Mayweather Responds To 50 Cent: Floyd Answers 50 Cent’s Challenge In Classy Way

August 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Mayweather Responds To 50 Cent Picture

Mayweather responds to 50 Cent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a classy way. Floyd Mayweather has been challenged by 50 Cent to read a page from a children’s book in order for him to donate $750k to a charity. Mayweather responds with two pictures that showed, he made over $72 Million in the last two years and tells, 50 God Bless.

Floyd Mayweather responds to 50 Cent in an epic and priceless way.

Last week, the rapper took to his Instagram account, where he used the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to start another feud with the boxer.

Instead of pouring a bucket of ice water on his head like the rest of the world, the mogul decided to challenge the colorful athlete to a reading contest.

The actor explained that if Mayweather accepts to read one page from a Harry Potter book without messing up the words, he would donate $750,000 to any charity.

The champion who is rumored to be illiterate never replied.

The “Power” actor who simply can not let go of a beef, put up another clip where he made things easier for Mayweather.

Forget about Harry Potter, he can instead read something simpler like The Cat In The Hat by Dr Seuss aka Theodor Seuss Geisel.

He also posted several photoshoped pictures mocking his former friend. In one snapshot, the boxer can be seen sweating as he tries to read The Cat In The Hat.

While in another one, younger versions of the men are sitting in a class room and the rapper is telling the fighter “it has been 40 minutes, hurry up and read the word.”

Visibly tired of his ex pal’s jokes, the sports entertainer took to Twitter where he gave a cool response.

Well technically, the answer is worth exactly $72,276,000.

The best paid athlete in the world, posted pictures of two checks and added “Read this $72,276,000.00. God bless” at the bottom.

The MC replied by saying math is more important than reading.

And asked Mayweather if he posted the checks for bloggers because everybody knows that they are both wealthy men.


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