Dad Max Schireson Steps Down As CEO To Be A Better Father

August 6, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

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Max Schireson steps down to be a dad who is present in his three kids’ lives. Schireson steps down as the head of MongoDB, in order to be a better father to his two sons and daughter. Schireson explained his decision to step down on his blog, saying that it is impossible to fly over 300,000 miles per year and be a good parent. Schireson now has many wondering can you be a business mogul and a still be a good parent?

Multimillionaire businessman Max Schireson steps down as CEO of a billion dollar company, to be a more complete dad and many find the move unimpressive.

Via his personal blog, Schireson who is the CEO of software company MongoDB Inc. valued at $1.2 billion, has announced that he is leaving his job in order to be a better father to his three kids aged 14, 12 and 9.

The technology executive said that he flies more than 300,000 miles per year and therefore misses all of the important moments in their lives.

Schireson explained that due to the fact his family lives in California and the company is based in New York, he sees his family once every three weeks.

He lamented about rarely enjoying activities such as swimming, going to the movies or playing baseball with his kids.

The mogul said that his wife who is a very busy doctor, researcher and professor, mentor at Stanford University is also an amazing mother, and he is often asking himself how does she balance it all.

He added that the female CEOs and political figures do get that question but he never gets it because they assume as a man he is only focused on his cars and having fun.

The 44-year-old said he regularly asked himself that question and earlier this year he came to the conclusion that he needs to prioritize his life.

After 4 years at MongoDB, where he brought in over $220 million and directed a staff of 35,000 people. He will be resigning in September and turn the leadership over to billionaire and founder of BladeLogic Dev Ittycheria, who is capable of devoting all of his time to the growing company.

Schireson who confessed that his decision may prevent him from managing another company, will still be working full time as the vice chairman at MongoDB’s headquarter in California.

Few said that the move was very honorable.

Many slammed him saying that of course a rich person, can afford to quit their job and spend time with their children, middle class Americans do not have the same luxury.

Numerous other commentators pointed to the obvious, why did Max Schireson make such a big hoopla about stepping down to be a dad, if he is still employed and is earning an impressive income through the tech giant.


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