Maria Putin Flees Home In The Netherlands After MH17 Crash

July 26, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Maria Putin flees Holland after being flooded with hateful messages on Twitter by angry people who are blaming her father Russian President Vladimir Putin for downing the Malaysia Airlines plane that killed 298 people. Maria Putin flees her multi- million dollar apartment with Dutch boyfriend Jorrit Faassen after learning that a politician wanted to have her deported from the Netherlands.

Vladimir Putin’s daughter Maria Putin flees her $3.3 million penthouse located in Voorschoten, Holland after people threatened to hold protest in front of the luxury building in the wake of the tragedy related to Malaysia Airlines.

Many Dutchmen believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin did indeed provide Ukrainian rebels the missile used to destroy the plane carrying almost 300 passengers, most of them being Netherlands nationals on July 17th.

Some of those frustrated Dutch residents and several Ukrainian activists have decided to take out their anger on the president’s daughter who was living in the small European country.

Via social networking site, some people called the 29-year-old a bitch and published her home address and other personal information to the world.

Others said she should take her blood money and leave the country. Few mocked her by explaining that it is convenient that the small town Voorschoten is near The Hague like that she will have a front row seat at her dad’s trial for the numerous murders and other crimes he committed.

The mayor of Hilversum, near Amsterdam, Pieter Broertjes joined in the call to have Miss Putin deported from the country, but rapidly walked back his remarks and apologized saying that he left his emotions guided him on the matter.

Neighbors in the fancy building said that the Russian beauty bought her apartment last year and was living with her Dutch boyfriend Jorrit Faasen, 34, an oil executive.

They also claimed that few months ago Putin visited his daughter.

Since the plane was blown by pro-Russian separatists believed to be working for Putin, the couple fled without a trace.

But most believe that Maria Putin is hiding in Russia.


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  1. Joachim says:

    Did that girl chose her father? If the father is wrong, is it the girl also?

  2. Input LoL says:

    As far as I know, we do not operate with inherited guilt like North Korea.

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