Marisa Miller Baby Bump Photo Goes Viral, Second Child Gender Revealed

January 23, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Marisa Miller’s baby bump picture has gone viral.

Marisa Miller Baby Bump

A Marisa Miller baby bump photo has the internet talking. On Wednesday, Miller, 36, shared a snapshot of her baby bump on Instagram with her close to 55K followers. The stunning model captioned the pic with:

“More than half way with #2! Feeling so blessed to have a healthy baby and pregnancy so far.”

Marisa Miller is pregnant with her second child with husband Griffin Guess. Guess, a music producer, married Miller in 2006. They welcomed their first child in December 2012, a boy named Gavin Lee Guess. The Victoria’s Secret Angel was previously married to surfing contest promoter Jim Miller, they divorced in 2002 after 2 years of marriage.

This new Marisa Miller pregnancy was announced in November, the baby is expected for late spring. After posting the baby bump picture, Miller spoke to PEOPLE and gave the publication a good piece of information, the gender of her second child. The California native said:

“We found out we are having another boy and I’m so excited! It will be awesome for Gavin to have a buddy,” she says. “I never had brothers so raising a boy has been awesome. Gavin is so funny and I get to be silly all day with him.”

This pregnancy has been a little different for the popular model, she is busier since she has to take care of Gavin, but is also less anxious about the whole procedure. She added:

“This pregnancy has been very different because I’m also chasing around a toddler, so you can’t really lay down if you feel sick or tired. But I also feel a lot less anxious about what’s to come. I’m too busy having fun with Gavin to worry,” she says. I’m a little nervous about the newborn stage and how sleep deprived you get, but more than anything, I just feel so blessed to have a healthy baby and pregnancy so far.”

The beginning of this new journey was a little bit rocky, she explained:

“I was really nauseous and could only handle eating bagels Right now, I’m feeing great!”

Commentators are applauding for keeping her great figure intact and for looking amazing. What are your thoughts on Marisa Miller’s baby bump?


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