Matthew Burdette Parents File Lawsuit Over Teen’s Suicide

July 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Matthew Burdette Lawsuit

Matthew Burdette $1 million lawsuit is making headlines. Matthew Burdette’s parents have filed a lawsuit against his school claiming that officials could have prevented his suicide. Timothy and Barbara Burdette believe that staff members of the University City High School in San Diego could have stopped the endless bullying that Matthew endured after classmates leaked a video of him masturbating online. The teen killed himself two weeks after the video went viral. Matthew Burdette’s family learned about the clip after his suicide.

Details about Matthew Burdette’s parents million dollar lawsuit have surfaced.

The family of 14-year-old Matthew Burdette who killed himself during Thanksgiving holiday of 2013 have sued the University City High School in San Diego, California for not taking proper actions to help their child who was bullied and harassed for two weeks.

Timothy and Barbara Burdette are also angry at the school for keeping them in the dark and for not answering their numerous questions.

In November of 2013, after Matthew Burdette was caught eating sunflower seeds, his teacher kicked him out of the class.

The teen wandered in the hall way and eventually closed himself in the bathroom to masturbate.

One of his classmates recorded the boy’s private activity and posted it online.

The clip of Matthew Burdette performing a sex act on himself went viral.

For two weeks, students made the water polo player’s life a living hell.

His friends stated that he was teased and harassed constantly, in school and online.

Authorities from the University City High School learned about the tape and had it removed from the internet, but they never contacted the boy’s parents nor the district.

On November 29 while the Burdettes were spending Thanksgiving in their cabin in Crestline, Matthew Burdette committed suicide and left a note behind saying that he did not want to go to school anymore and he had no friends.

Timothy, Barbara Burdette and the teen’s aunt Laura Burdette Mechak visited the school with the letter and that is when they learned about the video thanks to other students who came forward.

When asked about the tape or what measures were taken to help their son, the school had no answers, the School Board was also clueless.

Desperately looking for answers, the family contacted the San Diego Police Department where they learned that the boy who filmed the clip and posted on Vine was arrested.

After waiting months for the school to corporate, Matthew Burdette’s parents have run out patience and have filed a $1 million claim against the San Diego Unified School District.

The district responded a statement saying that they can not discus the matter at this time.


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