Michael Douglas’ Family Joins Star In Jerusalem, As He Is Awarded ‘Jewish Nobel Prize’ By Benjamin Netanyahu (Pictures)

June 19, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Actor and activist Michael Douglas and his family all flew to Jerusalem, Israel for a very special occasion. Mr. Douglas was awarded the Genesis Prize, also known as the Jewish Nobel Prize and was given $1 million.

michael douglas family

It was a family affair as Michael Douglas was honored with the prestigious Genesis Prize in Jerusalem by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to its official website, the Genesis Prize also known as the Jewish Nobel Prize, is given to exceptional Jewish nationals along with $1 million after a long voting process.

The Genesis Prize is an annual $1 million prize, which recognizes exceptional individuals whose values and achievements will inspire the next generation of Jews.

The Genesis Prize Laureate is selected from a list of candidates nominated by leaders of hundreds of renowned institutions and organizations worldwide, including universities, foundations, corporations and Jewish organizations. Nominees are then reviewed by the Selection Committee and the laureate is selected by the Prize Committee.

Mrs. Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, looked like she was ready for a Hollywood premiere in a stunning black and nude gown, while Carys Douglas matched her mother in a layered cream dress with a peach bow. The Douglas men – Micheal and Dylan – looked very elegant in dark suits and spring colored ties.

Michael Douglas stood in front of many government officials and activists along with Jay Leno and promised to use the money to “bridge between the Israelis and Jewish communities across the planet.” He said:

“Abraham’s tent had its flaps open and so hopefully since approximately half of the Jewish population in the world is outside of Israel, we can find ways to better understand each other and to grow together.”

Few weeks ago, the 70-year-old actor wrote a powerful piece in the LA Times about his son, Dylan Douglas, being bashed with anti-Semitic slurs because he was carrying a Star of David. The star wrote:

Last summer our family went to Southern Europe on holiday. During our stay at a hotel, our son Dylan went to the swimming pool. A short time later he came running back to the room, upset. A man at the pool had started hurling insults at him. My first instinct was to ask, “Were you misbehaving?” “No,” Dylan told me through his tears.
I stared at him. And suddenly I had an awful realization of what might have caused the man’s outrage: Dylan was wearing a Star of David.

Above is a picture that Catherine Zeta-Jones posted on Instagram with the following caption:

“So proud of Michael for being honored with @thegenesisprize. We’re having an amazing family vacation! Happy Summer Everyone!”

What are your thoughts on Michael Douglas’ family’s unity?

Merry Christmas from my family to you and yours!

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Last night at the theater for #ItsOnlyAPlay!

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  1. Alice Diamond says:

    Winning a prize in Israel and then posting a photo of them on skis in Santa Claus hats. Did not know St. Nick was Jewish. Hypocrites.

    • Chrissy says:

      Your remark is also ridiculous. Perhaps you have pictures of your family on some particular holiday at some point in your life.
      Stop picking on these people, you make yourself sound ignorant!

    • sindy says:

      Are you aware of the fact that Catherine is not Jewish and Michael is half Jewish, hence the hats. You certainly do not have to be a Jew to stand up to antisemitism. Did you also notice that Jay Leno was also given an award…not a Jew!! Maybe you should use the brain God gave you and think before you speak.

      • dave says:

        actually, mr. douglas is ethnically jewish, but converted to christianity. his father, kirk douglas, was jewish, but not orthodox, at least not until later in life.

  2. Tiffany Y says:

    What is he going to dp with that money?
    Spend it on black people or buy more dresses for his wife?
    a Jewish Nobel prize, every day you learn something new.

    • Chrissy says:

      Your remarks are discusting! Your are a racist & clearly if you read Mr. Douglas’s quote, you would know what he is putting the gift towards. He certainly doesn’t need to use it on his wife’s clothing expendtures. You need to grow up & open your eyes.

      • dave says:

        her remarks are unfortunate, but not necessarily racist. i would recommend that, before you tell someone to grow up, you learn to spell beyond a 5th grade level.

        tiffany, your comments are ignorant and thoughtless. i suggest you learn to think before saying, well, anything.

  3. Natasha says:

    OMG I was thinking the same thing, they are Jewish and they celebrate Christmas, this so weird and confusing.
    This religious stuff is supposed to be sacred.

    • Chrissy says:

      OMG!!! Do I believe what I am reading??? Do you people know that there are many families who are Jewish but celebrate Christmas???
      Good Lord, where are you living??

      • dave says:

        try again – no, they don’t. they may take the holiday off – most places of employment are closed during the christian holidays, BY LAW in some cases, but very few, especially those not owned by religious jews, are closed during even major jewish holidays.

        christians celebrate christmas, jews do not.

        as far as the douglases are concerned, she is, i believe, a devout catholic who required he convert before agreeing to marry him – a cautionary tale about the faith of people who live by pretending to be someone else.

        i don’t know about their childrens’ beliefs, but i could make a guess based on the family dynamic.

  4. Gerry says:

    Did you ever stop to think that Mrs. Douglas comes from a Christian background? Did you ever stop to think that they celebrate both Jewish and Christian Holidays in their family
    Stop the jealousy and/or bigotry and just be happy for one of the best and most gentlemanly actors/directors/producers that every came out of Hollywood. Just be happy for them and don’t be so ignorant.

  5. stevo says:

    Great actor, great family, congratulations.

  6. Yannick says:

    Hypocrites,I second that motion, because you can’t be a jew and a Christian all at once.
    These celebs are full of BS. wHAT are they teaching their children? To be indecisive in life and to always wanted both ways.

  7. Tori says:

    Miss Zeta that backless gown is not appropriate for such event. Cover up, you’re a mom be a classy example.

  8. T L M says:

    Keep up the great work of helping educate those in need and calling those with anti-Semitic views. All people, religions and ideologies (minus the racist ones)should be respected.

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