Marisa Tomei Hugh Grant: ‘The Rewrite’ Movie Trailer Links Tomei & Grant, Good?

August 31, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Marisa Tomei Hugh Grant

Marisa Tomei and Hugh Grant are set to appear in a new film called The Rewrite that currently has no release date for the United States. Hugh Grant takes on the role of a struggling screenwriter who lands a teacher gig at Binghamton University, State University of New York and falls in love with a single mom played by Marisa Tomei.

Marisa Tomei and Hugh Grant have teamed up with director Marc Lawrence for a new romantic comedy called The Rewrite.

The Rewrite will arrive in theaters in the United Kingdom on October 8, 2014. But thus far, there is no release date for America.

In the romantic comedy, Grant plays a screenwriter named Keith Michaels who has not had any success since 1998. Keith Michaels who won an Oscar for his work in 98, has encountered failure after failure.

In 2014, Michaels finds himself divorced, unemployed, penniless and depressed. Unable to pay his rent and utility bills, he reluctantly leaves California and takes a teaching job in New York.

When Grant’s character arrives at Binghamton University, he sets up a plan to land the hottest students in his class. The clueless professor rapidly stumbles on Holly Carpenter played by Marisa Tomei.

Tomei takes on the on the role of a single mother and a sophomore at BU who is looking for a second chance in life. Tomei’s character is very clever and down to earth, which means she often clashes with the lazy and awkward British professor.

Screenwriter and film producer Marc Lawrence who graduated from Binghamton University said he set the film at the school because he wanted to write a love letter to the establishment.

Lawrence who did films like Music and Lyrics, Two Weeks Notice and Did You Hear About the Morgans? stated that he had a great experience at Binghamton and wanted to share some of it with the world.

The flick got a lukewarm reception from critics. However, Marisa Tomei was praised for turning her weak role into something pleasant and Hugh Grant was applauded for handling the mature character well.

Watch the trailer of The Rewrite staring Tomei, Grant and J.K. Simmons below.


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