Michael Douglas Ex Zeta-Jones Feud: Diandra Douglas Blasts Catherine Zeta-Jones

August 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Michael Douglas Ex Zeta Jones

Michael Douglas ex-wife is bashing Catherine Zeta-Jones for always seeking the media’s attention. Diandra Douglas spoke to a Spanish publication where she revealed that despite being Michael Douglas’ ex-wife, they have a good relation for the sake of their son who is in prison. Douglas also took few shots at Michael’s current spouse Zeta-Jones for selling every private details such as her wedding photos and marital woes to the tabloids.

Michael Douglas’ ex-wife Diandra Douglas attacked his current one Catherine Zeta-Jones in a spicy interview with one of Spain’s biggest newspapers El Mundo this week.

The former Mrs Douglas née Diandra Luker opened the ball by setting the record straight on the rumors that stated that she was money hungry and wanted to drag the The War of the Roses star to court for more alimony payments.

Diandra claimed that it was all fabricated and she never asked the producer for a dime.

With that out of the way, the first Mrs Douglas decided to talk about her non-existing relationship with wife number 2, Zeta-Jones.

Cameron Douglas’ mom told the paper that unlike the rumors spreading around, she is not feuding with Jones over the mansion, which she partially owns with Micheal.

Several tabloids stated that The Mask of Zorro actress who is back with her husband after a brief split had tried to purchase the Spanish villa.

Mrs Luker said that the mother-of-two never comes to Spain.

She further elaborated, by saying that the Intolerable Cruelty star does not speak a word of Spanish or the local Majorcan language and is incapable of understanding the culture and would therefore have zero interest in living in the country.

While the Oscar-nominating actress may not be fluent in Spanish, she does speak Welsh very well.

The 56-year-old was asked by the Spaniard reporter why did she choose to live in Europe instead of Hollywood like Jones.

She did not hold back and picked some unfaltering words while comparing her moral values and those of the Welsh star.

The mother-of-four (Cameron who is in prison for 9 years for selling drugs, twins Hudson and Hawk, 10, with former fiancé Zach Hampton Bacon III, and her adopted Kazakh daughter, Imara, 9) said she is not the type to show off to the media.

She added that she never understood why Jones sold her wedding photos to entertainment magazines.

Luker who was rumored to be going through some financial troubles few months ago said that every picture or interview she has ever sold she donated the money to charity.

She claimed that being too exposed in the public spotlight is unhealthy for the children.


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