Marysville City Jail Escapee, Rhyan Vasquez, Leaves Jail For Two Days Unnoticed

September 30, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Rhyan Vasquez

A Marysville City Jail escapee is back in lockup after his absence went undetected for two days. 19-year-old Rhyan Vasquez left the Marysville City Jail in Seattle on September 22 following a Bible study class.

Marysville City Jail escapee, Rhyan Vasquez is back in custody after vanishing from the Marysville City Jail last week. Vasquez was booked on September 16 and was set to be transferred to the Snohomish County Jail before his escape.

Vasquez who studied at Everett Community College was linked to a first-degree robbery investigation. The young man is accused of stealing the belongings of an acquaintance including his cellphone and wallet, according to the Daily Herald. Vasquez allegedly hit the man several times. After his escape, Vasquez’s bail was set at $250,000. The Marysville man’s criminal record also includes theft and domestic violence.

The Marysville City Jail escapee was first noticed on September 24 when his lawyer visited the jail and asked to speak with him. According to a police report on the incident:

“When the jail staff went to get him, they noticed he was missing.”

Defense lawyer James Feldman who works at the same firm as Vasquez’s attorney stated:

“We obviously weren’t involved in the planning.”

Surveillance cameras at the facility helped retrace the Marysville City Jail escapee’s getaway. In the video footage, Vasquez can be seen dumping his jail uniform for a black top and slipping through an unlocked back door without anyone noticing. The escapee was apprehended on Friday by two detectives who followed leads from his associates.

The story of the Marysville City Jail escapee became national news on Tuesday and many people in the north of Seattle community are not happy about what happened at Marysville City Jail. Some say the staff should be reprimanded for not noticing that Vasquez was gone was over two days. They wondered what would have happened if his attorney did not visit the center, or if it was someone with more dangerous antecedents?

Marysville City Jail officials are now reviewing some of their procedures.


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