Mexico Northern Ireland Brawl Ends U-20 Soccer Match

August 1, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Mexico Northern Ireland Brawl

Mexico Northern Ireland brawl caught on video. This week, Mexico went against Northern Ireland, during the Milk Cup tournament and the match ended with a brawl, that lead to the suspension of four players. This not the first time the two U-20 teams concluded a match with a nasty fight.

On Wednesday, two brawls erupted during a soccer match between Mexico and Northern Ireland at the Coleraine Showgrounds in Northern Ireland.

The fights between the 18-to-20-year-olds forced the organizers of the tournament, to cancel the end of the match.

With just minutes till the end of the game, a first fight occurred as a Northern Irish player was about take a corner.

No one really knows why, (blame it on team rivalry) but a Mexican beat, headbutted , punched even kicked an Irish opponent in the head as he was on the ground.

Moments later another melee, took place, which lead to the referee cancelling, the end of the match and issuing four red cards to the violent players.

Three members from the Mexican squad, Carlos Alberto Arreola, Raul Manolo Gudino, and Kevin Rusel Gutierrez and one Northern Ireland player Robbie McDaid were booted off the competition.

Northern Ireland was declared the winner of the game with the score of 2-1 and will go one to face Canada in the final.

With the loss, the Latin Americans’ dream of winning their third Milk Cup title in a row was dashed.

FIFA and the Milk Cup short for Dale Farm Milk Cup organizing committee issued a statement where they said that they were embarrassed by the players’ actions.

They also apologized to the many young fans who witnessed the brawls.

This is not the first time Mexico Northern and Ireland have brawled.

In 2013, the teamed faced off in the final where a real wrestling match took place.


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