Marie Holmes Marijuana Arrest: Lottery Winner And Mother Of 4 Charged For Drug Possession

July 26, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Marie Holmes’ marijuana citation has landed her in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Holmes, the North Carolina mother of four, who won a $188 million lottery jackpot few months ago, was arrested and charged with drug possession along with her roommate, Lamar Andre McDow.

marie holmes marijuana

Marie Holmes has been charged with marijuana possession just months after winning millions in the lottery. Back in January, Holmes, 26, a struggling mother of four children under the age of ten, made it big by winning the lottery.

Holmes, who is from Shallotte, North Carolina, was the owner of a $188 million winning Powerball ticket, which made it possible for her to cash in $127 million before taxes. She finished with 88 million dollars.

The stay-at-home mom, who lived in a trailer with several other families, said at the time that she was going to change her children’s lives by buying a home. The former McDonald’s employee said:

“Winning still ‘doesn’t feel real. It’s not going to change the person that I am, but it’s going to change our situation. It’s going to be very fortunate. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunities this has created for my family.”

This time, Marie Holmes is back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Believe it or not, Holmes failed to purchase a new house and is still living in the trailer with multiple roommates, and one of them is the reason for her headache.

Lamar Andre McDow, 31, was arrested last fall on two heroin-related charges and was being held on a $3 million bond, which was paid by Holmes after she won her millions.

This week police stormed the trailer to arrest McDow for violating the terms of his pretrial release. However, after detecting a strong odor of marijuana, they got a search warrant and eventually found drugs, marijuana paraphernalia and a .45-caliber pistol.

McDow was hit with charges of possession of a firearm by a felon and possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia and is being held under a $6 million bond, (many expect Holmes to pay it again).

Marie Holmes was charged with possession of marijuana and her other roommates – Danell McNeil, 31, and Damarius Simmons, 21 – were also cited for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

What are your thoughts on Marie Holmes’ marijuana charge?


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  1. jean james says:

    What a jackass. DCF needs to take away her kids until she learn some dame common sense!!!!!

  2. Cathy G. says:

    Sad, I feel for the children. Not a good environment for them.

    • david spectra says:

      Sad , but it figures . She s thinking ghetto n refuses OR gang activities forces her to remain a ghetto princess with slave mentality .Heroin dealers? SAD

  3. Stan! says:

    Nope, you two that have an issue with this are wrong. I can tell the future on this. She and her children need to leave and hire an adviser or the State or county will take that money! For the simple reason she is out gunned! Pranked it how you want it leave this fine country! You have 10x enough money. Have a great plentiful life, but leave now and hire the right people.

  4. Dennis says:

    This is the 2nd article I’ve read on this story, and neither one gives any indication of the amount of cannabis ALLEGED to have been in her possession. Drug ‘paraphernalia’? A pack of Zig Zags? A small pipe? A roach clip perhaps? Sounds like MUCH ado about nothing.

    • tina says:

      Seems to me that maybe the local law knows of her winnings . The bonds seem a little high to me like you said they did not state how much cannabis was found . Maybe the city they are in is trying to come up on some of the cash she has . I have not seen bonds this high set on drug charges.

  5. MONICA says:

    What a stupid b—h. I knew she was going to mess up. She came out immediately before consulting a financial advisor. How can you be in the situation she was in then blessed with an opportunity to make a better life for you and your children then blow it.

  6. Necey says:

    If she doesn’t change course and leave those people who are living off her winnings she will end up with nothing much sooner than later. This is pathetic.

  7. shreeree says:

    She need to take all her state tax dollars and move to a state where it’s legal so she won’t risk losing her children. It’s stupid to arrest people these days for what’s legal elsewhere in the same country when all users have to do is relocate and not risk going to jail over it. I don’t smoke and never have, but I think some of these comments are ridiculous no one should lose their kids over marijuana. If she was doing met and shooting up that is completely different, but reefer isn’t as potent as a night that some of you probably have done drinking and partying with your friends at one time or the other.

  8. Jerry Wingate says:

    Money doesn’t always change the person. She is a small thinker and until she pulls her head out of her backside she will always be one.

  9. Tiffany says:

    Her boyfriend was involved with heroin, so it’s possible there was more to this. That man is bringing her down, and the fact that she is still living in a trailer with other people sounds like the life of a druggy. It’s really sickening that she is wasting her money to bail out that loser man of her’s, instead of investing in her children’s future with it.

  10. Shoe Box says:

    Nigs gon’ nig. What else is there to say? She is very stupid and has handled her money extremely foolishly. If I had won that money, and were living in a trailer full of losers, I’d have quietly gotten the F out of there and not said a word about the ticket.

  11. what says:

    They are trying to get that money back.

  12. NICK says:

    This is living proof that trash will always be trash. 88 million dollars and she still isnt nothing but a trailer park hoe.

  13. anola says:

    Stupid b…h does not deserve the money nor the children.

  14. Bob says:

    How can anyone be so stupid? This woman needs a financial planner to take care of her money before she spends it all on bonds for her ungrateful boy friend.

  15. kathy says:

    Looks like the police are using her to make money for the town.
    the charges she faces should be normal in the court I think she should be set FREE and attend re Hab

  16. Al says:

    If you have never seen a person who is stupid, stupid in love and just plain dumb, and wealthy, NOW YOU HAVE.
    Its a terrible shame to lose your mind over something like a man who cares only about your finances, and not you or your children, and you are too stupidly blind not to see it.
    What a shame.Almost sinful.

  17. Cameron Vessey says:

    Look. We have no real Idea about this womens life… The trials of poverty are no small thing. The Relatioships, the freindships, we can’t even begin to know this womens life story… what may seem like ignorant decisions, bad choices, and obvious mistakes could very well have been done with the best intenetions, to change lives for the better… I’d prefer to looking at it as simply a set back, and a moment of learning (I know So cliché) in the process of some thing that will eventually change many lives for the better…

  18. pat doyle says:

    she cant leave, they own her. if she leaves, they’ll kill her and 4 kids and take everything. there gang members, slowly sucking her dry, she’s protecting the kids by staying, if she rats them out, they’ll take her out.–that’s why she bailed him out 1st time, and will do again. WATCH!

  19. Lorraine Brown says:

    She needs to leave those people alone. Her bail was not 6 million.
    It was the guy who was involved with heroin. He is a drug peddler not
    a dealer. Heroin dealers do not live in trailers as a parasite of women.
    Someone said she can not leave…..they own her. Well… with 88 million
    minus bail money she can gather her kids and lose the losers.
    Go to college and create a new identity.

  20. Hakima says:

    I think this story is being portrayed very biased. I do not know this young woman but there are so many details missing from this story I can only piece it together this way. I believe, as stated, before winning her millions she was really poor and whomever this man that was arrested for heroin possession was probably slinging these drugs to provide for the household. The $3 million dollar bail actually sounds pretty excessive, I’m so sure if they were all living in a trailer with multiple roommates not including her 4 children and she worked at McDonalds they weren’t big time traffickers or pushers. That’s not excusable but something to think about. Now her bailing him out seems like a favor, thanks for providing a way for us so I will bail you out since I have some money. (Quid Pro Quo) As far as the marijuana charge, this completely sounds like a tiny town reach! Did they find enough marijuana for the whole town??? Did she cash in the rest of what she won to become an underground marijuana dispensary? No, I’m sure she didn’t because had that been the case they would have broadcasted that drug bust from state to state as the worlds largest and dumbest drug case. My assumption is She bailed him out and in the process of getting out of the circumstances they were living in. He probably did violate probation or whatever relations he had with the state and his PO came to the house to pick him up. They probably were smoking marijuana recreationally, which in most states is illegal but understand that just about all have tried, experimented, and/or been around under some circumstances and since they know she has means they are taking it out on her and “taxing” her. $6 Million not including whatever ridiculous bail he has for some weed? She needs to sit her butt down somewhere and start talking to the best big city lawyers she can find!

    • I. C. All says:

      If she’d won the money a few weeks ago, then your assumptions and excuses would make more sense. As it is, she picked up her check 10 months ago, and she’s still living in these same conditions and appears to have done nothing for herself or the kids. No, this comes in more along the lines of a ‘fool-and-her-money’ type situation and due to her own foolishness she will probably be broke in 3-5 years.
      Lawyers aren’t going to do much but rob her even more blind than she already appears to be; what she needs is NOT a lawyer, but a financial adviser.

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