McKinney Football Stadium Is Expected To Cost Close To $63 M

May 12, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

McKinney Football Stadium is making headlines before it is even built. Texans have voted yes to give 62.8 million tax dollars to McKinney Independent School District Superintendent Rick McDaniel to build the most expensive stadium for high schoolers.

McKinney Football Stadium

McKinney Football Stadium is a go, and the bill will reach $62.8 million – Texas taxpayers will take care of everything.

This week, 62% of Texans approved a $220 million bond that will fund the McKinney Football Stadium along with district improvements such as band hall expansions at local middle schools in McKinney.

Many of the locals, who voted yes for the pricey project, said they believe it will bring restaurants and retail shops to the town of some 37 miles north of Dallas. Moreover, sports fans were quick to point out that McKinney’s current stadium has outgrown the crowds that come to football games, which is why they welcomed the news of the construction of McKinney Football Stadium.

McKinney Football Stadium will cost a whopping 62.8 million dollars – which makes it the most expensive stadium ever built to serve three high schools, which accommodate around 7,700 students. School officials, who are thrilled by the approval of the funds, said the stadium, which will seat 12,000, and also be used for soccer games, band competitions, and the event center for banquets and reunions.

McKinney Independent School District Superintendent Rick McDaniel told the Dallas Morning News after locals voted that the stadium will open in 2018:

“We’re visionaries. And we believe we have a vision for McKinney ISD that will propel us forward for a long time.”

According to Mr. McDaniel, the stadium and attached event center will cost $50.3 million to be built, while $12.5 million will be used for infrastructure including roads, water, sewer, and electricity.

Mike Giles, a leader of Grassroots McKinney, an anti-bond group, said he is disappointed because he was hoping that the money would be used on more important things. He told reporters:

“We’re disappointed. But the people have spoken.”

While Giles is telling the world that the price tag of the stadium is excessive, others say this is Texas where everything is bigger. One of those people singing the bigger, the better tune is Tim Carroll, director of public information for Allen Independent School District (McKinney’s rival), who made headlines in 2012 after opening an 18,000-seat and $60 million stadium.

Carroll said he expects the district to make its money as they did in Allen. He explained:

“I think McKinney needs it. Tickets cost $8 in McKinney and Allen’s district. For a school like Allen, that can mean upward of $144,000 in revenue per game just for filling the seats. Some games draw standing-room only crowds, too.”

What are your thoughts on this new project?


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