Maria Bartiromo Gets Don Imus Time Slot On Fox Business Network

May 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Maria Bartiromo is set to replace Don Imus, according to a press release issued by Fox Business Network. Bartiromo’s Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo will move to 6am-9 a.m. starting June 1st.

Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo is moving to early morning. Fox Business Network has announced their new lineup, and there are some significant changes. The shakeup was caused by Don Imus, who announced that he was leaving the TV airwaves after six years.

Imus gave the following reason for his departure:

“We go off television May 29. Why? I do not know. There’s 10 times, maybe a hundred times more people that listen to the radio than watch television. That’s the mentality of… whatever.”

With Imus gone, Bartiromo’s Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo will now air from 6am-9amET followed by Stuart Varney, who will be on the air from 9am-Noon. Neil Cavuto got a promotion and has a coveted slot with Cavuto Coast-to-Coast at NoonET.

Trish Regan will anchor the 2pmET hour. Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of FOX News Channel (FNC) and FBN, had the following to say about the new lineup:

“With a reengineered lineup and a 5 AM start time, we’re providing non-stop financial news with unparalleled market coverage and analysis. Replacing Imus with a business news morning show anchored by Maria Bartiromo and adding Neil Cavuto to two hours in daytime enables FBN to have tremendous depth. We’re also pleased to welcome Trish Regan and her fresh take on economic trends which will complement our coverage.”

Ailes added:

“Liz Claman helped put FBN on the map with her drive, determination and sheer grit in securing interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry. We look forward to working closely with her as we continue to innovate our business programming.”

Here is the press release on the new lineup:

FOX Business Network (FBN) will launch a new markets-oriented lineup starting on Monday, June 1st, announced Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of FOX News Channel (FNC) and FBN. The latest schedule includes the expansion of business news in the morning with a new 5 AM show, followed by Maria Bartiromo anchoring the 6-9AM timeslot in place of the current Imus simulcast. Neil Cavuto will also unveil a new two hour daytime program and Trish Regan will make her network debut.

Beginning at 5 AM/ET June 1st, FBN AM will kick off the network’s live business coverage of the day focusing on international market updates and overseas headlines. Anchor and Global Markets Editor Maria Bartiromo will take over the Imus simulcast spot at 6 AM/ET helming a three hour financial news program entitled Morning Money with Maria Bartiromo (6-9 AM/ET). The new show will feature insight from titans in the world of finance.

It goes on to say:

As the markets open, Stuart Varney will now cover the action on a newly expanded version of his show Varney & Company (9 AM-12 PM/ET), while Anchor and Managing Editor of Business News, Neil Cavuto will lead off mid-day market coverage and analysis with his new two hour program CAVUTO: Coast to Coast (12-2 PM/ET).

At 2 PM/ET, Trish Regan, who joined FBN last month, will helm a new program entitled Trish Regan Intel, examining the day’s market headlines and breaking geopolitical news. Liz Claman’s Countdown to the Closing Bell will remain at 3 PM/ET, followed by After the Bell (4PM/ET), which will now be co-anchored by David Asman and Melissa Francis.

What are your thoughts on Maria Bartiromo’s new promotion?


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  1. Kelly contratti says:

    I will change my cable t.v. lineup effective June 1st.

  2. gina says:

    Imus is the only reason I keep the expanded cable….the rest of the morning shows suck so bad….he shakes it up so you aren’t totally depressed so early in the morning

  3. Jean Hirtzel says:

    I will really miss this show. I record IMUS as he is on at 3 am, west coast time. It is my relief from the regular news programming. What will happen to the other regulars on the show? I also record Maria,but do not feel having her on earlier will help anything with Fox Business.
    Comcast charges quite a bit more for Fox Business….without IMUS on I might consider cutting our expense of it.

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