elected is that the republican party keeps getting caught showing its true colors (49% of the country doesn’t matter) etc. Face it fewer and fewer people are for the republican party because of the stance that it takes on so many social issues.
          They say they want freedom for everyone but only as long as everyone goes along with their agenda. If they truly believed in freedom for everyone then they wouldn’t be trying to stop gay marriage, abortion, gambeling, and trying to force the christion religion down everyones throat.

          • Jackwagon says:

            Citzen X,

            Obama is very bright and also a student of history and a fan of Saul Alinsky. He is incrementally changing the country. Much like a frog being placed in a pot of cool water on the stove, the frog doesn’t realize the water is getting hot until it’s too late. That is unfortunately where we are headed. I agree that the majority of the republicans have not handled things well either. I think it’s time for a 3rd party.

        • Melinda says:

          Actually, that was fairly true on multiple levels. The balance of power to individuals in this country is severely off balance and nowadays, when the Republicans and Democrats exist solely to counter whatever the other one does, power gets distributed to people who either don’t know what to do with it, or worse, know EXACTLY what to do with it (with a little evil grin I like to imagine) Obama made some damn stupid mistakes, but he’s still a better president than the Bushes or Nixon. The Bushes can rot in hell.

        • Deborah roisen says:

          He is just stupid

  5. joe wilson KKK says:

    I love how them maggot trash ‘, like this LOSER Savage……………Never worry about things like ‘fact checkers’…they just spew whatever hateful, racist crap crops up in their minds in the hopes that it brings Obama down. Question: can someone who ‘loves’ America simultaneously HATE the institutions of America? Answer: NO. Because America IS it’s system of governing and creating laws…this new ‘ Repubthugs/Tea-BaggerKKKS party is as un American as they come. They wish to dismantle the system that allows a plurality of cultures to mingle with mutual respect. They HATE the fact that Americans come in all colors and denominations. They have no respect for any different perspectives…they are bigots who demand that their values to be ‘respected’ at the s same time they go about disrespecting their fellow Americans. It is the ‘ Repubthugs/Tea-BaggerKKKS that wishes to impose its values on everyone else all the while screaming that THEY are victims because most thoughtful people reject their hateful messages

    • aart deco says:

      finally someone speaks that can see all the trees in the forest

    • Citizen X says:

      you are one jacked up dude Joe. You’re pretty good a jibberish though. i hope some day you will find a rational, un-hate-filled position but for now you sound like a babe in the woods.

    • Deborah roisen says:

      You’re nuts. it is the end of America and obama through us over a cliff.

  6. COLD WAR VET says:

    Mr. Savage is correct about many things. Ragan screwed-up when he gave citizenship to a couple million illegals. Ragan even admitted it himself. It’s common sense. You don’t reward those who thumb their nose at our laws by intentionally breaking them. Plus they haven’t been checked for disease, criminal or terrorist background, and if they are skilled or not. Because of our corrupt politicians and business people is why this problem even exists. He sets a very bad precedence when you reward criminals. This week the mexican president said those in America who don’t want all these illegals here, are racist. That’s funny! In mexico, if you cross their boarder illegally, your immediately deported or jailed and then deported. Obama constantly breaks the law, lies and of course never takes responsibility. Just passes the buck. Obama doesn’t love this country, because he was raised by a socialist mother and grandparents. The book about his father is BS. Obama has caused this crisis with ISIS, because he promised not to go to war. Like an idiot, he lets the enemy get strong when he could have stopped them. Well, there is just too much more corruption to talk about right now about this idiot president, his administration and the hurt he has caused this nation. GOD bless the Republic and stay strong people.

  7. Jethro says:

    “Idiot warns of coming civil war”

    Thanks for letting us know. Now back to something that matters…..

  8. Truth Sayer says:

    Oh, there’s another civil war coming all right, and it’s coming for the same reasons as the first one and it’s being caused by the same evil, prejudiced sorts of people … people like Michael Savage. We should just let them secede this time and leave them to rot in their own hateful juices. It would be pretty entertaining watching THEM trying to scramble across the border back into the civilized world when they finally came to their senses and decided to act like human beings.

    • Citizen X says:

      Ignorant just means you don’t really know. You are more like an Ignoramus sayer. You should hang with Joe Wilson you both are scarey ignorant.

  9. Margaret L says:

    I would call it intentionally inflammatory in order to boost book sales. Poor guy.

    • Citizen X says:

      Find out who the man truly is then judge. Read his books What if this writer intentionally and cleverely trashed Savage every way possible just to discredit Savages message, and make nice folks like yourself discount the message? many of us need to stop listening to these media propogandists and learn the truths for ourselves

      • classy8699 says:

        Citizen X
        isn’t your comment like the pot calling the kettle black. Rick Savage is just writing books that exploit the fear of people who dont want the current president in office. Isn’t that just propaganda for the other party.

  10. diobolical says:

    yumping yehudiphat you can go sterilize yourself along with anyone who still follows the liberal agenda ppl like you shouldnt reproduce cus you are clearly stupid to the point i bet it took u extra years to learn to tie youre shoes…this man is evil, his administration is evil and frankly should be inpeached for flat out treason, it is people like you who cause the worst desasters in history and say “oops….idk” i mean seriously?? look at the world falling apart and now you terminally brain rotted by youre idiocarcy is why i wish eugenics was still in practice, everyone who voted for obama twice should be serilized for utter lower sub human intellect and the chief cause for human DE EVOLUTION you liberal mindless herd followers are cancer cells on our planet

    • classy8699 says:

      Can you name one thing that the President has done that would constitute him being impeached. Seriously and do not bring up his being a Kenyan (he was born in Hawaii) or any of the other crap that republicans bring up when talking about the president. Name one thing that the president has done that would qualify his impeachment for treason. Do you really think that if he could legally be impeached that the republicans in congress and the house wouldn’t have started the process already.

  11. diobolical says:

    infact all of you liberials are traitors to this nation, WE dont want to be forced into youre distopian way of life fuckers when the civil war happens liberials are gonna lose

    • James Nguyen says:

      I’m disappointed in all these obsessively negative comments I’m reading here. It’s no wonder all the known nations in the world, especially America, is in a downward spiral of corruption. Can’t we just get along and try to come up with a better solution to solve the numerous conflicts that exist today, such as the subsidies towards unhealthy food, rather than rant like animals in a public zoo. For Pete’s sake, people; we’re supposed to be more evolved to better deal with situations that endangers our world! As a matter of fact, why the heck am I typing to you sad individuals? I know! It’s because you guys are mostly all bad talk and bad actions! I bet none of you can even go a week without ranting on some stupid subject such as this scenario. Heck, I’ve seen people be so dimwitted as to prevent windmills from being implanted onto their valley because they “like the view”, yet they claim to “search” for alternative forms of energy that would benefit the environment rather than harm it. So long, you sad people of a corrupt world.

  12. Citizen X says:

    My opinion: “Garrett Montgomery” is a component of a nasty history that is currently repeating itself. Pointed writing, dishonest in spirit, and an indictment of personal character. “Propagandist” with no clothes on ofcourse.

  13. Dean says:

    If there is a second Civil War, it will not be due to Obama. It will be due to the extreme inequality of wealth and opportunity in America.

    • rob says:

      which has been exacerbated by the influx of illegal aliens and government policies that reward stupidity and lack of personal initiative and responsibility that Savage has been – correctly, I might add – pointing out for years

    • Jackwagon says:


      Your comments precisely prove Obama’s plan is working. He has masterfully created this class warfare. It beautifully masks the ongoing mission of consolidating power into the hands of Obama and his crony capitalist pals and mindless masses are busy arguing about the minutia, oblivious to real transformation of the country. He has turned what made this country great (success and achievement), into something now deemed as evil

  14. weagle says:

    I would just like to point to the comments as an indicator of a possible division in the US which could potentially back the books claims. Half are arguing for and half against.
    I would like to also just say I have never seen the country so divided as it is at this moment, and while we are all distracted by racial and equality issues our true freedom is being taken by the corporations which really run this country. Corporations which have bought both sides, republican and democrats. Maybe it’s time to end the two party system!?!?
    I get sooooo tired of reading peoples emotionally charged rants… where has the logic in peoples arguments/decisions gone? Where has the morality of our elected leaders gone who can be bought and paid for? Why are we not focusing on cleaning up our government? Instead of arguing with each other post solutions!!!

  15. Clive Ocnacuwenga says:

    What did George Bush do? How much was the debt when Bush left office? Was there a war that cost trillions that was totally unnecessary?

    Where was the tea party and the Christian right when Bush ran the country into the ground? DO you really want to promote XENOPHOBIA and bigotry?

    You want other countries to have open borders so American companies can exploit them but closed borders in AMerica to keep the wealth there!!

    Bush should gop to prison.

    Clive Ocnacuwenga

  16. SAGLIO 1 says:

    My name is gas and oil spelled backwards.Two items that will not be needed down the road.I will talk more about this later.If Mr.Boner and the other dumb ass Republicans and Democrats would work together for the American people they could solve a lot of problems that they are being paid for.I USE TO VOTE REPUBLICAN UNTIL BONER CAME ON THE SCENE,THEN I VOTED FOR Obama.The black guy the cops beat was right,Why can’t we just all get along.

  17. BOSUX says:

    It is regrettable that we must tolerate the irrational BS that the Liar in Chief, Barrack Insane Obama, will push during the remainder of his term. After yesterday’s election results, I’ll bet he is livid. I hope he doesn’t do too much damage to what will once again become The White House.

  18. Melinda says:

    If Obama is so bad, why does Canada want him so badly?

  19. Rattanaporn Phimsri says:

    Let’s look at the facts here. This is an uninformed radio hack who merely echoes the old worn-out Limbaw-Hannity garbage, and with not a single fact to back it up with. According to all 3 of these nutty & embarrassing ass clowns, Bill Clinton was gonna take away all our firearms (we are still waiting for the first firearm to be taken) and according to all 3 of these clowns, there are 2 evil gangs ready to completely wipe out America (the Looma-Naughty and the New world Odor). For some strange reason, none of the s**t they have been predicting since 1989 ever happens. Just like the 91-yr old preacher who spent 12 million dollars in 2011 predicting the end of the world on May 22 about 4 yrs ago. Any radio host or politician blabbing about “God” and “Jesus” is also trying his best not to laugh while he says it. What an embarrassment to our country. What a sham.

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