Mariah Carey Insomnia: Pop Diva Has Insomnia, Is Nick Cannon Divorce To Blame?

December 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Mariah Carey’s insomnia revelation is nothing new, but the cause of her sleepless nights is certainly different. An insider has stated that Carey has been suffering from insomnia since splitting from Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey Insomnia Drama

Mariah Carey’s insomnia news has many of Lambs worried. A recent article posted by US Magazine revealed that Mariah Carey, who has had a very difficult year, is now battling insomnia.

In August, after six years of marriage and two beautiful twins, Monroe and Moroccan, Nick Cannon announced the end of his marriage to Mariah Carey.

At the beginning, the pair tried to keep it civilized, but things rapidly got messy. Rumors started spreading that Cannon was cheating with Amber Rose and he was trying to leave with half of Carey’s fortune.

It was claimed that Mariah Carey is the one, who pushed her husband away by acting like a crazy diva after her album, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, failed to deliver on the charts.

Mariah Carey later began her world tour, where she cried on stage (last week at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, she wept and lost one shoe), blasted Nick Cannon, and revealed to the world that he indeed cheated.

The insider stated that Mariah is a mess, is losing sleep and is angry that Nick ruined her happy family plans. The person went on to reveal while the former couple was able to have Thanksgiving dinner as a family, Carey has asked Cannon to stay away during the Christmas holiday.

The source said:

“The original plan had been for the whole family to spend Christmas together in Colorado.However, Mariah has now asked Nick not to come. It’s based on a few things,” the source explained. “For starters, they spent Thanksgiving together and fought behind the scenes. How is it healthy for the kids if both parents are technically in the same place but fighting?”

The divorce is not the only reason for Mariah Carey’s insomnia.

During her concert series, the “Hero” artist struggled with some of the high notes, which earned her harsh reviews and prompted some critics to say that her singing career is over.

Which is something that is hard to believe, because Carey has an impressive catalog and like Britney Spears, she could easily get a residency in Las Vegas, or make her dream come true by having it in New Jersey.

As if that was not enough, the poor woman was hit by a lawsuit from her former assistant. The ex-employee claimed that Carey made her work like a slave.

Ylser Oliver, who was employed by Carey for seven years, claimed to have worked “on average approximately sixteen hours per day… For six to seven days per week.”

As stated above, this is not the first time that Mariah Carey’s insomnia is making headlines. In 2009, Carey took to Twitter, where she confessed to being insomniac, and explained that when she could not get her beauty sleep, she would spend her time watching her husband.

“I just finished working out. Whooo! Quite
naturally, ‘its 5am and I still can’t sleep'(sung like ‘crybaby’ from
‘Rainbow’ 99)lol Who’s up?Nick is too cute when he’s sleep! I wish he didn’t have to work tomorrow so
he could help me sleep all day and I could sing all nite !”

What are your thoughts on the “Mariah Carey insomnia” story? Do you think she needs therapy to help her cope with this tough situation?


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  1. Darla Hill says:

    Maybe she shouldn’t stay up all night and sleep all day with two little kids. I do love Mariah though.

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