Melissa Gorga Tenant Moved Out: Kai Patterson Is Speaking Out

October 22, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Joe and Melissa Gorga tenant moved out, but; now, they are stuck with a very expensive property and thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

Melissa Gorga Tenant Moved Out

After a lengthy court battle and few fights on Facebook, Melissa and Joe Gorga‘s tenant Kai Patterson has moved out of the stunning mansion located in Montville, New Jersey,

Last week, Patterson was hit with a lawsuit from the Melissa and Joe Gorga who were trying to evict him. The pair claimed that Patterson who was renting the home for $10k per month has stopped paying them for the last three months.

The duo lost their suit against the tenant, who surprised everyone by announcing that he is voluntarily moving out. Talking to Radar Online, Kai Patterson revealed that while he loves the home, he is tired of Melissa and Joe Gorga lies and insults.

Patterson also claimed that he is fed up of living in a run-down home with beavers running through the walls. He revealed that Melissa and Joe Gorga had promised to fix the busted pipes and faucets, broken fireplaces, water leaks, bathrooms missing shower doors, and cracked marble stairs, but never did.

The former tenant went on to share that he stopped paying rent, not because he had financial issues, but because the owners of the home did not repair it as promised. He said:

“The terms and conditions of the agreement was that they were to be repaired by them in 15 days.What happened was the house sat and, unfortunately, the utilities were turned off and that created a host of other problems. We had a bad winter.”

Patterson went on to explain that despite the bitter feud, he would love to settle this matter amicably. He made another surprising remark by saying that he would have loved to purchase the home.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars who are rumored to be having money problems have not commented on the tenant’s decision to move out.


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