Mel B Smoking MOBO Awards Rumor: Mel B Denies MOBO Chatter

October 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Mel B was apparently caught smoking at the 2014 MOBO Awards, last night. Smoking is not all that she did, Melanie Brown aka Mel B also arrived very late for her hosting gig, which caused a lot of drama.

mel b smoking mobo

Mel B was smoking at the MOBO Awards, literally and figuratively. Wednesday night, Mel B seemingly caused a lot of drama at the 2014 MOBO Awards in London, England, for several reasons, including arriving late, ignoring a smoking ban and getting angry for comments made by the announcer.

Wearing a sexy red dress, Mel B who was hosting the event with Sarah Jane Crawford arrived at the Wembley Arena, very late. Producers of the awards show were upset by Mel B’s lack of professionalism and reportedly scolded her.

The 39-year-old singer who was accompanied by her husband, Stephen Belafonte, was apparently angry by the fact that security guards did not work fast enough to get her to the stage. Several people claimed to have heard, Mel B sharing her frustration backstage with Belafonte.

As she was about to make it onstage, the announcer thought it would be hilarious to introduce her, as “Sarah-Jane Crawford’s plus one for the night.” She laughed it off, but a source claimed that she was not thrilled by the comment.

The drama continued with Mel B being escorted out of the arena after she was caught smoking. A source spoke to The Sun saying that during the MOBO Awards, Mel B took a brief break and decided to smoke a cigarette.

Many websites claimed that Mel B was smoking marijuana at the 19th annual MOBO ceremony, the insider claimed that is false. Despite it being a cigarette, she was asked to go outside and that request did not sit well. The source revealed:

“Mel looked really flustered. Security demanded she go outside until she’d finished.It was real drama as she was the host and it was live on ITV2, so she couldn’t risk not being there.”

Mel B’s publicist has stepped out to blast the smoking and the being late rumors.


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