Megyn Kelly Flag: Professors And Students Pushing Flag Ban Frustrate Host

March 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Megyn Kelly answers professors pushing flag ban in California by sighing. Fox News host Megyn Kelly, should be pleased to know that the professors at the UC Irvine campus and the students pushing the flag ban may change their minds or a least postpone their initiative after receiving dozens of death threats.

Megyn Kelly Flag Professors

Megyn Kelly is angry at professors pushing a flag ban at University of California, Irvine and gives an epic answer. This week, on The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly, let go a very heavy sigh as she talked about the recent actions taken by some students at UC Irvine.

The undergraduate student government council voted on March 5, to remove all flags including the U.S. from the campus. The flag ban made headlines and was vetoed by the organization’s Executive Cabinet.

But the council found 1,200 students and 60 professors to sign a letter/petition demanding that the ban be respected and be implemented. The letter reads:

“We write to support the six members who offered the resolution to remove national flags from the ASUCI lobby.The university ought to respect their political position and meet its obligation to protect and promote their safety. The resolution recognized that nationalism, including U.S. nationalism, often contributes to racism and xenophobia[.]”

The professors claimed that they decided to sign the letter because the American flag represents racism.

The letter continues:

“Since the resolution came to light, UCI has been inundated with racist, xenophobic comments and death threats against the students from people who are, precisely, invested in the paraphernalia of nationalism and that UCI’s Facebook page has filled up with violent and racist remarks which have decided not to delete.”

megyn kelly flag professors

Students advocating for flag ban at UC Irvine and who frustrated Megyn Kelly.

On Tuesday, the student government’s Legislative Council’s 105-minute meeting about the possibility of overturning the veto was canceled because of death and bomb threats. The university has issued a statement distancing itself from the controversy. It stated:

“This misguided legislation was not endorsed or supported in any way by the campus leadership, the University of California, or the broader student body.The American flag is still proudly flying throughout our campus and will continue to do so.”

Richard Pham, a senior History major, has stepped forward to say that many students find the flag ban ridiculous. Pham explained:

“What troubles me about the flag ban is that it restricts free speech. This is a public university, we are adults here, we’re here to discuss ideas civilly, and they are seeking to ban things.”

Megyn Kelly is not the only public figure blasting the professors for supporting the flag ban, California State Sen. Janet Nguyen issued a statement that read:

“The veterans that are with us here today and the thousands of servicemen and women fighting throughout the world deserve for us to make every effort to ensure that the American flag is proudly displayed at public universities and colleges throughout California.”

Many are slamming the students and the professors for the flag ban because they are eliminating the very symbol of liberty and freedom that gives them the right to have 105 minutes to debate a flag ban.

What are your thoughts on the flag ban? What about Megyn Kelly’s reaction?


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  1. Michael S Chiodi says:

    Disgusting,vile,sickening, but what else can you expect from a University in the California school system. A state for the most part whose citizens are not wanting the American dream of upward mobility from small beginnings but want to bring their former conditions with them and this is the result. While students should expect some freedom of speech,thought and communication they should also recognize they are benefiting from federal U.S. dollar support from the country whose national symbol they are so quick to want to diminish and condemn. I am thoroughly disgusted with these pseudo intellectual elitist students as well as their leftist, socialist, committed professors. If you want my true feelings please feel free to contact me and I will advise as to what I would love to do with every last one of them.

  2. Janice Russo says:

    Ban the flag? NOT in my country. This is what happens when you let the illegals and their brood stay in my country. Send them packing and by the way, who the hell decided Spanish would be on a par with English? Learn English or starve. STOP giving these monsters Student Aid and welfare benefits. My God, where is the leadership in the country???

  3. Walter Luikey says:

    It is intereting that this group were so bold and fearless as they pressed forward to ban the Flag of Our Country on some flimsey suposition , but were quick to withdraw their convictions at the first threat of physical violence to their personal being.

    Is it safe to assume that this group has never been in the service or seen any enemy action where their personal safety was threatened 24/7 for weeks on end? What about the other 1200 and the professors. Wonder if any of them have ever even heard a gun shot in their life never mind had a gun fired at them with the purpose of ending their life.

    There are too many takers without giving in this country. Thank God that we still have real heros that are willing to do their part to defend and protect the freedoms that so many of our brothers and sisters gave up their lives to protect. Then we have the pukes that want to ban the display of our flag because in their twisted gutless minds they think it promotes racism.

    Pleasae excuse me while I go out to vomit!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ethan says:

    I am saddened by what I am reading. What they are doing is misguided at best. As has been stated, many times over, many men and women have suffered, bled and died for our Flag. It is a symbol of our nation, of hope, love, compassion, strength, bravery and understanding. It can be used to bring joy, happiness and comfort to those who need it most. If you are trying to ban symbols of hate, the flag is not your answer. Those that hate will always hate, and will always find a reason.

    I understand the intent behind those students, they don’t understand. They are reaching new freedoms and understandings. They thought they were striking up a “noble cause for their generation”. And they have the right to do so. Freedom of speech should not be limited to just what we WANT to hear. But it’s a double-edged sword. If you want your freedom to say your piece, must must except others ability to do the same.

    I do, however, question those professors on their motivation for this initiative. It seems to me in a place of higher learning they should be teaching more and participating less.

    So it would seem the one thing we don’t want to do, is the one thing that we have to do. Start a petition. Isn’t that what is understood? Isn’t that what it takes? They have signatures to back their proposal. Proof of their correctness. So wouldn’t it make sense that perhaps the way to reach them is with a petition to keep the Flag flying? I know the university is going to do the right thing and keep her flying high and proud, but the students need to see that for 1200 want it gone many, many more want it to stay.

    1 more thing, competancy review board for 60 professors.

  5. Gene Elig says:

    Stating that the flag of our nation is a symbol of racism is totally ridiculous. These people are supposed to be the best and the brightest but obviously they truly cannot understand history. Has there been racism in this country, yes. Has the country had other issues of inequality, yes, but it is precisely that it is in this country that these issues have been and continue to be addressed. Here we have the opportunity to address these issues without fear of reprisal from the government. The flag is not the symbol of the wrongs in our nation, it is the symbol of the hope and the promise of liberty. It is the symbol of all the sacrifices that have been made in blood shed and live lost specifically so these students could make these types of ludicrous statements. Do NOT blame the nation for the short comings of some of it’s people. Rather, you should thank the nation that it has laws to protect you when it’s people do something that infringes on your rights. Thank the nation that you can have stupid thoughts without fear of being hounded by the government.

  6. John T says:

    It’s a flag – why all this jingoism. Let’s worry about real things rather than symbolism.

  7. Manny Oban says:

    I’m a naturalized American citizen. American flag is now my flag not the Philippines. I swear allegiance to it and protect it against our enemies foreign or domestic. I love this country for what it has given me. Respect our laws and culture if you’re a foreign student. You’re not in your own country. This is U.S.A. land of the free. Leave if you don’t want it here. I have my own culture, but I assimilated so quick in the American way of life. This is my country now and respect it or just leave!!!

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